29 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
150 mA +12V
45 mA -12V
? mA 5V
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Touchscreen 10 input/8 output buffered mixer/splitter module

Inspired by EMS Synthi, Erica Synths MATRIX MIXER with 3,2" resistive touchscreen allows to route any (or several simultaneously) of 10 inputs to any (or several simultaneously) of 8 outputs. Input signals (audio and/or control voltage) are not only connected mechanically; they are mixed together on a buffered input mixer. Likewise, if you wish to route one input to several outputs (use the Matrix Mixer as a splitter), outputs will be buffered also. 250 patches can be saved in the internal memory and recalled instantly. The module has unique Performance mode, when you can chain multiple patches in a long performance so that patches change automatically, clocked by external or internal clock. Matrix Mixer saves 128 infinitely long Performances.

● Resistive touchscreen (patch cable can be used as stylus)
● Route any of 10 inputs (or several simultaneously) to 8 outputs
● Input signals are mixed together on a buffered input mixer
● Buffered outputs (if you route one input to several outputs)
● 250 patch memory (with patch names)
● Internal clock (20-320 BPM)
● Performance mode (chain multiple patches)
● Automatic patch change (via internal or external clock)
● Updatable firmware (via USB & PC software)


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