Reminder to myself: add a note section to the racks

I liked how 1U was hidden unless you turned on that radio button

1U manufacturers hated that function.

but now whenever I hit Reset I get to see all the 1U modules in there. Would it be possible that the Reset also retains/remembers the last Height selected?

It breaks the expected behaviour of what a reset does but in this case it seems like a good idea, so now it works like you suggested.

Or am I just being weird?

That is a complete unrelated question!

Currently it's not possible to add the power consumption of Series 500 modules like we do it with Eurorack systems.
That should be improved. The goal is, that it should be possible to calculate the power requirements of all modules that are added to an enclosing/rack so it would be easy to verify that a power supply is sufficient.
We missed to collect power data for Series 500 modules so that must be added at first.
I am not so deep into electronics so I need some help:

I have read in the 500 Module Series Spec that a bus connector delivers +16, -16 and +48V.

That matches with the API lunchbox that has three LEDs, labeled with +16, -16 and +48V.

I guess these basic assumptions are correct:

  • Every 500 Series compatible enclosing has a power supply that delivers +16V, -16V and +48V.
  • To calculate the power consumption of the system, all three values of all modules must be summed separately.

But I am not quite sure how that matches with the spec of e.g. the API 512c module.

512C has a switch for 48v phantom power but the spec only says:
Power Consumption: ±12/18 Volts/DC, @40 ma.

That mismatches with the 16V spec.
1. How should user enter this data into the database?
2. Can those values be converted to 16V?
3. Do we need additional fields in the database?

Is the data sheet summary available for pedal board and 500 series effects?

no, it's not available.
For reasons I cannot remember we did not collect the power data for 500 series modules.
We have power data for pedals, but the data sheet has to work different because of the different possible voltages and the fact that the pedalboards don't have the concept of rows.
Both issues can be addressed, though.

Thank you again for all the work, I plan to support site for a long time.
-- paramnesia

Thanks for supporting!

Thread: Change Log

rotate and delete modules on Android devices

You could not click the delete and rotate button on Android. This is fixed.

I understand your anger but we don't allow doxxing, e.G. disclose of names.

Thread: Change Log

Half Height formats

Buchla half-height

Similar to the Eurorack 1U tiles we now have support for half-height modules in the Buchla universe (h series).

Moog Unit CP formats

Moog Unit universe got support for CP modules like the Moogerfoogers.

Height Selectbox

The old Show 1U checkbox in the module search form is replaced with a Height select box.
That improves functionality in a way that it is now possible to show

  • modules of any height
  • only half-height modules
  • only full-size modules.

Show modules of any height is the default.

Minimal theme as default

Minimal theme replaces the old bookshelf theme as default.

Do you have an example where it does not work?

In general:
* if you upload a JPG, where the pedal is placed on an evenly background, the software tries to autocrop the pedal and change the even background into transparency.
* if you upload a PNG there is no auto image processing involved.

So if the autocrop does not work uploaded PNGs that were edited with an external software indeed give the best results.

Also check where you get the dimensions from.
Instead of giving the right dimensions of a pedal, shops like Amazon often just list the dimension of the package.

Thread: Change Log

no more anonymous rack views

The URL pointed to the last rack you had edited.
Users posted that link in the forum to show their rack which was confusing because it always shows the active rack of the current logged in user.

Now always redirects to the rack view with valid id, e.g.

Thread: Change Log

Refactored Patch index

The patch index page now looks and behaves like the rack index page.
It's fullwidth, has high-res thumbnails and a search by name function. Also loads faster.

Thread: patches

how to find a patch by keyword? is there any search engine?
-- DirkB

Yesterday there was none, now there is one :)

Users cannot add manufacturers.

Is Centrevillage your brand?

Edit: I have added Centrevillage

If one logs-in at, from there how to get to that page without using that link?
-- GarfieldModular

The Modular News section is linked on the homepage, under the News from the Labs section, above Top Modules.
Button is called Discover Social Media Modular News

Should that be more prominent?

Firefox should work. I have tested it on MacOS and Win10. I haven't heard of others with this problem yet, but maybe they just did not report.

Check also the Modular News section here:

Thread: delete?

