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7. Wind instrument modeling & feedback case (84hp 6u) (copy) Eurorack Private
Piano case (future) (copy) Pedals Private
6. Microrhythm study case (copy) Eurorack Private
4. Free Jazz Case (different approach) (copy) Eurorack Private
2. Fully random piano composition (copy) Eurorack Private

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Module Date Region Price
Iungo EU €140,00  View
A-178 V2 EU €75,00  View
Mix EU €75,00  View
Seq EU €80,00  View
VCSQ EU €65,00  View
S-190 Clock Distributor EU €75,00  View
D-430 Drum Boy EU €50,00  View
C-310 Dual Opto-FET S&H/T&H EU €58,00  View
U-040 Min/max EU €50,00  View
CVP EU €50,00  View
Mutinator EU €130,00  View
Touch Sequencer EU €330,00  View
Timetable EU €200,00  View
Uoki-Toki - 43x EU €50,00  View

Submitted Modules

ADDAC106 T-Noiseworks 8 HP DrumQuad View
ADDAC103 T-Networks 6 HP DrumQuadFilter View
ADDAC405 VC Relabi Generator 10 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorLFOQuadComparator View
Field Kit FX HP DelayDigitalPitch Shifter Reverb View
York Modular 2WAY 2 HP Switch View
Press 6 HP AttenuatorControllerDual/Stereo View
Trogotronic Pulse Transducer HP Controller View
ADDAC605 VC Spectral Tilt 4 HP Dual/StereoEqualizer View
PM Mutes 6 HP Expander View
Plancks II (Silver) 8 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationQuadSequencerVCA View
Cells 12 HP ControllerCV ModulationDigitalDual/StereoSequencer View
Dual Multisegment Function Generator 50 HP DigitalFunction GeneratorSequencer View
0-CTRL 45 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorControllerSequencer View
A-150-8 12 HP DigitalSwitch View
Accutronics Spring Reverb Tank HP Reverb View
Hexacomp HP DynamicsEqualizer View
DU-SEQ 30 HP Sequencer View
VC Logics 4 HP Dual/StereoLogic View
Zero 2 HP ComparatorDual/Stereo View
ADDAC807C 38 HP Expander View
ADDAC807B 24 HP Expander View
ADDAC307 4 HP Clock GeneratorControllerEnvelope GeneratorExternal View
Broken Tape Simulator 6 HP DigitalDistortionVCA View
S-075 Burst generator 4 HP Clock ModulatorFunction GeneratorClock Generator View
Mimetic Digitalis (Black) 10 HP CV ModulationRandomSequencer View
Instant LoFi Junky 10 HP DistortionEffectFilterPitch Shifter View
Deco HP DelayDistortionDual/StereoFlanger View
Fuzz Factory 14 HP DistortionEffectFilterNoisePreAmp View
Polly 4 HP Clock ModulatorLogicSwitchSample and Hold View
Quad Track & Hold 4 HP QuadSample and Hold View
TriTone 6 HP EqualizerDistortionFilter View
Micro Sequence 10 HP DigitalSequencer View
Skin 2 HP ControllerSwitchQuad View
Vixen Mixer HP UtilityVolume View
Reverse DC motor 6 HP CV ModulationOscillator View
Athru 4 HP DistortionWaveshaper View
Play (Black panel) 2 HP DigitalDrumSampling View
Hermod 26 HP MIDISequencerCV ModulationLFOExternalMultipleQuantizer View
Dual Fader 2 HP Controller View
1010 Music Blackbox HP Digital View
Stretch Weaver HP DigitalDigital GlitchDual/StereoMultieffectUtility View
ADDAC603 22 HP DistortionFilter View
ADDAC611 12 HP DistortionFilterMixerTube View
A-180-9 4 HP Utility View
ALM017-EX Pexp-2 2 HP DigitalExpander View
3x MIA (no LEDs version) 6 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizerUtility View
D-430 Drum Boy 4 HP DigitalDrum View
D-420 Drum Girl 4 HP Clock ModulatorSequencer View
L-127 Delayed LFO 4 HP LFO View
S-185 Gatsby 4 HP Clock ModulatorDual/StereoUtility View
ADDAC306 8 HP ControllerMultipleAttenuatorExpression View
ADDAC812VU 8 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
C2M 10 HP DigitalMIDI View
MicroGrids 8 HP Sequencer View
Ineko HP Multieffect View
Beatsqueezer HP DigitalDual/StereoSampling View
DIY SCM Breakout Switch 2 HP Expander View
Gotharman Anax mk2 HP Utility View
M-218 8 HP MIDI View
XIIO 16 HP ControllerDigitalSequencer View
Performance Quantizer [Custom Shop] 8 HP MIDIQuantizer View
Gatestorm 24 HP SequencerClock GeneratorLogicClock ModulatorDigitalFrequency DividerRandom View
Gotharman FX Deformer HP Multieffect View
Volca Mixer HP Utility View
C-410 4 HP Clock GeneratorFrequency Divider View
Median 4 HP ControllerCV ModulationWaveshaper View
E-480 8 HP CV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFO View
Pocket Operator 33 KO HP Sampling View
Beatsqueezer HP Sampling View
EPSi HP ReverbModeling/Simulation View
ADDAC200A 14 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
ADDAC812V 4 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
ADDAC812A 4 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
ADDAC305 8 HP ControllerSwitch View
ADDAC304 8 HP ControllerSwitch View
Quad Gate Delay 8 HP Clock ModulatorQuad View
S-090 Dual probability skipper 4 HP Clock ModulatorDual/StereoRandom View
ADDAC807A 56 HP AttenuatorDynamicsMixerPanningVCA View
M-217 Trig/gate to MIDI w. velocity 8 HP MIDI View
PEQ duo HP Dual/StereoEqualizer View
Keith McMillen K-mix HP DynamicsDigitalEqualizerReverbUtility View
ADDAC214 6 HP SwitchQuad View
Sherman Restyler HP DynamicsDistortionDual/StereoEqualizerFilter View
Knit Rider Aluminium Panel 16 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
U-081 4 HP Controller View
Plancks 8 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationMixerPanningQuadSequencerVCA View
Demora HP DelayDigitalDual/StereoMultieffect View
PEQv2 HP Equalizer View
Driftbox J HP Controller View
ADDAC221 16 HP MIDIControllerDigital View
ADDAC709M 14 HP Effect View
LRMSMSLR (red panel) 4 HP PanningPolarizerMixerUtility View
U-040 Min/max 4 HP CV ModulationLogic View
STD 6 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorLogic View
ornament+crime (simple MSW panel) 14 HP CV ModulationDigitalEnvelope GeneratorLFOQuantizerRandomSequencer View
ADDAC222 16 HP MIDIDigitalQuad View
J-110 Derivator 4 HP Comparator View
J-120 Comparator 4 HP Comparator View
Keychain 20 HP ControllerDual/Stereo View
Monorocket Case Tie Tile 8 HP Blind Panel View
ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources 16 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorRandom View
BMC28 Live Rhythm Quantizer 6 HP QuantizerClock Modulator View

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