After years of working as subcontractors for companies in the pro-audio and music domain, we enter a new venture with our original designs.
We hope that you will appreciate the care and thought we put in our products.
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Eric Lukac-Kuruc

Twin waves and Logica Gater are among Klavis most popular products.

News from the Labs

  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  May 18th, 14:11
    Firmware update V1.11 New features: Audio algo selection by CV control, Quantizer's base note by CV and manually, Relative/Absolute setting of the slave osc. in Self-Sync algos, Indication of secondary settings by pulsing LEDs. /// Improvements and fixes: Cleaner algos for all self-sync, Quantizer stability with CV control, Various subtle tweaks 
  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  Mar 8th, 13:06
    Klavis is a new name in the modular scene. Our focus is on versatile designs with intuitive interface. The driving idea behind the Twin waves Voltage-controlled Dual Oscillator/LFO is to offer two interesting oscillators in a skiff-friendly and compact size. To achieve that challenge, we built the product’s architecture on the concept of pre-defined algorithms, where the most useful configurations and their matching parameter are ready to use. 

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Logica Gater


Logic and gate processor

$119 MSRP