18 HP
Current Draw
130 mA +12V
130 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$250 Price in €

No info about availability.

(eurorack wCV)

new module from Black Market Modular, the Series 500 Colour Palette now as a euro module.

For those who don’t know it, the Colour Palette let’s you add 3 plug-in cards on the main PCB, cards can be various things, but mostly FX.

The euro version of course offers CV control (which the Series 500 version doesn’t of course)

Black Market Modular has unveiled a Eurorack version of the Colour Palette format originally conceived by DIY Recording Equipment. They have expanded the interface for each Colour to include standard modular synth features like VCA's and CV inputs. The original Colour platform was developed as a modular analog saturator platform for the API 500 Series, allowing users to create custom analog signal processing chains.

  • Three Colour module slots on the main board, all connected in series
  • Backwards compatible with all existing Colours designed for the 500 Series Palette
  • There will be an adapter to allow ColourCV Modules to work in the 500 Series Palette
  • Each Colour slot has a Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) that drives the front end level going into the Colour, thus serving as a "saturation" or input drive control
  • CTRL A-D jacks and knobs can be assigned to control special functions on individual modules

  • There is also a SUM jack that just sums each Colour's output at a gain of 1/3

  • Power and operating level specs have been standardized with the 500 Series Colour Palette


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