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4. Free Jazz Case (Simplifyied complexifyied) Eurorack Private
modified Yesterday, 19:53
1. Pod 48x Stereo Unabashedly Digital Eurorack Private
modified Monday April 12, 09:54
7. Wind instrument modeling & feedback case (84hp 6u (copy) Eurorack Private
modified Apr 9th, 10:18
2. Pianoforte case (experimenting with what should be the future) Eurorack Private
modified Friday April 16, 22:55
1. Computer Eurorack
modified Apr 4th, 20:27
1. Weird quadraphonic choral/brass idea Eurorack
modified Mar 29th, 13:45
9. Sound designer | Studio setup (double trouble) Eurorack Private
modified Wednesday April 14, 14:05
1. Pod 20 Fully random piano composition (copy) Eurorack Private
modified Nov 25th 2020, 10:46
6. Microrhythm study case Eurorack Private
modified Friday April 16, 11:54
Piano case (future) (copy) Pedals Private
modified Oct 3rd 2020, 14:02
7. Wind instrument modeling & feedback case (84hp 6u Eurorack Private
modified Apr 11th, 10:06
2. Pianoforte case Eurorack Private
modified Friday April 16, 11:52
1. Pod 48x Proof of concept for Feedback Sequencer Eurorack
modified Feb 11th, 00:31
1. Pod 20 custom mixer (copy) Eurorack
modified Today, 05:20
1. Pod Sample based piano 48x Eurorack
modified Today, 02:21
1. Music theory case ?? Eurorack Private
modified Jul 8th 2020, 08:48
1. Piano Decomposer Tapemachine - 4ms Pod 64x Eurorack Private
modified Mar 29th, 07:49
0. No sure what I'm thinking but this is just delays Eurorack
modified Apr 3rd, 22:08
0. Old school modular Eurorack Private
modified May 8th 2020, 08:13
1. Pod 60x weird string quartet sampler Eurorack
modified Jan 1st, 09:45
4. Free Jazz Case (different approach) Eurorack Private
modified Apr 5th, 21:52
modified Feb 23rd, 15:43
0. CHAOS 3 Stripped down to essentials Eurorack Private
modified Mar 18th 2020, 16:40
1. Pod 20 Controller Eurorack
modified Jan 26th, 13:26
1. Pod 48x phase percussion Eurorack
modified Jan 1st, 07:00
0. Mathematical modules with jacks only (logic etc) Eurorack Private
modified Jan 11th 2020, 13:02
2. Fully random piano composition Eurorack Private
modified Dec 26th 2020, 20:36
1. Pod 60 weird pitch effect Eurorack
modified Jan 1st, 06:51
1. Pod 48x custom mixer Eurorack
modified Mar 16th, 09:48
4. Minimal free jazz wavetable monovoice Eurorack Private
modified Jan 15th 2020, 11:07
Sputterizer by other modules Eurorack Private
modified Aug 13th 2019, 12:42
7. Feedback device (full) Eurorack Private
modified Oct 3rd 2020, 14:02
1. Weird idea about live processing Eurorack Private
modified Aug 19th 2019, 15:21
1. Pod 26 Tube mixer Eurorack
modified Thursday April 15, 22:21
Piano case (future) Pedals Private
modified Mar 24th 2020, 10:02
1. Pod 48x Next Tube mixer Eurorack
modified Saturday April 17, 19:54
Wind instrument case Pedals Private
modified May 5th 2020, 07:09
3. Orchestra case Eurorack Private
modified Jan 17th 2019, 14:45
4. Free Jazz Case Eurorack Private
modified Mar 6th 2020, 09:34
SKB-iSF2U (front) Pedals Private
modified Mar 8th 2019, 10:42
Ha! (copy) Pedals Private
modified Mar 8th 2019, 10:42
SKB-iSF2U (top) Pedals Private
modified Mar 12th, 14:13
0. Old overview of all the modules in one orchestral case Eurorack Private
modified Feb 27th 2019, 10:05
0.Things that I find interesting Eurorack Private
modified Apr 4th, 20:27

