MIDI to CV Sequencer Recorder

The Only MIDI Recorder Module out there!
The Sequarallel is the intuitive answer to keeping your DAW (PC/Mac) out of the performance.
It's a MIDI + Gate/Velocity/CV or Trigger Sequencer that can hold up to 100 sequences that are recorded in from your favorite MIDI player.

Each "Song" can have Loop/Jump markers (up to 8) to play to 4 sets of jacks as chords, single notes, or 12 percussion triggers, as well as all 16 block-able MIDI channels. Each Sequence can be built up by adding Layers from any MIDI keyboard or controller, along with globally looping or position dedicated tracks from the TRAX step sequencer.

Here's a fairly good description of the module-

The panel controls consist of an encoder to select Buttons we call "Quick Boxes" to enable/disable/select functions while the sequence is playing, a Play button that arms to play @ clock, and a stop button.
As the panel indicates, pressing both buttons will arm MIDI record to make a new Song sequence.
Alternately, the TRAX sequencers can be used to lay out the foundation for a new Song, and LAYERs used to add (via MIDI keyboard/controller) to the piece
Songs can be named up to 14 characters.

The 16+ dynamic / removable Quick Boxes act as buttons, some adjustable, and some have entry points (press & hold) into settings/lists.
These are:
Turns Looping (bar or marker) on/off + displays present Bar & Beat (hold to view/edit song loop markers)
Selects a bar or marker to jump to at the end of present bar or loop playing
Selects a transpose value that changes at the next bar. +/- 48 notes
Sets a Remote control Channel. Accesses CC# assignment for dozens of functions to be switched/adjusted via external MIDI controller or keyboard including transpose & global pitch bend
Automation Record:
Records panel changes and quantizes record time to bars. These can be saved/loaded from the quick-box
Click LAYER:ADD to add MIDI Layers (creates a new quick-box for next) with MIDI keyboard or controller. Scroll the box to set options like quantizing, mute & solo, remove. A single layer can merge into itself to build a loop or the whole song with constant record.
Click to add/edit MIDI + CV step sequencer tracks (up to 5) to a sequence and select modifiers like multi-ratchet, envelopes, mirror, .Creates new quick-box for next. Each TRAX sequencer can step up to 4 notes at once
Compose multi-pole curved CV/MIDI envelopes to be triggered by sequencer notes, TRAX steps
Hold on this to modify CC jacks 5, 6, CLKout, to inputs/outputs to CV control internal functions or send MIDI
Instruments on all 16 channels and up to 4 CC parameters per channel can be pushed to update a synth by simply clicking on the QB
To set master clock input division /1, /2, /3, /4 to /96 Delta Clock sync alignment ensures changes are perfect every time.
To select Channel Modes (below) or Drums mode (Hold to set MIDI channels for these modes)
To select chord Gate/CV play order/distribution, Stack, Range, Cycle, random. (Hold on Range to set note ranges, Random to select probability of each jack row, stack or cycle to set valid release times etc)
Configure Select bus settings for this sequence here. MIDI LINK backplane header settings also.
Master CV tuning in cents (+/-0-99). (Hold for individual CV tunings & to set Zero Volt note)
This module also has VCO-autotune feature
Song FX:
Select from a variety of non-destructive note modifiers incl. Swing, Mirror, Limit, Scale, Ratchet(chop), Note length,and more. Most of these can be CV controlled. Up to 4 different Envelopes can be applied to ranges or notes to apply to MIDI, CV, or both
This DAW-like arranger can be used to add to or change Loop order of song, Place Trax Sequences, Recorded Layers, envelope ranges, and automations
Song #:
Select to load song/sequences recorded, up to 100 (Hold to view names or edit the sequence name)
Save Default panel settings, Save Edit to loaded sequence settings, delete Song

On the left side of the display 4 large notes are displayed as they are played (live) or sequenced out to CV.
During Drums mode there are 12 boxes (with note#'s) that highlight when a percussion trigger occurs
On the right side are the Quick Boxes that can be scrolled up/down to edit

Gate/Velocity/CV Outputs:
The outputs are 0-5V or 0-10V ( CC 5&6 are bipolar -5 to +5)
There are 4 different Channel Modes for handling chords and/or single notes from the Gate/ CV jacks:
1+1+1+1 will play out single notes from 4 MIDI channels, (good for MPE)
3+1 will play out 3 note chords from one MIDI channel, and single notes on a second MIDI channel
2+2 will play 2 notes chords from 2 MIDI channels, and
ALL4 will play 4 note chords from 1 MIDI channel
* These outputs are also active with MIDI input acting as a direct MIDI2CV

These Modes can be selected during Sequence Playing and each have programmable channels settings. This means that other hidden sequences can be accessed by simply changing this Mode.

AUTO REC Automation recorder:
All pertinent panel changes can be recorded in real time (at clock) to transpose, loop, jump to, change clockDiv, channel mode, chord order, and enable/mute Layers and TRAX sequences . The record stop time is quantized to bars so always aligns. This automation can be saved/loaded to be used with other sequences.

Selectable clock source or "auto". MIDI clock (if present) is always followed during a song record, but modular clock input (/1 to /96) takes over (if patched) during play or any other record function.
Tap tempo and set BPM clock sourcing is also available.

MIDI CC's:5&6
These 2 jacks will output CC->CV levels (assigned to any CC's) or act as inputs to send MIDI CC/PC/PW/AT or internal controls for transpose, loop select, mutes, channel mode, TRAX modifiers, envelope control, etc

Clock Out CV Input
If the clock out jack isn't being used (i.e. clock source=modular clock input) it becomes a 3rd CV input

VEL CV jacks
Primarily these 4 jacks are note velocity outputs but can be changed to output CV from any MIDI CC or note triggered envelope (great for filters)

MIDI input
Primarily for recording MIDI. Accepts MIDI input to merge with Sequarallel's MIDI during play plus internal remote controls as defined. Doubles as a reset/ trigger input if used with regular TS plug.

MIDI output:
During Sequence play, all recorded MIDI channels are output to use with your fav. synth or percussion instruments. Channels used by the Gate/Vel/CV jacks can be blocked, per channel mode, so they only go to the panel, not the MIDI output. This means channels can be active on one Channel Mode, while not on another. i.e. in 1+1+1+1 mode, all 4 channels can be blocked so only VCO's play them, yet percussion and another channel with string-like instruments are played via MIDI. Switch to 3+1 mode and the chords channel also plays on MIDI. MIDI merge input can also be blocked.
There are two "note on" gate/cv jacks priority levels per Channel mode so TRAX sequencer may have priority over MIDI input etc.

CV to gate delay: This is for sample players or other digital edge triggered modules 0 to 5mS
Fine Tunes: Each of the CV's can be fine tuned easily to match the VCO's you like to use.
Zero Volt Note: This is the MIDI note that zero volts is at .i.e. Some VCO's play A at 0V so ZV note 36 would become 33.
Clock Output mult/Div. This is how a live MIDI clock/self clock is sent to Clock Out jack. 1:1 is quarter note.

New features: Layer recording, Select Bus, Sequence Modifiers, TRAX step sequencers much bigger memory
The price should be about $240

Avail Feb 2020



  • 37 mA +12V
  • 14 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 38 mm deep

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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