Hey all,

Have the Moog trifecta of semi-modulars and love all three. I've had a hankering to move beyond and add on a 104HP skiff to supplement and also act as a standalone unit. My idea is to do techno-style music - downbeat, psy-bient, EDM, melodic. Not really looking into generative at the moment. I also like the idea of being able to perform on the rack.

So I have 104HP. I've populated it thus far with MATHs, Disting MK4, and a buff mult. Bastl CV Trinity to follow very soon.

This is my line of thinking - uPlaits or Make Noise STO for VCO, Disting for utility, fx, etc., MATHs - because it's MATHS, Pams for clocking, Voltage block for performative sequencing, Bastl Cinnamon for VCF, Bastl CV Trinity - for automation, LFO, and ADSR, Malekko Quad VCA, Future Sound Systems MX1 as a mixer, 2HP Hat Kick and Snare for drums, and Bastl Ciao for output to a sound system or to interface with iPad - think fx, processing, etc.

Thoughts of what I could get rid of or what I'd need instead. Like I said already have 4 modules, so they are staying for now. Also, haven't decided on VCO, but at this point it's between uPlaits and STO.

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Decided to try and slim down a little by removing MX1 mixer and substituted a 2HP Mix. Considering removing the 2HP drums kit and tossing in an envelope follower with mic pre like the MI Ears. This is so I can hook in a mic and process harmonica/melodica. I'm pretty sure I can do this with the disting, but not positively sure. Might need to throw in a mic pre in between.

Current modules that have been purchased...
Maths, Disting, Buff Mult, CV Trinity, and Malekko Quad VCA.

Thoughts thus far? Fire away.

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I feel like a dedicated effects module would compliment this set-up very well. Something like the Happy Nerding FX Aid XL would be a safe and useful addition to the Moog semi-modulars. Also, unless you already have the older Pamela's Workout, you will likely find Pamela's New Workout both easier to find and more fully featured.
Have fun and good luck.

May sound boring, but I find myself using dedicated attenuverters a lot with DFAM... And mixers are always in full use for mixing modulation sources and mixing the Subharmonicon's VCO outs for chords or pads. Consider a matrix mixer (like AI Synthesis AI008) as you can route FX sends with it. Farkas is right: an FX module might come in handy as well. Or you can use effects pedals via ADDAC Pedal Integrator or similar devices.
And a precision voltage adder might be very useful (like VPME T43 or Doepfer A-185-2).
Cheers and all the very best for 2022 erveryone :-D

May sound boring, but I find myself using dedicated attenuverters a lot with DFAM...

utility modules only sound boring to people who don't have them - once you have them you realise they are at least as important as the expensive modules you use them to connect in different ways - see signature!

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

+1 on attenuverters. Another Happy Nerding module to recommend here is 3xMIA. I use that thing in almost every patch.

Thanks for the thoughts guys. Updated the last pic to include some changes - FX Aid and PNW.

Interesting suggestions... I was trying to replace 2HP mix with a attenuator / polarizer / mixer combo and found the Pittsburgh Modular Giraffe. At that point, I didn't have the FX Aid in mind. On this iteration, I removed the FX Aid and included the Giraffe. I have a workaround for FX. I'd use the Ciao to go into an iPad (via interface). This would be temporary until I added more rack space.

I still do have 2HP to play with. If I removed Ears, then finding a 2HP mic pre / envelope follower would help (harmonica). Like I stated before, I know I could use the disting for this purpose, but I'd like to leave it open to other options and I like the idea of Ears as both mic pre and that touch sensitive piezo thingy.

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Maybe you should consider leaving out Voltage Block in a case this small. The Moog Triptychon has got at least 5 sequencers already. And Pams can do some quantized pitch stuff, too, and all sorts of gate and trigger sequencing naturally! Thus you'd get much more HP to play with and put in more utilities (MI Links for starters?) Or better still: leave empty and see which of Disting's features you might like a dedicated module for and fill those HP along the way... Nobody says you have to start with a full case ;-D

Instruo Ts-L might a contender for the smaller VCO as well...also, I have CVilization (which I love) it can be a matrix mixer, sequential switch, or mucoder. Lots of functionality/flexibility for a smaller build like yours (and mine)...worth a look


Not sure I want to go with the Instruo. I'll have to check out both MI Links and Kinks and CVlization as other options now that I've removed the Voltage Block. I was considering the Varigate 4+ as an alternative.

This is my current iteration. I've swapped the Ciao for the Befaco Out v3 and the Sonicsmith ConVertor E1. The Sonicsmith will be used to pitch track acoustic instruments.

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