Oh this is ridiculous, I was writing a rather large (okay huge) reply here then when I submitted it I had to login again, and everything is gone...
-- GarfieldModular

My sincere apologies. One day I will find and fix that bug...

I experimented with an API but paused any development because of unclear legal situation with the upcoming EU copyright reform. MG does not provide data dumps. Currently it's possible for unicorn users to get a xml/json of modules and positions in their racks. I did that some time ago on user request but I am not sure if that is used by anyone so maybe that feature will also vanish eventually.

No, there is no API and please don't scrape the webpage.
Best, Knut

Thread: Change Log

Depth in search results

If you sort by depth the actual module depth is displayed in the module boxes beside the HP info.
Modules without an assigned depth will be excluded from the result.

We had a lot of technical issues with the availability of the server lately.
Sadly that was a hoster problem, out of our hands. Tonight at 5 a.m. ModularGrid will move to another VMHost and we hope that will fix the situation.
That of course means tonight MG will be down... again :(

Thread: Bug Report

I still get all the module shops / offers in the "Buy Online"-bar from Canada, US and Japan despite being in EU.

Tried wiping the browser cookies and cache clean, switching the currency to € and listing the offers only from EU and cross-checking with another browser and in private mode, but this behaviour persists. My VPN is set to EU as well so it shouldn't mess with geolocation if there's such. Also tried completely turning off VPN to see if it affects the functionality.

Is there a setting somewhere or is this a bug am seeing here?

-- pkkkkknn

Have you cleaned your cookies before turning on a VPN? Or maybe you should try incognito mode and VPN?
-- DeanLiles

You can just set your country in the user settings to fix this kind of problems:

Thread: muff wiggler

There can be only one Muffwiggler.

Thread: Chinese Spam

update: new users cannot create threads. They still can post to existing threads but these post will have to go through moderation if they are suspicious.

Thread: Chinese Spam

Thanks, a lot of spam is already captured automatically. Maybe I should do an update, that new users cannot instantly post in threads ... ?

Without you there would be no ModularGrid. Rest in peace, Mike McGrath

RIP Mike

But at this point where Moon and COTK are both heavily into this size format and there's others inching into it as well, it would seem like something that needs accomodating.
-- Lugia

I started some time ago to put a halfheight row to MU but I have forgotten why I did not finish that. I will pick up the idea...

Just purchased my second year as a Unicorn Account holder. This site is such a wonderful tool. I'm happy to support it.

  1. The biggest feature [..].
    -- CaptainRockout

These are all well thought out requests, I see what is possible. And of course thanks for supporting!

Thread: Bug Report

Firstly, on this latest rack of mine, any new module I add gets placed directly over another module in the top row.

Indeed that is not what it should look like. Have to check that.

Secondly, occasionally I click on a modules's info button instead of the add (+) button. I use a track pad on my laptop and I'm kinda clumsy. Often times when I press back to go back to my rack the rack itself is not how I left it. It's often in some other, earlier configuration from the same rack. I would suggest some sort of save feature. Even if I could manually save the configuration to ensure it stays as it is. I think this would reduce frustrations.

The whole rack is saved on any movement of a module. If something looks strange, in most cases it is some kind of browser cache issue: just reloading the page will fix most issues.
Btw. the Rack Lock function is there to prevent the accidental movement of modules which often happens on mobile devices. Turn that on to prevent changes of your rack.

Thirdly, no big deal, I notice that the size (HP) of modules aren't listed on their individual info page.

They are in a grey label beside the function tags.

I love modular grid! I couldn't do without it. I love how it helps me arrange things before I commit to moving it all around.

Thanks a bunch!

-- meatbot


Thread: Chinese Spam

Yes, a lot of spam was captured, sadly some valid posts, too. Today I have deployed a new update which hopefully improves the situation a bit more. I don't let the spammers win!

Thread: Chinese Spam

Seems that this reCaptcha3 likes to block everyone but not the bots ... sigh.

Thread: Change Log


Because of the recent spam attacks we now have a reCAPTCHA on the most important sections. I hope it is working and unobtrusive enough. Report if you are wrongly flagged as a bot ...

