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Current setup 200402 (copy) (copy) Eurorack
modified Feb 5th, 03:34
Video Synthesis ideas Eurorack
modified Dec 25th 2020, 02:16
Current setup 200402 (copy) Eurorack
modified Nov 18th 2020, 10:58
Current setup 200402 Eurorack
modified Dec 13th 2020, 05:09
Modular of interest (not a rack) Eurorack
modified Feb 10th, 05:53

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THREE SISTERS (5), Hyrlo (5), Minimix (5), Maths (5), Rings (5), Nano Rand (5), μClouds (5), Ultra-Random Analog (5), Hyrlo (inverted) (5), Morphagene (5), Erbe-Verb (5), Dual Looping Delay (5), TTLFO v2 (4), Clouds (4), Rotating Clock Divider V1 (4), QCD Expander: (4), MIX (4), QCD: Quad Clock Distributor (4), VCA Matrix (4), MORPHEUS (4) and RCD Breakout (v1) (3)
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