16 HP
46 mm deep
Current Draw
190 mA +12V
60 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$400 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is discontinued.

Real-Time Sampler / Looper / FX

Tired of mousing over the Record button in your DAW to get a sample? Then getting a CV to MIDI set up to play it?
The Reflex LiveLoop gives your rack instant sampling capability, no fuss, no complex setup, so that inspiration is still red hot when you hit the record button!

Simply tapping the Record button, then tapping it again, can start a delay that is constantly recording and creating Slices that can be recalled from the panel, or with a CV + Gate combination.

Guitar player? The Reflex will rival your favorite loop pedal in Layer mode, but can be clocked to run and sync with your modular system. Record/Loop control and PlayFX control can be connected to a footswitch(es) for hands free looping. Configuarable to work with any type of footswitch, even a piezo foot pedal or trigger.

Sample Mangler? The Reflex has several mangling weapons in PlayFX for reversing, stuttering, panning through a sample, or granulizing / pitch shifting. There's even a live pitch-shifter with feedback control.

Phonogene User? There's even a phonogene mode that can smoothly insert incoming audio into a running loop.

Sample Slicer? You can instantly make up to 400 slices of a running sample, live recording, or running echo/delay. Slices can be made by simply tapping the Slice button, with a trigger input, or using the built-in audio peak slicer.
Each slice can be modified by ear (which is important) using PlayFX. They can be shortened, cued, reversed, added, and deleted quickly and easily.
PlayFX start/end cueing, stuttering, granulizing/pitch shifting, and reversing can also be globally applied to playing Slices at any time. A Slice Sequence can be recorded from the panel which is step clockable and instantly update-able.

Here's the "over-the-top" feature list that will give you the best sampling experience available:

Sample Rate Control:
10 octave Sample Rate Playback range via CV + Rate Knob offset. That's right, 10 octaves! Take a sample up to blistering speeds or slow it to a crawl. Samples can be recorded at much lower rates to emulate a retro sound complete with harmonics and aliasing.
The CV input has an attenuvertor so samples can be modulated or at full levels +/- will work as 1V/Octave, so a sample can be played as notes in a sequence.

- Trigger inputs for Record/SOS/Delay/Play/Clock, Creating Slices, Playing Slices, PlayFX start/sync
- Gate input for PlayFX
- Footswitch (S-Trig/Gate) for Record/SOS/Delay/Play, PlayFX start/sync/stop
- Bipolar CV inputs for Sample Rate Control/offset, EQ bands, with attenuvertors
- Unipolar CV inputs for Slice Selection, PlayFX start and End Control offsets

- Built-in 3 band EQ to tailor sounds inside the feedback loop.
- Stereo Inputs 10V p-p L&R all samples rec/play in stereo
- Feedback Return input isolated mix to sampler, Feedback insert return
- Stereo Outputs 10V p-p L&R
- Blend Control to mix incoming audio with outgoing audio
- Feedback Level control for send, or third output channel of sample output only (for multiple amps)
- intelligent auto fade-out for echo and layer stops independant of input mix setting (1/2 cross fade)
- Spectrum Analyzer for RGB "Color Organ" audio indication/analysis.
- Absolute Zero Latency Audio, absolutely!
- Zero Crossing Point Loop Lock and Soft-Mute technology for click free speed looping.

RP (record/play) Sampler Modes:
- 3 Main RP (Record/Play) Modes: Layer, Echo (delay), R/P Sampler (simple record/punch-in/append)
- Foot Switch compatibility Mode (S-Trig) for foot controlled sync'ed echo/looping/layering
- Record (Continuous) PlayFX and Slices simultaneously into delay/sample/layer for Looping afterwards
- Auto-Slices R/P, Echo (delay), Layer action points for instant recall using Slice Select/CV
- No "Memory Full" stop of recording, loops forever! Good to recall recent sequences via Play Slices
- Clock Trigger Synchronization of Layer and Echo by "Arming" Steps
- Clock Trigger input with /1 - /16 setting for arm rec/arm delay/arm Slice & playFX sync

Sample Slicing:
- Up to 400 Slices!
- Sample Slicing during any mode (Record/Play/Echo etc), up to 400 slices, via T/G input, audio peaks, or Slice button.
- Peak Auto-Slicing by audio levels and intelligent noise floor, amplitude angle/delta algorithm.
- Slicing format controlled intuitively by Mode:
. Record: Sequencial Slicing (Slice End = Next Slice Start)
. Echo (delay) / Layer (SOS) : Loop size slices starting at slice creation
. Infinite echo/Layer play: Loop size slices starting at slice creation
. R/P Play loop: Sequencial play as 1-shot
. Play FX Start/End, Position/Size miniLoops: Loop sized slices starting at slice creation
. PlayFX G-Move: Present G-Move position

