24 HP
71 mm deep
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
200 mA 5V
$701 Price in €

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CV to MIDI Converter

Unlike a MIDI/CV converter that converts MIDI data into control voltages, a CV-to-MIDI converter goes the other way: it is capable to generate MIDI messages from CV signals!

The RS300 offers eigth fee programmable CV inputs that can produce note numbers or controllers. Note on/off commands, control changes and the generation of MIDI Clock is possible as well. Operation is pretty easy due to a big display and the unit even has memory.

Eight CV inputs are available, some of which have special features. All inputs have in common that you can generate an aftertouch command, a pitch bend or a controller from #0-#127. For each input you can set a voltage scale matching your input CV: (-10V to +10V; -5V to +5V; 0V to +10V and 0V to +5V).
CV inputs 1 and 2 have special functions in addition:

  • CV1 is suitable for generating note commands. A new note will be sent whenever there is a transition reaching a semitone at this input as well as a note on/off command (in Trigger-Mode a note message will be sent only when there´s a trigger at the "NoteTrigger" input. In Free Run mode a note will be sent whenever the voltage changes, see above). You can set a fixed velocity, transpose the note ±36 semitones, delay notes etc.
  • CV2 can generate velocities which is quite practical when you want dynamic in your MIDI signal; CV1 has to be set to note mode and fixed velocity must be turned off.

The Trigger/Switch input is complex, as it can generate percussion notes at a fixed MIDI note (handy for drums), sends Program Changes, Pedal commands like sustain, sostenuto, legato etc. and it can even generate a MIDI Clock from a stream of pulses!

All settings can be saved as the RS300 has 40 memories which can be named.


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