8 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
25 mA +12V
? mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$81 Price in €

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M-217 Trig/gate to MIDI w. velocity

Trig/gate to MIDI w. velocity

M-217 Trig/gate to MIDI with variable velocity (manual or voltage controlled)

12 trig/gate input jacks
velocity CV jack + minimum velocity knob (see below)
setting button
MIDI out + LED

Covers all possibilities of M-215 and M-216 and adds variable/adjustable velocity. Works in two modes:

 “One MIDI channel” (like M-215) – sends notes in halftone mode (one octave) or according to Jomox/Volca/TR8 drum placement
 “12 MIDI channels” (like M-216) – sends same note but on 12 MIDI channels

Internal jumpers:

mode is selected by top jumper (jumper set = M-215/one MIDI channel mode, jumper removed = M-216/12MIDI channel mode)
bottom jumper is used for sending MIDI message at the end of trig/gate as “note_on, velocity=0” (so note off, jumper set) or as “note_off, velocity according to current velocity CV input” (some MIDI equipment can process  note_off velocity with interesting results)


in “One MIDI channel” mode (M-215):

Short button press (under 1s) = octave up transpose (common octave for all inputs). Transpose is available in 7octaves in halftone mode and in three octaves in Jomox/Volca modes. Indicated by LED blinks
Holding button for 1-10s = changes MIDI CH (1-16 gradually, common for all inputs). Indicated by LED blinks, shirt blink = 1, long blink = 5 (for example long+long+short = CH 11).
Holding button over 10s = disables setting button to avoid unwanted changes. Another holding over 10s enables setting button again.
Holding button at power-up = changes note map (halftone->Jomox->Volca Beats->TR-8->halftone…)
All settings (octave, MIDI channel, note map and button lock) are memorized.

in “12 MIDI channels” mode (M-216):

Short button press (under 1s) = halftone up transpose (common note for all inputs, sent on 12 MIDI channels according to inputs)
Holding button for 1-10s = octave up transpose
Holding button over 10s = disables setting button to avoid unwanted changes. Another holding over 10s enables setting button again.
Note setting and button lock are memorized.

Minimum velocity knob + velocity CV input:

Working input range is 0-5V. If knob is set to minimum 0V or negative voltage makes velocity = 0, 5V or more makes velocity = 127.

Knob sets “minimum velocity”: if no CV is connected then knob works as manual velocity setting (0-127). If an CV is used to modify velocity then knob sets minimum velocity sent. Say knob is set to mid of range (velocity=64) – until CV is lower than knob setting velocity (=64) is used for triggering MIDI equipment. If CV exceeds knob minimum velocity setting then velocity according to current CV is used for MIDI message. This allows making simple accents – simply put an trig/gate (5V or more) into velocity CV input when accent should be made and trig note input(s). Or connect an LFO voltage into velocity input jack – knob sets minimum, LFO sometimes increases velocity above knob setting…

Note map in “One MIDI channel” mode:


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