Currently you can only delete messages one by one.

Does the problem occur with ANY of your racks? If it is a special rack can you send me the link.
Does it work in Chrome/Chromium browser?

Sounds like a cookie issue, but sadly I am not sure. Do you have an adblocker that might interfere with the site? Did you try the "keep me logged in" option?

Thread: Change Log

YouTube videos - There can be only one!

If there are more than one YouTube videos on a module detail page or in the forum, only one can be played at a time, e.g the last one playing will pause. That is a requirement from YouTube, fixed.

Modular News refactored

The Modular News - brought to you by the social channels was broken because of changes in the Facebook API. Fixed.
While I was there: Modular News section had an isotope effect which aligned the news in columns via Javascript.
That was nice to look at but annoying to read, so I have swapped it with a simple view that works better on mobile phones.

If you are curious, find it somewhat hidden here:

You can select in your rack which panel graphic to display via the Panel Selector function.
See here:

@modulargrid Would it be possible to add notes/comments under a patch without having to create a new thread in the forum? I'd like to keep some notes, or maybe a description, about a patch I'm making, but I don't necessarily want to make this public.
-- ParanormalPatroler

It's on the list to detach notes from the forum. That was not the brightest idea in the first place...

How can I upload modules so that they can be played with truegrid?
-- squire80513

Users cannot upload modules to TrueGrid. Development is halted because there are better options now.
Check out

We are discussing this a while. It's a good idea and absolutely makes sense but it's also quite some work. Might come at some point...

I got the weird problem that sometimes (like just a few minutes ago) almost all of my modules disappear from the grid and i have to add them again.
-- Quantum_Eraser

The adblock problem should be fixed so this might be an other problem.
In general if you are missing modules try to just reload the page...

Hi, love the software.
Feature requests:
- Download/ save option of Datasheet

I have optimized the print view. Workaround on Mac OS is to hit print and save as PDF.

  • Datasheet option for all modules i own

Just put all modules in one rack is not an option?

  • Option to select multiple modules to add to specific rack

That is a common request and may come at some time.

-- Haus_Sonsbeeck

That's my rack! You pasted the wrong link..
-- naught101

That's everybody's rack :)

I have looked a bit deeper into the issue:
Different Adblockers mostly still use the same filter lists.
One list called EasyPrivacy​​​​​ blocks the Sentry script. That is a third party script which ModularGrid uses to log errors.
The main MG script stopped execution if the Sentry script was missing, that lead to the error of broken search and missing modules in racks.
The initialization of the Sentry script is now in a try/catch block, so I hope everything should be working fine, regardless of your chosen browser or adblocker.

Many users have reported that they can not longer see modules in their racks.
Also the module search function is not working like it should.

The reason is a new version of the Adblocker extension which blocks this Javascript file:


If you can whitelist the script everything should be working normal again.

The blocker can block all the ads, just make sure it does not block that script:

We did not change a thing. I guess there was an update for your Adblocker that decided that MG is no trustable resource anymore :(
Other users report issues with adblockers too. Which adblocker are you using?

Trying to make it a bit more clearer:
Every one can add modules to My modules, but you need a Unicorn account to add modules from the My module page to your rack.
Clicking on a module in the All modules tab redirects to the module detail page while clicking on a module in the My modules tab adds that module to your rack. If you don't have the Unicorn account you will be redirected to the order page.

... and thanks for supporting!

I hear you all, we now have a Minimalist theme.
As a special feature you see the snap grid on that one for precise dragging and better visual reading of available space.
What do you think?

ModularGrid Rack

I'm getting a small spinning black loading gear above all the racks in my Command Center
-- bottomfeeder

At least that should be fixed. The screenshot server crashed and is now up again ...

Has their been any change on MODULARGrid's side?

Nothing that should lead to bad performance.

Have more tracking cookies been implemented. Are you cross tracking? I'm using same browser, computer and fiber connection with no problems with loading speeds elsewhere.

No. We have Google Analytics and ReCaptcha. Nothing creepy besides the usual Google creepiness.
I look if I see strange behaviour.

You don't have to revert modules if you just want to use former panel graphics.
Use the Panel Selector function in the rack planner.

