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GoldenWormPlan Eurorack View
GoldenApple(current) Eurorack View
DSGVariantTest Eurorack View
EuroSergeCase(current) Eurorack View
SacredChao(current) Serge View
TileMegaTest Eurorack View
GoldenApplePlan Eurorack View
SacredChaoSmallPlan Serge View
ControlRackPlan Eurorack View
SacredChaoBigPlan Serge View
EuroSergeCasePlan Eurorack View
TinyTilePlan Eurorack View
SacredChaoDreamPlan Serge View
73-75SergePlan Serge View
EvilYellowSergeTest1 Eurorack View
OscopeTester4msPodPlan Eurorack View
DelayProcessorTest1 Eurorack View
DelayProcessorTest2 Eurorack View
GoldenApple(SmallAltPlan) Eurorack View
GoldenAppleAltPlan Eurorack View
TilePlan Eurorack View
LoudestWarningSergeTest Serge View

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Glide 6 HP Slew Limiter View
Sample and Hold + Noise 6 HP NoiseSample and Hold View
Model 156M 14 HP CV ModulationMixerUtility View

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