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Deadmau5 eurorack (rough recreation) [2011-12 era] Eurorack View
Daft punk modcan recreation Modcan A View
pool is closed due to aids Serge View
my hairy ballsack Eurorack View
My determined Pedalboard Pedals View
daft punk style Pedals View
My bad 500 Series 500 Series View
hmmmm ok then Pedals Private
my favourite format MU Private
My knickered Eurorack Eurorack View
radiohead style Pedals View
Setup goals Pedals View
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Submitted Modules

M222 Talkbox HP FilterSynth Voice View
UM300 Ultra Metal HP Distortion View
CE-3 Chorus HP Chorus View
GE-6 Graphic Equalizer HP Equalizer View
CE-2 Chorus HP Chorus View
DM-2 Delay HP Delay View
CS-2 Compression Sustainer HP Dynamics View
CS-1 Compressor Sustainer HP Dynamics View
RV-2 Digital Reverb HP DigitalReverb View
SG-1 Slow Gear HP Volume View
PW-2 Power Driver HP Distortion View
BF-2B Bass Flanger HP BassFlanger View
GE-7B Bass Equalizer HP BassEqualizerFilter View
LM-2B Bass Limiter HP BassDynamics View
PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer HP BassEqualizerFilter View
PQ-4 Parametric Equalizer HP EqualizerFilter View
HM-3 Hyper Metal HP Distortion View
DN-2 Dyna Drive HP Distortion View
MZ-2 Digital Metalizer HP DigitalDistortion View
XT-2 Xtortion HP Distortion View
SD-2 Dual Overdrive HP Distortion View
PN-2 Tremolo/Pan HP Tremolo View
ODB-3 Bass Overdrive HP BassDistortion View
AW-3 Dynamic Wah HP FilterWah View
VO-1 Vocoder HP FilterSynth Voice View
ME-80 HP Multieffect View
HR-2 Harmonist HP Pitch Shifter View
TW-1 T Wah HP FilterWah View
ST-2 Power Stack HP DistortionEqualizerModeling/Simulation View
BC-2 Bass Combo HP PreAmpDistortionModeling/SimulationEqualizer View
AC-3 Acoustic Simulator HP Modeling/Simulation View
AC-2 Acoustic Simulator HP Modeling/Simulation View
FZ-5 Fuzz HP Distortion View
FZ-3 Fuzz HP Distortion View
DS-1X Distortion HP Distortion View
DA-2 Adaptive Distortion HP Distortion View
GEB-7 Bass Equalizer HP BassEqualizer View
CEB-3 Bass Chorus HP BassChorus View
DSD-2 Digital Delay/Sampler HP DelayDigital View
SD-1w Super Overdrive HP Distortion View
AW-2 Auto Wah HP FilterWah View
LM-2 Limiter HP Dynamics View
LMB-3 Bass Limiter Enhancer HP BassDynamics View
PSM-5 Power Supply HP Power View
UV300 Ultra Vibrato HP Rotary View
Helicon Talkbox Synth HP FilterSynth Voice View
RV-6 Reverb HP DelayReverbDual/Stereo View
LT Dist HP Distortion View
CP-251 Moogerfooger Control Processor HP SwitchUtility View
PH-1R Phaser HP Phase Shifter View
Starlight DLX HP Flanger View
ShredMaster HP Distortion View
ARP-87 HP Delay View
RV600 Reverb Machine HP ReverbDual/Stereo View
AB100 Instrument/Amp Selector HP Utility View
EH4800 Small Stone HP Phase Shifter View
LT Metal HP Distortion View
LT Drive HP Distortion View
LT Boost HP PreAmpDistortionVolume View
LT-Dual HP Distortion View
HT-DISTX HP Distortion View
Crusher HP DistortionFilter View
PH-2 Super Phaser HP Phase Shifter View
BF-2 Flanger HP Flanger View
HF300 Hi-Band Flanger HP Filter View
UF100 Ultra Flanger HP Flanger View
BUF300 Ultra Bass Flanger HP BassFlanger View
SM200 Slow Motion HP Volume View
SF400 Super Flanger HP Flanger View
SE200 Spectrum Enhancer HP EqualizerFilter View
Metavox HP DigitalSynth Voice View
Talker HP FilterSynth Voice View
FM600 Filter Machine HP Filter View
FL600 Flanger Machine HP Flanger View
Ultra Flanger UF300 HP Flanger View
Bi-Phase HP Phase Shifter View
PS-1A HP Phase Shifter View
Wedge HP DelayReverb View
Colour Box (Alternate panel) HP DistortionEqualizer View
Whetstone HP Phase Shifter View
Twin Stags HP Tremolo View
Phasor HP Phase Shifter View
Banshee Talkbox HP FilterSynth Voice View
MD-2 Mega Distortion HP Distortion View
Metal Master HP Distortion View
BBE Sonic Maximizer 1 HP EffectEqualizer View
Main Squeeze HP Dynamics View
Tone Driver HP Distortion View
Bass Driver HP BassDistortion View
Hot Rod HP Distortion View
Bass Squeeze HP BassDynamics View
Turbo Flange HP Flanger View
Bass Multi Chorus HP BassChorus View
Hyper Phase HP Phase Shifter View
MT10 Mostortion Mos-Fet Distortion HP Distortion View
CD10 Delay Champ HP Delay View
CP10 Compression Sustainer HP Dynamics View
TC10 Twin Cam Chorus HP Chorus View
SC10 Super Stereo Chorus HP Chorus View
BC10 Stereo Bass Chorus HP BassChorus View
TS10 Tube Screamer Classic HP Distortion View
PH10 Bi-Mode Phaser HP Phase Shifter View
GE10 Graphic EQ HP Equalizer View
SF10 Swell Flanger HP Flanger View
Chorus Mini HP Chorus View
Super Metal Mini HP Distortion View
Analog Delay Mini HP Delay View
FC-10 Fat Cat Distortion HP Distortion View
UT300 Ultra Tremolo HP Tremolo View
CL9 Compressor/Limiter HP Dynamics View
TM300 Tube Amp Modeler HP DistortionModeling/Simulation View
HD300 Heavy Distortion HP Distortion View
US600 Ultra Shifter/Harmonist HP Pitch Shifter View
NR300 Noise Reducer HP Noise Gate View
TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive HP Distortion View
HM300 Heavy Metal HP Distortion View
DR400 Digital Reverb/Delay HP DelayDigitalReverb View
UC200 Ultra Chorus HP Chorus View
OD300 Overdrive Distortion HP Distortion View
SP400 Super Phase Shifter HP Phase Shifter View
SF300 Super Fuzz HP Distortion View
Digital Delay DD600 HP Delay View
Graphic Equalizer EQ700 HP Equalizer View
BF-1 Flanger HP Flanger View
DC-2 Dimension C HP Chorus View
SP-1 Spectrum HP Equalizer View
HF-2 Hi Band Flanger HP Flanger View
PH-1 Phaser HP Phase Shifter View

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