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Black Classic System III Eurorack Private
modified Nov 17th 2020, 13:32
Erica Synths Techno System Eurorack
modified Feb 16th, 18:38
Black Polivoks Eurorack Private
modified Dec 3rd 2020, 09:28
Fusion Drone Sybsystem Eurorack Private
modified Jun 4th 2020, 09:32
Sample System Eurorack Private
modified Dec 29th 2020, 10:11
Erica System for Showroom Eurorack Private
modified Dec 3rd 2020, 14:32
Quad Pan System Eurorack
modified Dec 23rd 2020, 08:48
Noise System 2A Eurorack Private
modified Jan 15th, 15:18
LIVE RACK Eurorack Private
modified Jan 21st 2020, 17:13
Black Duophonic System Eurorack
modified Today, 06:35

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Submitted Modules

Black MIDI-CV v2 6 HP MIDI View
Black Joystick2 12 HP ControllerCV ModulationLFORandom View
Black HADSR EG CV Expander 10 HP Envelope GeneratorExpander View
Pico VCA2 3 HP Dual/StereoVCA View
Pico Envelope Follower 3 HP DistortionEnvelope FollowerPreAmp View
Pico Trigger 3 HP Clock GeneratorControllerFunction Generator View
Black LPG 10 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterLow Pass GateVCA View
Black Modulator V2 10 HP LFONoiseSample and Hold View
Black VCO2 12 HP LFOOscillatorWaveshaper View
Black Quad VCA2 10 HP AttenuatorMixerQuadVCA View
Black Stereo Delay 16 HP DelayDual/Stereo View
Bassline 14 HP FilterOscillatorSynth Voice View
Pico System III 42 HP Function GeneratorOscillatorSynth Voice View
Pico Switch 3 HP Switch View
Fusion VCA-Waveshaper-Ringmodulator 14 HP Ring ModulatorTubeVCAWaveshaper View
Black Sequencer 42 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorCV ModulationMIDISequencer View
Black Stereo Mixer V3 10 HP MixerDual/Stereo View
Black CV Tools 10 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationMixerUtility View
Black Multimode VCF 10 HP Filter View
Fusion VCF3 20 HP CV ModulationExpressionFilterMixerMultipleTube View
Fusion Modulator 22 HP CV ModulationDual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorNoiseSample and HoldVCATube View
Pico RING 3 HP Ring Modulator View
Pico LFO/S&H 3 HP Clock GeneratorLFORing Modulator View
Drums2 3 HP Drum View
Pico SEQ2 3 HP SequencerWaveshaper View
Pico Noise 3 HP DrumNoise View
Pico BBD 3 HP Delay View
Pico VCO2 3 HP Oscillator View
LPG 3 HP DynamicsFilterLow Pass GateVCA View
Fusion VCO2 14 HP DistortionOscillatorTube View
Black Double Bass 10 HP EffectFilterOscillatorFrequency DividerWaveshaper View
Pico MScale 3 HP UtilityExternal View
Pico MODulator 3 HP Envelope GeneratorVCA View
Plasma Drive 16 HP DistortionWaveshaperOscillator View
Black Modulator 10 HP LFONoiseSample and Hold View
Black Quad VCA 10 HP MixerQuadVCA View
Sample Drum 14 HP DrumSamplingDual/Stereo View
Black Hole DSP2 16 HP CV ModulationDelayDigitalDistortionDual/StereoEffectPitch Shifter Reverb View
DIY BBD Delay 14 HP Effect View
Drum Stereo Mixer 10 HP Dual/StereoDynamicsMixerPanning View
Dual FX 10 HP EffectDual/Stereo View
Modulator 10 HP LFONoise View
Cymbals 10 HP Drum View
Drum Sequencer 42 HP Sequencer View
CLAP 6 HP Drum View
Dual Drive 10 HP DistortionEffectWaveshaper View
Drum Mixer Lite 10 HP DynamicsMixer View
Drum Mixer 14 HP DynamicsMixer View
Bass Drum 14 HP Drum View
TOMS 16 HP Drum View
Snare Drum 10 HP Drum View
HiHats D 10 HP Drum View
HiHats A 10 HP Drum View
LINK 8 HP AttenuatorUtility View
Sequential Switch CV Expander v2 8 HP Expander View
Black Polivoks VCF V2 10 HP Filter View
DIY Delay 14 HP DelaySampling View
DIY Bassline 16 HP Synth Voice View
Sequential Switch v2 10 HP Sequencer View
Black CodeSource Expander 6 HP Envelope GeneratorExpanderNoise View
Black CodeSource 10 HP Clock GeneratorCV ModulationNoiseRandomSequencer View
Fusion Ring Modulator v2 12 HP DistortionRing ModulatorTube View
Black Dual EG/LFO 10 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFODual/Stereo View
Pico Mask 3 HP UtilityCV ModulationRandom View