Thread: Change Log

Pedal Power Specs

Added current, voltage, acdc and plug polarity fields to the pedal data model so we can collect power specs for pedals.
This is the prerequisite for the possiblity to calculate power draw of pedalboards in the future.
Like we can do this on module racks already ...

Oh this is ridiculous, I was writing a rather large (okay huge) reply here then when I submitted it I had to login again, and everything is gone...
-- GarfieldModular

My sincere apologies. One day I will find and fix that bug...

I experimented with an API but paused any development because of unclear legal situation with the upcoming EU copyright reform. MG does not provide data dumps. Currently it's possible for unicorn users to get a xml/json of modules and positions in their racks. I did that some time ago on user request but I am not sure if that is used by anyone so maybe that feature will also vanish eventually.

No, there is no API and please don't scrape the webpage.
Best, Knut

Thread: Change Log

Depth in search results

If you sort by depth the actual module depth is displayed in the module boxes beside the HP info.
Modules without an assigned depth will be excluded from the result.

We had a lot of technical issues with the availability of the server lately.
Sadly that was a hoster problem, out of our hands. Tonight at 5 a.m. ModularGrid will move to another VMHost and we hope that will fix the situation.
That of course means tonight MG will be down... again :(

Thread: Bug Report

I still get all the module shops / offers in the "Buy Online"-bar from Canada, US and Japan despite being in EU.

Tried wiping the browser cookies and cache clean, switching the currency to € and listing the offers only from EU and cross-checking with another browser and in private mode, but this behaviour persists. My VPN is set to EU as well so it shouldn't mess with geolocation if there's such. Also tried completely turning off VPN to see if it affects the functionality.

Is there a setting somewhere or is this a bug am seeing here?

-- pkkkkknn

Have you cleaned your cookies before turning on a VPN? Or maybe you should try incognito mode and VPN?
-- DeanLiles

You can just set your country in the user settings to fix this kind of problems:

Thread: muff wiggler

There can be only one Muffwiggler.

Thread: Chinese Spam

update: new users cannot create threads. They still can post to existing threads but these post will have to go through moderation if they are suspicious.

Thread: Chinese Spam

Thanks, a lot of spam is already captured automatically. Maybe I should do an update, that new users cannot instantly post in threads ... ?

Without you there would be no ModularGrid. Rest in peace, Mike McGrath

RIP Mike

But at this point where Moon and COTK are both heavily into this size format and there's others inching into it as well, it would seem like something that needs accomodating.
-- Lugia

I started some time ago to put a halfheight row to MU but I have forgotten why I did not finish that. I will pick up the idea...

Just purchased my second year as a Unicorn Account holder. This site is such a wonderful tool. I'm happy to support it.

  1. The biggest feature [..].
    -- CaptainRockout

These are all well thought out requests, I see what is possible. And of course thanks for supporting!

Thread: Bug Report

Firstly, on this latest rack of mine, any new module I add gets placed directly over another module in the top row.

Indeed that is not what it should look like. Have to check that.

Secondly, occasionally I click on a modules's info button instead of the add (+) button. I use a track pad on my laptop and I'm kinda clumsy. Often times when I press back to go back to my rack the rack itself is not how I left it. It's often in some other, earlier configuration from the same rack. I would suggest some sort of save feature. Even if I could manually save the configuration to ensure it stays as it is. I think this would reduce frustrations.

The whole rack is saved on any movement of a module. If something looks strange, in most cases it is some kind of browser cache issue: just reloading the page will fix most issues.
Btw. the Rack Lock function is there to prevent the accidental movement of modules which often happens on mobile devices. Turn that on to prevent changes of your rack.

Thirdly, no big deal, I notice that the size (HP) of modules aren't listed on their individual info page.

They are in a grey label beside the function tags.

I love modular grid! I couldn't do without it. I love how it helps me arrange things before I commit to moving it all around.

Thanks a bunch!

-- meatbot


Thread: Chinese Spam

Yes, a lot of spam was captured, sadly some valid posts, too. Today I have deployed a new update which hopefully improves the situation a bit more. I don't let the spammers win!