After years of working as subcontractors for companies in the pro-audio and music domain, we enter a new venture with our original designs.
We hope that you will appreciate the care and thought we put in our products.
Please visit our website and drop us a line. It is always nice to have your feedback.

Eric Lukac-Kuruc

Twin waves, Mixwitch, Logica XT, Logica Gater and CalTrans are among Klavis most popular products.

News from the Labs

  • Klavis CalTrans Klavis  May 14th, 12:59
    Having trouble playing your VCOs in tune? Would you like to easily transpose them via semitone and octave encoders? Would love making some oscillating gizmos play in tune as if they were designed for perfect V/Oct tracking? The Klavis CalTrans is here to make your life easier. It corrects and expands the V/Oct curve of up to 4 target modules (VCO or else), it offers portamento, glissando, quantizer, and presets. 
  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  Mar 16th, 09:34
    Firmware update 1.33! Our flagship Dual VCO/LFO gets even better. We've added new scales to the quantizers (yes, there are 2 quantizers). You can now reset your module to factory default settings. We have also completely upgraded the Base Note handling. Puzzled? we have expanded the User Manual! It now includes tables for all LED meanings and buttons use in every context. Thanks to the community for all the feedback; we love you! 
  • Klavis Logica XT Klavis  Sep 10th 2018, 17:02
    The Logica XT is the upgraded version of the Logica Gater. There ares 5 new functions for a total of 14, with some never seen before. Users can now define the polarity of the manual button. Pulses become time adjustable. The digital sample & hold has a 5000 step delay line. Processing rate it is 10 times audio rate. User settings are automatically stored in non-volatile memory. 
  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  Nov 28th 2017, 14:28
    Update 1.24 allows any combination of algorithms in the two oscillators. This is the full-featured implementation we worked hard to deliver. Thank you for the feedback and kind words from our supporters. 
  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  Oct 11th 2017, 17:06
    Firmware update 1.20 brings two new features: VCA capability is the unexpected and apparently very welcome one! The other feature concerns the user interface: it is now possible to lock the settings of tuning pots independently in each osc. This was requested by users plyaing tonal music and wanting to preserve those fine settings. As usual, the update is done by simply playing an audio file through the front panel. Enjoy! 
  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  Jun 27th 2017, 01:51
    Firmware update 1.13 brings new scales to the Twin Waves quantizers and it is now possible to see the full name of scales with the usual scrolling help. Get it here: On an unrelated note, did you know that in LFO mode, using external clock, the wave cycle can be several days long ? That's thank to the clock divider that goes to 64. 
  • Klavis Logica Gater Klavis  Jun 22nd 2017, 08:06
    New video review and full featured patching craziness of Klavis' Logica Gater voltage controlled logic module. Congratulations to Marcin from Color My Sound for the good work. 
  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  May 18th 2017, 14:11
    Firmware update V1.11 New features: Audio algo selection by CV control, Quantizer's base note by CV and manually, Relative/Absolute setting of the slave osc. in Self-Sync algos, Indication of secondary settings by pulsing LEDs. /// Improvements and fixes: Cleaner algos for all self-sync, Quantizer stability with CV control, Various subtle tweaks 
  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  Mar 8th 2017, 13:06
    Klavis is a new name in the modular scene. Our focus is on versatile designs with intuitive interface. The driving idea behind the Twin waves Voltage-controlled Dual Oscillator/LFO is to offer two interesting oscillators in a skiff-friendly and compact size. To achieve that challenge, we built the product’s architecture on the concept of pre-defined algorithms, where the most useful configurations and their matching parameter are ready to use. 

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Logica Gater

Logica Gater


Logic and gate processor

$139 MSRP



Mixer & CV/clock-controlled Switcher

$139 MSRP
Logica XT

Logica XT


Voltage-controlled Logic and gate processor

$139 MSRP



Programmable Volt/Octave CV calibrator and transposer

$179 MSRP