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My housebound EurorackEurorackPrivate
Live Eurorack (oktober 21)EurorackPrivate
Live Eurorack (Simple Edition)EurorackPrivate
Live Eurorack (2021 goals)EurorackPrivate
Drone BankEurorack
Live Eurorack (so far)Eurorack
Control SkiffEurorack
Mini rackEurorackPrivate
Live Eurorack [7u unicorn edition]EurorackPrivate
Live Eurorack (ideas)EurorackPrivate

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Module Region Price
A-110-2 EU €90,00 
Röhren VCA (Tube VCA) EU €140,00 
Stages EU €230,00 
Stages (PCB Panel) EU €230,00 
A-110-4 SE EU €110,00 
QuantiZer EU €180,00 

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Rated Modules

This User rated 30 modules.

Lapsus Os (5), A-110-4 SE (5), 3x MIA - black (5), ResEq (5), Timbre (5), Lapsus Os (Black) (5), Quad VCA (5), BST (5), Shuttle Control (black) (5), 2HP 3xATT (5), A-140-2 (5), Modbox (5), A-185-2 (5), DPLR (5), Aperture (5), Even VCO (5), Penta (5), VCAR (4), A-143-9 (4), Röhren VCA (Tube VCA) (4), VC Slew Limiter (4), A-124 SE (4), A-110-2 (4), A-131 (4), EG (4), Quattro Figaro (4), ATT (3), DLY (3), Output (2) and 2600 VCO (1)
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