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Considering B Eurorack Private
Gorillabox (Roadmap) Eurorack View
Stuff that I've bought but may go Eurorack View
Gorillabox (Current v0.65) Eurorack View
Start over from the end: Output first + How do I get a multitrack recorder? Eurorack View
Roadmap II: multitrack recorder + live/improv w precision adders, seq sws, swd mltpl Eurorack View


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Blank Panel 6 HP Blind Panel View
Sonic XV Diode Ladder Filter 14 HP FilterWaveshaper View
VCA4p 8 HP AttenuatorMixerQuadVCA View

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Minimod Transistor Core VCO "Dark Edition" (5), THREE SISTERS (5), Scan & Pan (5), ADM09 Odio (5), Pro Output (5), Trigger Riot (5), Black Hole DSP (5) and VCA4p (5)
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