Thread: Chinese Spam

We have now a reCAPTCHA on the most important sections. I hope it is working and unobtrusive enough.
Report if you are wrongly flagged as a bot ...

Thread: Marketplace

i feel it's a silly question but i can't find the seach bar or buttonon the marketplace i only have the list of the item which is of course too large to find anything...
-- spyinzedark

In the normal module browser is a selectbox Available in Marketplace. Select a region and use all the search options like name, manufacturer etc. The results are modules available to buy in the marketplace.

Thread: Chinese Spam

ModularGrid is targeted by a bot network. Hold tight, we are working on an improvement to the situation.
Until then I recommend to not buy the advertised forged passports. The won't get you into Berghain either.

Thread: Change Log

Marketplace: new regions

Added Africa and Asia to the Marketplace

Thread: Change Log

Marketplace: location based notifications

In your user settings you now can set your country.
You should only get marketplace notifications of offers in your continent.
If you want to get ALL offers set to Automatic. That is the default.


Hmm, doesn't seem to be a problem on my Android phone. Works as usual. I don't have an iPad. In any case, Esc should be just fine. You don't have to keep this solution if it's causing an issue to users (although I admit I liked it!).
-- ParanormalPatroler

Sorry, I missed to write that I already had programmed a condition that checks for touch devices ...
but good to know that it works on Android :)

... and I got desperate messages from iPad users because they could not edit modules in the rack anymore. On touch devices the mouse is always outside the boundaries. Every fix a new bug

The screenshot images generated by ModularGrid have a lower resolution in comparison to screenshots you manually create.
So use a screenshot utility for highest quality.

Firefox browser has a pretty good one included which takes screenshots from the whole site and not only the visible area.

Thread: Marketplace

How do I sell thru here and link my reverb.com account properly? I see that some sellers have a link that says Reverb instead of their account name.

-- AudioResearch

The Reverb offers are pulled automatically from their website so if you put an offer on Reverb it will find it's way to ModularGrid

Thread: Change Log

Refactored the keyboard shortcuts in the planner

Just small improvements and fixes.

  • using cursor keys and Z to zoom through the modules worked only with your own racks. Cursor navigation works now on every rack
  • when Rack Lock is activated you could still add modules clicking + in the finder. This is fixed.
  • you could not reload the browser via ⌘R when the cursor was hovering over the rack. This is fixed.

Thanks for reporting, that should now be fixed.

Thread: Bug Report

What happened to the DFAM module graphic? It looks like a photograph of someone's desk with a DFAM was substituted for the actual DFAM graphic.
-- WhateverEd

If you see problems like that try out the Panel Selector feature:

  • Activate the Panel Selector button in the rack view.
  • Small arrow icons will hover over the modules in the rack.
  • Click on the arrows will change through the different panel graphics users have uploaded.

Thread: Bug Report

The entire FORUMS.

When sorting by the latest post, the results aren't so. I'm expecting to see the thread with the newest post at the top, followed by the second newest, third, etc. It seems almost random. Is it being sorted by the latest VIEWED rather than posted? It should be fixed right away as new forum messages and replies are getting buried by older posts.
-- Ronin1973

i hopefully have fixed it and it should work now as expected.
The other sort options where buggy too, so I have removed them for now. In exchange we now have a rudimentary view count.

Sorry it took me so long...

I have deleted the Spammer. No it looks like @Lugia is calling @robbeattie an annoying spambot which of course he did not.

The removal of white background is only applied to JPG.
Uploading a PNG circumvents the image processing.

Thread: Bug Report

I still get all the module shops / offers in the "Buy Online"-bar from Canada, US and Japan despite being in EU.

Tried wiping the browser cookies and cache clean, switching the currency to € and listing the offers only from EU and cross-checking with another browser and in private mode, but this behaviour persists. My VPN is set to EU as well so it shouldn't mess with geolocation if there's such. Also tried completely turning off VPN to see if it affects the functionality.

Is there a setting somewhere or is this a bug am seeing here?

-- pkkkkknn

I am not sure what's going on, I never heard of this problems. But I agree there should be a simple option to set the location, so this feature will come.

