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ASys Eurorack View
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Submitted Modules

A-180-4 Quad Buffer 4 HP View
A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer 8 HP MixerQuadVCA View
A-197-3 RGB LED Controller 4 HP Utility View
Buss Voltage Meter 8 HP UtilityMultiple View
System X Filter BLACK 10 HP FilterMixer View
XR22 VCO FT 12 HP OscillatorRing ModulatorWaveshaper View
VC LFO 8 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
Atlantis 40 HP Synth VoiceEnvelope GeneratorFilterLFONoiseOscillator View
vcf1 18 HP DistortionFilterMixer View
Modor - Comb Filter 14 HP EffectFilter View
CV-DAC-8 8 HP ControllerCV ModulationExternalMIDIUtility View
DHA-1 12 HP ExternalUtility View
PPA-1 12 HP ExternalPreAmp View
twinCussion 24 HP DrumDual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorNoiseOscillator View
Waldorf - 2-pole HP DistortionFilter View
twinOUT 8 HP Dual/StereoUtilityExternal View
Wavetable LFO V2 8 HP LFODigital View
Distance Recorder 10 HP ControllerSequencer View
CV Folder 3X 8 HP CV ModulationWaveshaper View
8-Step Level Sequencer 8 HP SequencerVCA View
NanoZwerg Pro 24 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterLFOOscillatorSynth Voice View
qMI2 - Quad MIDI Interface 24 HP Clock GeneratorMIDIQuad View
Analog Drive HP DistortionPreAmpEqualizer View
X 6 HP Ring ModulatorVCAWaveshaper View
Resonant Filter Sequencer 16 HP FilterSequencer View
Modular Solo BLACK 10 HP MIDI View
Dual Cyclotron "v7" 28 HP LFOOscillatorDual/Stereo View
Blindpanel 104 HP Blind Panel View
Graphic Fuzz HP DistortionEqualizer View
twinVCAmp 10 HP Dual/StereoVCAMixer View
gbQ HP DistortionEqualizer View
Filter Lancet HP DistortionFilterTremoloWah View
System X CV Mixer 6 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizerUtility View
A-139-2 6 HP ExternalUtility View
A-138u 4 HP Dual/StereoMixer View
A-112v 10 HP DelayDigitalOscillatorSampling View
Hrad (Messe 2015 prototype) 10 HP MixerPreAmpUtilityExpanderPolarizer View
ALM004 - D.S.G 4 HP Clock GeneratorUtility View
Meth Amp 12 HP DistortionPreAmpEffectVCA View
Pocket Calculator 10 HP Clock GeneratorClock Modulator View
VCDrive 6 HP Distortion View
Pot Action Recorder 8 HP ControllerSamplingSequencer View
Arcade Noise 8 HP DigitalNoiseOscillator View
Dual buffered Attenuator / Mixer (1U Tile) 26 HP AttenuatorDual/StereoMixerUtility View
VCA Matrix (Hawaii) 26 HP View
Bartos Flur 10 HP Clock ModulatorControllerDrumSequencerSwitch View
Continuum Phaser II 12 HP Phase Shifter View
Robokop 50 HP Clock GeneratorDrumMIDISequencer View
VCA-2P (white) 10 HP Dual/StereoVCA View
Kabelhänger 2 HP Utility View
Delay1022 10 HP DelayEffect View
XR22 VCO 12 HP OscillatorRing ModulatorWaveshaper View
DIV 12 HP Frequency DividerClock GeneratorClock Modulator View
MS2 5 HP ControllerUtilityExpander View
Mr. Crotchety 4 HP CV ModulationRandom View