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Module Date Region Price
µO_C EU €200,00  View
Safety Valve EU €100,00  View
Cadet I Sync Generator EU €160,00  View
Resonant Quadruple Lo-Pass Gate EU €220,00  View
Hexagram EU €110,00  View
Turing Machine Mk II EU €170,00  View
Speaker EU €80,00  View
Beat Freq EU €120,00  View
TORCIDO EU €150,00  View
Statues EU €120,00  View
Sloth DK EU €75,00  View
uTemps (mini Temps Utile) Black&Gold EU €180,00  View
A-107 EU €200,00  View
Bin Seq EU €100,00  View
Pico VCF3 EU €70,00  View
Mobius PiLL EU €150,00  View
uDervish EU €200,00  View
Wangernumb EU €145,00  View
Digital Filter Simulator EU €170,00  View
Nebulæ (Black Panel) EU €220,00  View
Orgone Accumulator V3 (SMD) EU €250,00  View
Variatic Sequent EU €170,00  View
Step Fader EU €180,00  View
Fourmulator Quad Digital LFO EU €250,00  View
Delay No More 3 EU €190,00  View
Clee Bits EU €150,00  View
8bit Cipher EU €150,00  View
Black HADSR Envelope generator EU €90,00  View
Ian Fritz's Hypster EU €200,00  View
OCP - Ornament and Crime Plus EU €280,00  View
Arcade EU €130,00  View
Neuron/Difference Rectifier EU €80,00  View
Bi-Di Choppers EU €120,00  View
Kareishuu VCO EU €170,00  View
Feague EU €165,00  View
Chopper EU €150,00  View
2xLFO EU €80,00  View
Radioactive EU €85,00  View
Lollipop EU €240,00  View
Variable Slope VCF EU €220,00  View
T.H. SVF EU €110,00  View
Delay No More EU €140,00  View
Loose Fruit EU €220,00  View
Dervish EU €200,00  View
Werner EU €170,00  View
Dual LPG EU €150,00  View
AI004 OTA VCF EU €90,00  View
Deluxe Delay EU €90,00  View
VCA EU €80,00  View
DIZ EU €80,00  View

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