Is there a way to have different rows to have different widths to plan module arrangements across different cases in one convenient location?

Say four rows 3U 88HP with an Intellijel 7U 104HP case.

no, that is not possible

Ideally, with those 4ms pods, could a mismatch in depth be highlighted?
-- liquid_air

In the Data Sheets view of your rack you see the deepest modules like in a spreadsheet view.

Should be working again.

Thread: Change Log

TrueGrid is back

TrueGrid is a modular synth that runs in the browser. It was a very ambitious project in 2013 and for that reason never matured to a stable version. In times of VCV Rack I thought it does not make any sense anymore so I disabled it last year. (Though it was always kind of available if you had mad haxor skillz.)

But what the heck , some people like it, so it is back again. I have fixed a lot of small annoying bugs and added an Audio Enable/Suspend button. That is required for Chrome, because that browser does not allow to blast audio on page load anymore.



So my request of a feature is to have better communication with the module companies
-- Raccoonboy

On modules which have the green Manufacturer Approved stamp you can message the manufacturers easily. There is a button below the stamp Message the Manufacturer.

It could also be a way to collate data for private sales here on the ModularGrid Marketplace in order to inform the buyers automatically when the discontinued module they want comes up for sale. If this functionality already exists and I've missed it (which is possible, considering how powerful ModularGrid already is), then please ignore this.
-- deftinwulf

Not sure if you mean that:
On the module detail pages below ModularGrid Marketplace section is a button with Notify me if someone offers this Module for sale. That works for discontinued modules too.

...but in truth, the manufacturers need to be more diligent about listing updates, also.
-- Lugia

I agree with Lugia, it's in the main interest of the manufacturers that they should take care about their listings. They get all the tools they need. There is no technical solution for them being lazy ...
I get specially annoyed if they lock their outdated entries ...

Request again for narrower racks please! ;-)
-- JohnLRice

O.k. 20HP min it is.
Working themes are Pittsburgh Cell Style and Geeklapeeno Cluster.
Everything else looks like an impossible Escher theme.

Thread: URL Update

That could be a cache problem. Hold down SHIFT and reload the browser.

It works!

Go to Rack edit and uncheck the checkbox for 1U Tiles.
Normal Eurorack modules are 3U heigh. 1U does not mean one row. It is the size of the small utility modules that are available.

More a bug test than a comment ...

Thread: Change Log

Content Security Policy (CSP)

This is a security feature which prevents Cross-site Scripting attacks.
Browsers will only execute JavaScript from trusted sources and reject to execute inline Javascript.
The XSS attacks are not a fantasy scenario, ModularGrid is probed by lots of bots every hour.
We had a self made protection from the beginning but this is the official solution.
Side effect: lot's of JavaScript had to be moved/rewritten, so it is possible that one or two functions are broken.

So wouldn't it make more sense to default it to unlisted?
-- reidv

We have that now.

  • Make "Show other/unknown Modules" unchecked by default
    -- nutritionalzero

We had that some time ago with the result of users uploading duplicates because they thought the modules where not already in the database. Since we now also have an auto-module search in the upload form, it's worth to try again: I have unchecked "Show other/unknown Modules" by default.

but then one runs into the issue of modules that are definitely available but not labelled as such.
-- Lugia

Yes, that is a problem because we added that label late. Clumsy named: property unassigned shows the modules witch don't have a Product Lifecycle assigned. A thing to fix in cold winter evenings.

Thread: Change Log

Nicer Screenshots

The old screenshot server based on a semi-custom deprecated technology. New server should be a bit faster, makes better quality images and relies on standard technology (Node/Puppeteer) and for that reason is easier to maintain.

Thread: Change Log


More server updates. This time moved to PHP7, everything should be faster again.

Thread: Change Log


Sorry for the hickups, I upgraded the server today. We have HTTP/2 now, it should make the site load a bit faster.

To make that secure from both sides the escrow must handle both the money and the modules which means double shipping costs. MG is in Germany, so that would not work in the US. We don't have a stockroom and I think people would not pay for the additional fees. They are to high in relation to the cost of most used modules.
May be there is a third party service users can use?