Constant voltage Panner / Cross Fader

The Azimuth is back! This is a completely new circuit jam packed with 12 VCAs to perform three core and independent functions:
linear input VCAs + Constant Voltage panning/fading + super stereo processing.

External signals are first processed by the input VCAs, they are then fed to the panning circuit and then processed by the stereo enhancement section.


Stereo linear input VCAs with independent CV controls and attenuators
WIDTH control determines functionality of the Panning knob:
Full CCW is MONO width and the Panning knob acts as a linear xfade control between the left and right source signals.
Middle setting is normal STEREO operation. A mono signal in the left input can be panned between L/R and a stereo source can be balanced.
Full CW is the super stereo mode which employs a special trick to create the aural illusion of an extra wide stereo image.
Full CV control with attenuator of the width amount
Switch for changing the direction of panning/fading
DC coupled inputs
6pin header to normal the stereo outputs to the stereo inputs of the uJack via ribbon cable.

  • 93 mA +12V
  • 80 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
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