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The sad Rack that is empty Eurorack View
Intellijel 1U multiplicate canvas height with 1.082 Eurorack View
My silly MU MU View
1Us Eurorack View
Pedalboard #1 Pedals View


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Submitted Modules

Big Muff π HP Distortion View
Triple Resonant VCF 1 HP Filter View
Interface 25A 1 HP Utility View
Dual Oscillator 46A 1 HP Dual/StereoOscillator View
Triple VCO 70A 1 HP DigitalOscillator View
Frequency Shifter 39A 1 HP Pitch Shifter View
Env Follower 45A 1 HP Envelope Follower View
Envelope Gen 04A 1 HP Envelope Generator View
Dual VDO 62A 1 HP DigitalDual/StereoOscillator View
Dual Multimode 40A 1 HP Dual/StereoFilter View
Dual Mix 27A 1 HP Dual/StereoMixer View
Dual LFO 05A 1 HP Dual/StereoLFOClock GeneratorFunction Generator View
Dual FS 65A 1 HP Dual/StereoPitch Shifter Effect View
Diode Filter 23A 1 HP Filter View
Digital Delay 59A 1 HP DelayDigitalEffectSampling View
Control 66A 1 HP CV ModulationDigitalQuad View
Clock 53A 1 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorDigital View
CV Recorder 57A 2 HP CV ModulationDigitalSamplingSequencer View
CEM Low Pass 29A 1 HP Filter View
Boolean 24A 1 HP Logic View
904a Lowpass 44A 1 HP Filter View
4VCA 31A 1 HP QuadVCAAttenuatorMixer View
48db LPF 67A 1 HP Filter View
4075 Low Pass 36A 1 HP FilterAttenuator View
4 Pole Lowpass 14A 1 HP Filter View
4 Pole High Pass 15A 1 HP Filter View
Sequencer 17A 2 HP SequencerOscillatorQuantizer View
Noise SH Ring 07A 1 HP NoiseRing ModulatorSample and Hold View
Dual ADSR 1 HP Dual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFO View
Prime Divider 1 HP Clock Modulator View
Rhythmic Divider 1 HP Clock Modulator View
Buchla Low Pass Gates 1 HP Low Pass GateQuadAttenuatorFilterVCA View
Burst Generator 1 HP Clock GeneratorRandom View
Anything Module 1 HP MixerUtilityEffectExternal View
Dual Sawtooth Animator 1 HP Dual/StereoWaveshaper View
Synthacon Filter 1 HP Filter View
Staircase Comparator 1 HP Comparator View
Quad Band Pass 1 HP Dual/StereoWaveshaper View
Medium Power Supply 2 HP Power View
Analog Switch 1 HP QuadSwitch View
Six-Input Mixer 1 HP Mixer View
Gated Comparator 1 HP Comparator View
Four Transients 1 HP Envelope GeneratorQuad View
BiPedal Interface 1 HP Controller View
Dark Star Chaos 1 HP FilterOscillatorRandom View
Twin Wasp Filter 1 HP Dual/StereoFilter View
Gate Sequencer 2 HP Sequencer View
LogiPac 1 HP Logic View
Major Power Supply 6 HP Power View
Programmer 2 HP CV ModulationSequencer View
StereOspace 1 HP Utility View
Zeroscillator 2 HP Oscillator View
Matrix Filter 68A 1 HP Filter View
Dual X-Fade 16A 1 HP AttenuatorDual/StereoPanning View
Fixed Filter 41A 1 HP Filter View
MIDICV 63A 1 HP MIDI Interface View
Morph Peak Trough 12A 1 HP Filter View
Mix Lag 18A 1 HP MixerSlew Limiter View
Performance Seq 43A 3 HP Sequencer View
Phase Timbre Mod 06A 1 HP Phase ShifterWaveshaper View
Quad Envelope 60A 2 HP Envelope GeneratorQuad View
Quad LFO 03A 1 HP LFOQuad View
Quadraphonic 33A 1 HP PanningQuad View
Quantizer 55A 1 HP Dual/StereoQuantizer View
Scanner 69A 1 HP Panning View
Spring Reverb 35A 1 HP EffectReverb View
Super Delay 30A 1 HP DelayEffect View
VC AHDBDSR 64A 1 HP Envelope Generator View
VC Dual ADSR 47A 1 HP Envelope Generator View
VC Flanger 38A 1 HP Effect View
VC Reset LFO 26A 1 HP LFO View
VCA Panner 21A 1 HP PanningVCA View
Vector Fade 34A 1 HP Controller View
Vocoder 71A 1 HP DigitalEffect View
XY Controller 32A 1 HP Controller View
Multimode 10A 1 HP Filter View
Quad LFO 61A 2 HP DigitalLFOQuad View
Pulse Divider 20A 1 HP Clock ModulatorDual/StereoLogicSwitch View
VCDO 58A 1 HP DigitalOscillator View
Mini Wave 22A 1 HP DigitalOscillator View
Oscillator 01A 1 HP Oscillator View