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Bent-Generative Three-Voice 2x84hpEurorack
Bent-Generative Three-VoiceEurorack
Paperface SergeSergePrivate
AJH sketches (2x104hp) MUC810EurorackPrivate
My unstocked EurorackEurorack
AJH sketches (2x104hp) (copy)EurorackPrivate
Travel euro (dual double-frame) 2022-06 add Generate3Eurorack
AJH sketches (2x104hp)EurorackPrivate
AJH 2x84hp live systemEurorackPrivate
Travel euro (dual double-frame) 2022-04 concrèteEurorack
TipTop Buchla thoughtsEurorackPrivate
Monster Video Synth v2 displays on topEurorackPrivate
Bug for MetasonixFrac
OtoTube (copy)Eurorack
Travel euro (dual double-frame) 2021-10Eurorack
LZX portableEurorackPrivate
Travel euro (dual double-frame)Eurorack
2021 New bugsFracPrivate
Euro Quad Mantis 2Eurorack
Euro travel 64 + 48 + 26Eurorack
Travel euroEurorack
Euro Quad Mantis 1Eurorack
Euro Dual MantisEurorack
Compact performance systemEurorack
Sample Mantis (copy)Eurorack
48hp podEurorack
64hp Sample ProcEurorack
Sample MantisEurorack
Monster Video SynthEurorackPrivate
euro utilityEurorackPrivate
Bugbrand controller 16FWFracPrivate
Generator and Gesture 16FW BugsFracPrivate
Bugbrand Stereo Analog ProcessingFrac
BugBrand DualShallow gigsystemFrac
BugBrand DualShallow Gig systemFrac
ShamiFragments PatchFracPrivate

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This User rated 32 modules.

MUC-810 (5), RK5 Dual Lowpass Gate (5), RK6 resonant lowpass filter (5), R-56 (5), CalTrans (5), Mixwitch (5), Euro DDL (5), Synchrodyne Expand (5), Synchrodyne (5), Performance Mixer LE (5), BRENSO (5), FALISTRI (5), FUMANA (5), SAPÈL (5), SoundStage (5), R-55 (5), R-54 (5), R-54 mk2 (5), R-51 (5), Stereo Compress (5), SwitchMix (5), ModMix (5), SYN2B (5), R-55 (5), RK4 Filter/VCO (5), RK3 Ringer/Shaper (5), RK2 XS-VCA (5), RK1 Noisedrum (5), R-57 (5), R-52 Multi-Mode Filter (5), R-53 (5) and M Series 676 Tube Synth/Filter/FX (4)
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