CV to MIDI Chord / Melody / Arpeggiator

Introducing the Melisma!

One thing that escapes the realm of simplicity in modular arrangements is the production of chords. Patching for chords is both expensive (in the physical dimension way and cost-wise) and time consuming. The Melisma is a multi-tiered solution to creating chords as well as accompanying melody or bass line in a very simple way, without breaking the bank.

The Melisma can emulate a concert pianist, a tech-heavy trance sequence, or ambient with a mission, the choice is yours!

This is the root selector for all chords, arps, and melodies @1V/octave. A trigger on this input will step through root progressions created by the user
This input selects chords from a list of 64 chords or up to 4 user lists. A trigger on this input will step through progression chords lists created by the user
GATE Input:
This input triggers chords to play. Length of gate determines length of all chord and arp notes.
INV Input:
This is CV control of inversion, or shift of root note over the chord notes
EXP Input:
This is CV control to expand the width of chord over the note range
This CV input controls the strum or timing of the chord played
VEL Input:
Sets the level of notes in the chords played
HOLD Input:
Holds any gates from playing chords and switches to arpeggiation if ACLK is triggered
ACLK Input:
This input triggers notes in selected chord for Arpeggiation or burst of notes
LHAND Input:
This input, when analog CV, will play chord quantized melody on different MIDI channel @1V/Octave, or when triggered will play bass notes musically compatible to the present chord also on a separate channel
CC CV Input: Can be changed to Percussa mode for drums
This input's CV level will send a MIDI CC,PC,or pitch wheel message.(User defined)
MIDI out:
TRS MIDI output sends 2 MIDI Channels (Chord channel and Melody/Bass channel) to your synth, MIDI2CV, or DAW synths

Displays Chords with large root note for easy viewing, and scrollable "quick boxes" that act as buttons to make instant settings changes. Some of these buttons, when held, enter single level menus or lists for setting MIDI channels, chord lists, root progression lists etc.

Release Features:
* Progression Lists (Root & Chord) can have "Pauses" inserted. Either Progression will pause until the other progression reaches a pause, then they will continue. This makes a more complex sequence from even just a short progression.
* CC CV input can now be assigned one of 15 functions: MDI: CC, PW, AT, PC Internal Control of: Chord or Root Progression Start/End limits, Progression range windowing, Arp Gate/pause 0-200%, Arp Select, LHAND_T 20-250mS, Select Bus 1-4 to 1-64, Progressions reset
* Progression Reset from HOLD, ACLK, GATE, CC CV inputs, Pulse width x2, Missing pulse x2, x4, Timeout 1s, 2s, 5s
* Percussa mode on LHAND. Uses delta accumulation and ACLK to trigger poly drums (up to 8 at once)
* Select Bus Master or Slave, sends state# with PROG change or switches to PROG with matching state#.
(compat. with Storage Strip or control SB slaves. Hold on/off can send custom SB states)
* 8 PROGrams, each with it's own set of Root, Chord Progressions and CV Chord List.
* MIDI PUSH sends a user defined set of CC values and initiates "vital" CC's (vol/pan/foot pedal) and pitch bend.
* SysEx. Dump individual PROGram settings and progression lists, Chord Lists, or entire backup image via SysEx for editing in text editor.
* Piano Roll Screen Saver displays notes and CC CV input as an overlay
* MIDI LINK backplane header for MIDI Merge with any MIDI breakout module or Sequarallel module
* Chord Spread Modifiers: Notes Order, Swing, Random, Time quantized off/on (to ACLK, Gate, Progressions, LHAND)
* LHAND Percussion Mode: Poly percussion from LHAND CV + ACLK trigger (up to 8 drums simultaneously)
* MIDI Remote derives roots from chords hand played via MIDI LINK header.
* MIDI Remote control of various internal parameters via MIDI CC and PC
* Chord and/or Root note sync over Select Bus for a second Melisma

Release date?
The Melisma is now available.

  • 51 mA +12V
  • 19 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 38 mm deep
  • Ø 5.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating

This Module is currently available.

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