  • Sequence Slices via CV voltage ratio / # of Slices (equally divided over 0-5V) and Slice Play trigger
  • NEW! Slices selected as 1V/oct CV semitones (V.2.04)
  • 1-16 Manual Slice Play selector w/ CV offset and LED circle Slice# indication
  • Slice Sample Rate recall + Rate knob offset + Rate CV offset
  • Variable Rate Slicing at time Slice is created from playing sample
  • "Slice Groove" Automation feature: Record a tap sequence using selected slices, then loop playback!
  • Slice Groove Sequencer Live sample record loop for constantly changing Slices to your tap rhythm

- 3 Main PlayFX Modes to play sections of RP Sample at any time, slice-able
- PlayFX (all modes) inside of slices (global) and button controlled permanent Slice modification
- Simultaneous Record and PlayFX/Slice to loop/echo out applied FX.
- PlayFX Trigger input for Start/re-start miniLoop Play
- PlayFX gate input to enter/exit a playFX live

PlayFX Modes:
- Loop Start/End controls & CV's for Sample/MiniLoop/Slice/G-Move Playing
- Reverse PlayFX when in Start/End Play mode (by reversing Start and End controls)
- Loop Position/Sizes & CV's for constant Loop size while panning through Sample/MiniLoop/Slice
- G-Move Flowing Granulizer Direction/Speed and Grain Size knob and CV controllable. Sizes: < 1 mS to 250 mS.
- G-Move Granulizer "roll space" can be defined by presently playing MiniLoop, Echo/delay, Layer or Slice boundries.
- Layered PlayFX priority: MiniLoop/Granulize inside a Slice, Granulize inside of a MiniLoop, Slice over a MiniLoop.
- Play FX or a Slice while still Recording / Layering / Echoing via Buttons or T/G.
- Built in CV band controllable EQ for fine tuning feedback and FX output. Flat band mode for CV VCA FX.
- FX (Left) channel feedback insert for external send return filter insertion. Adjustable Send 10V P-P standard.
New! Live Pitch Shifting:
Pitch shifting with feedback control gives some great FX, especially with percussion!
New! DJ Mode
Use playFX knobs and Rate knob to slow/reverse/scratch through a sample with momentum, just like a turntable!
New! Freeze Mode
Freeze any incoming audio instantly according to PlayFX & Echo time parameter. Great for holding a phrase while switching patches!

MIDI Control:
All elements of the Reflex can be controlled via MIDI Notes, Channels, Pitch Wheel, and CC's. Additionally, there are also elements that cannot be controlled from the panel.
Features such as slice/sample playing via a split MIDI keyboard and a DJ style 10 sample instant capture & play control from a keyboard or MIDI pads turn the Reflex into a powerful digital sample machine.

- 32 LED Indicators, 9 for LED Circle to indicate Last Rate upon return from/to modes and Slice Select/Clock div set
- Power up panel Last Settings memory
- USART, audio and data bus Interface for possible Future Expansion
- Arduino Atmega 2560 16AU with on-board USB
- Firmware Upgrade-able, ships with V2.04 as of Jun 2017:

Record Sample Rate:
174 seconds in stereo at 48Ks/s.
This isn't an "up to" spec., it's better than CD quality for almost 3 minutes!
- Maximum Record times / quality per channel:
174 seconds @ 48Ks/s 16 bit >CD Quality
248 seconds @ 24Ks/s 16 bit >FM Radio Quality
11.6 minutes @ 12Ks/s 16 bit >AM Radio Quality
23.2 minutes @ 6Ks/s 16 bit Retro Sampler Quality
46.4 minutes @ 3Ks/s 16 bit Min Voice Quality
92.8 minutes @ 1.5Ks/s 16 bit LFO, Wave making Quality )

Rate Knob:
- Knob Take-over Sample Rate recall for each Mode transition:
- LED circle direction indication (four flashes) and present Rate position indication
- "Smart Take-over" eliminates "hard" jumps by becoming active once Knob returns to previous position
- "Slide-To" for moving away from previous sample rate position

Flash-8 Expansion board with MIDI cable and dual PSU ribbon
Save up to 8 sessions and interface Reflex control with your favorite MIDI sequencer! $100

Reflex LiveLoop with Flash-8 exp./PSU rib/MIDI cable $495
Built & tested with PSU ribbon $400
DIY Complete Kit + Flash-8 no longer available


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