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Submitted Modules

Triple Sloths V2 8 HP LFORandomCV ModulationDual/Stereo View
Micro Research ERD/ERD 10 HP DistortionVCA View
Micro Research ERD/SIR 8 HP NoiseOscillatorRandom View
Sloth (4hp) 4 HP LFORandomCV Modulation View
Black Locust 16 HP ExternalPreAmpQuadMixer View
Squid Axon 8 HP NoiseRandom View
Chopper 8 HP LogicSwitchWaveshaper View
DUPLICATE 18 HP FilterOscillatorRandomSynth Voice View
Penrose Quantizer 6 HP Quantizer View
Timbre! 8 HP Waveshaper View
Kitty Eyes 6 HP LFONoiseOscillatorRandomCV Modulation View
Primal Hyperchaos 8 HP Clock GeneratorRandom View
Ten Band EQ HP Equalizer View
Echo Degrader HP Delay View
Mocante 56 HP ControllerOscillator View
Triple Sloth 12 HP CV ModulationLFORandom View
Circle Jerk 26 HP CV ModulationRandomNoiseQuad View
DIST01 10 HP Distortion View
Gra-eco 10 HP DelayDigitalOscillatorVCA View
SOB v1 12 HP FilterWaveshaper View
Black Varishape VCO 18 HP Oscillator View
DP Filter 12 HP Filter View
Jerk Off 8 HP CV ModulationOscillatorRandom View
M-110 3ch Mixer 4 HP Mixer View

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