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_---=ZC (copy) (copy)EurorackPrivate
_---=ZC (copy)EurorackPrivate
_---=migrations to drum rackEurorack
noise, etcEurorack
104*2 - anti sand v2Eurorack
104*2 - anti sandEurorack
mutable madnessEurorackPrivate
a rack that never happened ~ warped module selectionEurorack
BFMC condensed to 104sEurorackPrivate
_---=Busy Future Music Computer Totality=---_Eurorack
134*6 uryanEurorackPrivate
MuffWiggler 84 RackEurorack starter packEurorack
160*5 v2EurorackPrivate
Mind blownEurorack
CV to Midi controllerEurorack
104*2 - time for a quickie?Eurorack
104 TechnobobEurorack
fx aid test driveEurorack
1 Busy Future Space Computer (2020)Eurorack
ghetto wingpinger deluxeEurorack
Artist Copy: MinaeMinae (copy) (copy) (copy)Eurorack
Artist Copy: MinaeMinaeEurorack
Artist Copy: --tumulishroomaroom (Verbos + 4U)Eurorack
104 - skilled focusEurorack
104*2 - desktop quaratineEurorack
104*2 - totemic topologies inspired dictaphone looper bitboxEurorack
84 - droningsampleboiEurorack
100 - mini mutableEurorack
Subtractive SoundinatorEurorack
60 - Field boxEurorack
magicbox 4 chordsEurorack
104 - magicboxEurorack
Artist Copy: mengqimusic (acou performance)Eurorack
104 - busy travelEurorack
jelly jams reviewEurorackPrivate
stuff dun got sold/tradedEurorackPrivate
mixer comparisonEurorack
_---=Busy Future Music Computer + drum 104*3=---_Eurorack
104*2 - Drone GimpEurorack
Wishes - Oh lordy i know there are wishesEurorack
DAAPHNNE mk5 Studio (digital analog audio patching heuristic novelty network exploration)Eurorack
the shiposting rackEurorack
NLC Trauma CommanderEurorack

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ABC (Aluminum)Eurorack
SEQUENCER 101Eurorack

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Clouds (5), Mutant Chicken (5) and Pico RND (4)
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