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There are 113 AE Modular modules to choose from. Users build 104 Racks in this universe.

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News from the Labs

Feedback SUB
21 Sep 2023 Feedback


With this suboctaver you can mix -1oct voice and -2oct voice with the original sound. Time to make that SH bass sound. 
Nekyia Circuits
15 Sep 2023 Nekyia Circuits
We are glad to announce that Nekyia has started it's modular journey by releasing 4 new modules!  
Larix Elektro
13 Sep 2023 Larix Elektro
Now, all modules are available on our website ! 
Synthfox EBB & FLOW
12 Sep 2023 Synthfox
The new module is finally released! EBB & FLOW is a slope powerhouse, comprised of 4 subsections fully usable on their own, but tailored to interact and conjure a beast of a combomodule together. Seven demo videos are up at youtube, the user manual with patch examples is out at our website, and the reverb dot com listing is live. All the links are in this EBB & FLOW modulargrid entry! 
NoisyFruitsLab 2FO V3
10 Sep 2023 NoisyFruitsLab
The updated one! A dual, digital, multiwave, clocked or tapped LFO around two TAPLFO-ICs from electric-druid with proper output filtering for smooth & charming sweeps. V3 now got a 6 range multiplier and switch for alternative waveforms.  
Plum Audio ADVA 1U
8 Sep 2023 Plum Audio
ADVA is our new Multimode VCF! A versatile 24dB analog multimode filter with a compact design. It offers seven filter modes, self-oscillation, and two distortion circuits for rich sound possibilities. An internal white noise generator adds character, and it has a smart interface for easy modulation. 
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Popular Modules in racks

  1. Tangible Waves BLANK in 115 Racks
  2. Tangible Waves 2ENV in 81 Racks
  3. Tangible Waves 2VCA in 70 Racks
  4. Tangible Waves 2LFO in 68 Racks
  5. Tangible Waves MIXER 4-4 in 64 Racks
  6. Tangible Waves 2OSC/d in 58 Racks
  7. Tangible Waves VCO in 49 Racks
  8. Tangible Waves NOISE v2 in 47 Racks
  9. Tangible Waves SEQ8 in 46 Racks
  10. Tangible Waves MASTER v4 in 46 Racks
  11. Tangible Waves 4I/O in 45 Racks
  12. Tangible Waves SVFILTER in 43 Racks
  13. Tangible Waves DELAY (LOFI) in 40 Racks
  14. Tangible Waves SAMPLE & HOLD in 37 Racks
  15. Tangible Waves 2ATT/CV in 36 Racks
  16. Tangible Waves MODULATORS in 35 Racks
  17. Tangible Waves FILTER (WASP TYPE) in 35 Racks
  18. Tangible Waves QUANTIZER in 34 Racks
  19. Tangible Waves MS20 FILTER v2 in 31 Racks
  20. Tangible Waves WAVEFOLDER in 29 Racks
  21. Tangible Waves GRAINS v2 in 27 Racks
  22. Tangible Waves SLEW/EDGE in 26 Racks
  23. Tangible Waves TRIQ164 in 26 Racks
  24. Tangible Waves ADSR in 26 Racks
  25. Tangible Waves MULTIFX in 26 Racks

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