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Current System + Waiting for deliveryEurorack
The Standard SetEurorack
Attenuators / VCAs / IOEurorack
Current System + Next PurchasesEurorack
Digital Renaissance (techno swag edition)EurorackPrivate
They made Surge into a real thingEurorackPrivate
System TechnoEurorackPrivate
System Panda Beta - Portable Studio Sound Design (Permutation)EurorackPrivate
System Unity 2021 Digital Renaissance Edition (DAW-less sound design, DAW-full live companion)EurorackPrivate
Current SystemEurorack
Suggested SystemEurorack
FOR SALEEurorack
System Switchboard (Esoteric controller / complex sequencer)Eurorack
System Unity (DAW-less Sound Design + Live DAW Companion)EurorackPrivate
System Zero 2021 (DAW-less sound design, DAW-full live companion)EurorackPrivate
System Panda Alpha (permutation of the other systems)Eurorack
Live Pedal BoardPedalsPrivate

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t_μ Micro Temps_UtileEurorack
Total Sonic Annihilation 2Pedals

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Collection 9 modules

Dixie II+, CVpal, μVCA II, A-124, uZeus, Stages, Kinks, Plaits and Ripples (2020)

Rated Modules

This User rated 10 modules.

uZeus (5), Stages (5), Ripples (2020) (5), Plaits (5), Kinks (4), uZeus (4), Dixie II+ (4), μVCA II (3), A-124 (3) and CVpal (2)
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