Graphic VCO 16 HP OscillatorWaveshaperDistortionEffect View
Pico DSP 3 HP DelayDistortionEffectPanningReverb View
Pico Quant 3 HP Quantizer View
Black VC EG Expander 5 HP Envelope Generator View
Black VC EG 10 HP Envelope Generator View
Pico Logic 3 HP LogicClock Modulator View
Dual VCF 18 HP Filter View
Pico TG 3 HP Utility View
DIY Multimode VCF 10 HP Filter View
Black Joystick controller 12 HP Controller View
DIY Polivoks VCO II 12 HP Oscillator View
DIY Polivoks VCF II 10 HP Filter View
DIY Modulator II 8 HP LFONoiseSample and Hold View
DIY Mixer II 6 HP Mixer View
DIY Polivoks EG II 8 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
DIY Polivoks VCA II 8 HP VCA View
VC Clock V2 10 HP Clock GeneratorClock Modulator View
Black Octasource 12 HP LFO View
SWAMP 14 HP RandomSample and HoldRing Modulator View
Fusion VCF2 14 HP FilterTube View
Fusion VCA2 12 HP VCATubeWaveshaper View
Pico Voice 3 HP OscillatorSynth Voice View
Black VCA V2 10 HP VCA View
Black VCO Expander 10 HP MixerOscillator View
Black VCO 12 HP Oscillator View
Black Mixer/Splitter V2 4 HP MultipleMixer View
Black 8-Multi V2 4 HP Multiple View
Black Mixer V2 6 HP Mixer View
Black Envelope Generator 8 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
Black Stereo Mixer V2 10 HP Mixer View
Black Midi-CV 6 HP MIDI View
Black Wavetable VCO 12 HP Oscillator View
Pico DRUMS 3 HP DrumSampling View
Pico VCO 3 HP OscillatorLFO View
Pico EG 3 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
Pico VCF1 3 HP Filter View
Pico VCF3 3 HP Filter View
Pico VCA 3 HP Dual/StereoVCA View
Pico SEQ 3 HP Sequencer View
Pico MULTI 3 HP MultipleUtility View
Pico INPUT 3 HP ExternalUtility View
Pico OUT 3 HP ExternalUtility View
Pico CV MIX 3 HP MixerUtility View
Pico A MIX 3 HP MixerUtility View
Pico ATTEN 3 HP AttenuatorUtility View
Pico RND 3 HP LFONoiseRandom View
Pico SCALE 3 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationUtility View
Pico ALOGIC 3 HP CV ModulationWaveshaper View
Pico SEQS 3 HP SequencerSwitch View
DIY Output module 6 HP Dual/StereoPanning View
DIY Polivoks-inspired VCA 8 HP VCADual/Stereo View
DIY Polivoks VCF 10 HP Filter View
DIY Mixer 6 HP Dynamics View
DIY Modulator 8 HP LFONoiseSample and Hold View
DIY Polivoks-inspired VCO 12 HP Oscillator View
DIY Envelope Generator 8 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
Midi to Clock V2 6 HP Clock GeneratorMIDI View
Black PFL 6 HP ExpanderMixer View
Black XFade 10 HP CV ModulationUtilityWaveshaper View
Fusion Mixer v3 (14HP) 14 HP MixerTube View
Fusion Mixer V2 17 HP MixerTube View
Black Stereo Mixer 10 HP ExternalMixerPanningUtility View
Fusion VCO 24 HP OscillatorDigitalTube View
Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble 20 HP DelayDistortionEffectTube View
Synth Voice 30 HP Synth Voice View
Black Hole DSP 14 HP EffectDelayDigitalReverb View
Black Voltage Controlled Clock 11 HP Clock GeneratorClock Modulator View
Sequential Switch 14 HP SwitchRandom View
Fusion Ring modulator 10 HP Ring ModulatorTube View
Black Varishape VCO 1 18 HP Oscillator View
Duophonic MIDI-CV interface 8 HP MIDI View
Black Varishape VCO 2 18 HP Oscillator View
MIDI To Trigger 6 HP ControllerMIDIUtility View
Syncable VCO 14 HP Oscillator View
Black Polivoks VCF 12 HP Filter View
Black HADSR Envelope generator 12 HP Envelope Generator View
Black Digital Noise 12 HP DistortionNoiseOscillator View
Black Mixer 10 HP Mixer View
Black LFO 12 HP CV ModulationLFOSample and Hold View
Black VCA 12 HP VCA View
Matrix Mixer 29 HP Clock GeneratorMixerMultiple View
Black Output Module 14 HP MixerPreAmpUtility View
Black CV Processor 6 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationPolarizer View
Black Mixer/Splitter 6 HP MixerUtility View
Black 8-Multi 6 HP Multiple View
Polivoks Modulator 8 HP LFO View
Polivoks VCF 8 HP Filter View
Mixer/Splitter 6 HP MixerMultiple View
Sequential Switch CV Generator 10 HP CV ModulationSequencer View

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