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Erbe-Verb EU €420,00  View
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CP1A 4 HP AttenuatorEnvelope FollowerMixer View
148 Harmonic Oscillator 2 HP Oscillator View
155 Dual Integrator 1 HP Slew Limiter View
114 Touch controlled Voltage Source 4 HP Controller View
112 Touch Controlled Voltage Source 5 HP Controller View
146 Sequential Voltage Source 4 HP Sequencer View
Discrete Ladder Filter 1 HP Filter View
J3rk Pan/Fade 1 HP Panning View
HVM 1 HP Filter View
Haible Living VCOs 5 HP Oscillator View

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Zeroscillator V2 (5), Shapeshifter (5), R-60 Self-Tuning Midi-CV interface (4) and ER-301: Sound Computer (1)
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