14 HP
23 mm deep
Current Draw
72 mA +12V
125 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$369 Price in €

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Analog Metallic Noise Synthesizer Voice

The Entity Metalloid is an experimental synthesizer focusing on the creation and manipulation of metallic and synthetic metal noise. The synthesis engine is devised of three analog oscillators, each operating at a different frequency. The output of these oscillators is ring-modulated through two signal paths and mixed to produce two unique but related metallic tones.

Three macro controls are employed to enhance the variety of tones and harmonic relationship of the synthesized metallic noise, including tuning of the noise sources.
Through variation of these controls, in-harmonic (ie metallic) tones are by in large dominant. However, varied combinations of the macros will provide pockets of harmonically locked tones as well.

Since these waveforms are very rich in sub, and overtones, two state variable VCFs are used to carve, mask and highlight the dense and varied frequency content of the metallic noise sources. Dynamics are governed via two envelope generators with voltage controlled decay - providing internal modulation of the independent VCFs and VCAs.

Metalloid can either be triggered or directly controlled via dedicated VCA CV inputs. Trigger inputs respond dynamically to the applied trigger's amplitude as well.

Normalization of the trigger inputs and signal outputs is provided for ease of creating stacked tones from the two metallic noise sources, without the need for mixing the signals externally.

Either signal can be set to choke/duck the other when active.


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