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Submitted Modules

6equencer 6 HP DigitalMIDISequencer View
Mimetic Digitalis (Black) 10 HP CV ModulationRandomSequencer View
Deco HP DelayDistortionDual/StereoFlanger View
A-150-8 12 HP DigitalSwitch View
ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources 16 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorRandom View
ADDAC812V 4 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
Broken Tape Simulator 6 HP DigitalDistortionVCA View
ADDAC200A 14 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
A-180-9 4 HP Utility View
ADDAC306 8 HP ControllerMultipleAttenuatorExpressionCV ModulationSwitch View
0-CTRL 45 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorControllerSequencer View
2WAY 2 HP Switch View
PM Mutes 6 HP Expander View
Quad Gate Delay 8 HP Clock ModulatorQuad View
ADDAC106 T-Noiseworks 8 HP DrumQuad View
ADDAC103 T-Networks 6 HP DrumQuadFilter View
ADDAC405 VC Relabi Generator 10 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorLFOQuadComparator View
Field Kit FX HP DelayDigitalPitch Shifter Reverb View
Press 6 HP AttenuatorControllerDual/Stereo View
Trogotronic Pulse Transducer HP Controller View
ADDAC605 VC Spectral Tilt 4 HP Dual/StereoEqualizer View
Plancks II (Silver) 8 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationQuadSequencerVCA View
Cells 12 HP ControllerCV ModulationDigitalDual/StereoSequencer View
Dual Multisegment Function Generator 50 HP DigitalFunction GeneratorSequencer View
Accutronics Spring Reverb Tank HP Reverb View
Hexacomp HP DynamicsEqualizer View
DU-SEQ 30 HP Sequencer View
VC Logics 4 HP Dual/StereoLogic View
Zero 2 HP ComparatorDual/Stereo View
ADDAC807C 38 HP Expander View
ADDAC807B 24 HP Expander View
ADDAC307 4 HP Clock GeneratorControllerEnvelope GeneratorExternal View
S-075 Burst generator 4 HP Clock ModulatorFunction GeneratorClock Generator View
Instant LoFi Junky 10 HP DistortionEffectFilterPitch Shifter View
Fuzz Factory 14 HP DistortionEffectFilterNoisePreAmp View
Polly 4 HP Clock ModulatorLogicSwitchSample and Hold View
Quad Track & Hold 4 HP QuadSample and Hold View
TriTone 6 HP EqualizerDistortionFilter View
Micro Sequence 10 HP DigitalSequencer View
Skin 2 HP ControllerSwitchQuad View
Vixen Mixer HP UtilityVolume View
Reverse DC motor 6 HP CV ModulationOscillator View
Athru 4 HP DistortionWaveshaper View
Play (Black panel) 2 HP DigitalDrumSampling View
Hermod 26 HP MIDISequencerCV ModulationLFOExternalMultipleQuantizer View
Dual Fader 2 HP Controller View
1010 Music Blackbox HP Digital View
Stretch Weaver HP DigitalDigital GlitchDual/StereoMultieffectUtility View
ADDAC603 22 HP DistortionFilter View
ADDAC611 12 HP DistortionFilterMixerTube View
ALM017-EX Pexp-2 2 HP DigitalExpander View
3x MIA (no LEDs version) 6 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizerUtility View
D-430 Drum Boy 4 HP DigitalDrum View
D-420 Drum Girl 4 HP Clock ModulatorSequencer View
L-127 Delayed LFO 4 HP LFO View
S-185 Gatsby 4 HP Clock ModulatorDual/StereoUtility View
ADDAC812VU 8 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
C2M 10 HP DigitalMIDI View
MicroGrids 8 HP Sequencer View
Ineko HP Multieffect View
Beatsqueezer HP DigitalDual/StereoSampling View
DIY SCM Breakout Switch 2 HP Expander View
Gotharman Anax mk2 HP Utility View
M-218 8 HP MIDI View
XIIO 16 HP ControllerDigitalSequencer View
Performance Quantizer [Custom Shop] 8 HP MIDIQuantizer View
Gatestorm 24 HP SequencerClock GeneratorLogicClock ModulatorDigitalFrequency DividerRandom View
Gotharman FX Deformer HP Multieffect View
Volca Mixer HP Utility View
C-410 4 HP Clock GeneratorFrequency Divider View
Median 4 HP ControllerCV ModulationWaveshaper View
E-480 8 HP CV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFO View
Pocket Operator 33 KO HP Sampling View
Beatsqueezer HP Sampling View
EPSi HP ReverbModeling/Simulation View
ADDAC812A 4 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
ADDAC305 8 HP ControllerSwitch View
ADDAC304 8 HP ControllerSwitch View
S-090 Dual probability skipper 4 HP Clock ModulatorDual/StereoRandom View
ADDAC807A 56 HP AttenuatorDynamicsMixerPanningVCA View
M-217 Trig/gate to MIDI w. velocity 8 HP MIDI View
PEQ duo HP Dual/StereoEqualizer View
Keith McMillen K-mix HP DynamicsDigitalEqualizerReverbUtility View
ADDAC214 6 HP SwitchQuad View
Sherman Restyler HP DynamicsDistortionDual/StereoEqualizerFilter View
Knit Rider Aluminium Panel 16 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
U-081 4 HP Controller View
Plancks 8 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationMixerPanningQuadSequencerVCA View
Demora HP DelayDigitalDual/StereoMultieffect View
PEQv2 HP Equalizer View
Driftbox J HP Controller View
ADDAC221 16 HP MIDIControllerDigital View
ADDAC709M 14 HP Effect View
LRMSMSLR (red panel) 4 HP PanningPolarizerMixerUtility View
U-040 Min/max 4 HP CV ModulationLogic View
STD 6 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorLogic View
ornament+crime (simple MSW panel) 14 HP CV ModulationDigitalEnvelope GeneratorLFOQuantizerRandomSequencer View
ADDAC222 16 HP MIDIDigitalQuad View
J-110 Derivator 4 HP Comparator View
J-120 Comparator 4 HP Comparator View
Keychain 20 HP ControllerDual/Stereo View
Monorocket Case Tie Tile 8 HP Blind Panel View
BMC28 Live Rhythm Quantizer 6 HP QuantizerClock Modulator View

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