I hope I am doing this right. Any pointers for a noob?

I actually super like this layout.

* Mini Slew
* Disting
* Morphing Terrarium

Maybe get my hands on:
* uScale v2
* Ultrafold
* Chronoblob

Pretty boops I will not buy:
* Audio Damage Eos
* Discrete SVVCF
* Circadian Rhythm
* Malekko Varigate or Voltage Block
* Xaoc Praga, Samara, or Belgrad
* Ornament & Crimes
* Omnimod
* Toppobrillo Stereomixer
* Argos Bleak
* Eloquencer

This leaves out:

  • Mini Slew
  • Ripples
  • Earthsea
  • Disting
  • Morphing Terrarium

But gets better mixing and filtering from SVVCF and multiple envelopes from Quadra. Shame to lose Earthsea and E350 though.

It was very nice doing business with @mineralwasser and @Rada909 this week. Both were very communicative, fast to ship, and believers in sturdy packaging. Thanks again guys!

ModularGrid Rack

Hi modular people!

Any feedback on this rack would be hugely appreciated. I am familiar with analogue synths and modular synthesis in software (Reaktor Blocks). Zero experience with Eurorack but I am looking to dive in. I produce techno and have put out a few releases on minor independent labels.

My aims for this rack are:
1. Use it to produce actual music, not just messing around or "collecting" modules.
2. Make phat analogue sounds and sequences; hence the analogue VCO, multimode and Minimoog style filters.
3. Get creative/complex/unpredictable sequences; René seems to be at the top of many people's lists for this.
4. Make unique, weird and wonderful sounds; I saw some videos of the Shapeshifter and was blown away by the sound and possibilities.
5. Modulating FX and "playing" them live; the Blackhole DSP looks good but I am very much open to suggestions.
6. Syncing with and recording into DAW (Ableton).

So I am wondering:
Am I missing any essential modules given the above?
Are there any duplicates or non essential modules that I could (for now) do without?

Thank you and happy noise making to all!


Thread: 2hp Mix

Mounting it upside down doesn't eliminate the separated outputs. I actually already mount most of the modules in the bottom and middle rows of my 9U upside down to group jacks.

Thread: 2hp Mix

You could always just mount it upside down in your case? ;-)


Hey all,
I'm just dipping my toe into the modular synth pond, or ocean.
Would appreciate any feedback or suggestions of the rack I've built.

My approach was to create a rack that can interface with my Drumbrute, Microbrute and DAW while also acting as a standalone instrument.
Most of my decisions were made by watching Youtube videos to find sounds that I like.

One big question too, how does the power work with the different rack options? Would I need a power supply with the shelf? How about the Doepfer?


Hey guys, as promised here is the first example that maybe shows a hint of what I had in mind. My current setup is a Steinway Grand built 1907, a condenser mic and then a modular setup mainly built around a 4ms DLD, an Erbe Verb and Clouds. Comments are more than welcome...

Not a bad idea, to start at 3U 104hp I guess...

I am convinced that 6U/84HP is a good size but you have to be a pro planner to make it count.
9U is the gold standard and everything larger 9U gets to a compulsive problem.


Do you have experience Doepfer A-188-1 BBD Series modules?
If you want to make the best Flanger effects, so what Doepfer-188 series module is the right choice?
128, 256, 512 or 1024 stages BBD module?
I know that 1024 can make a flanger effect, but would it be 512, 256, 128 better, deeper, prettier etc.?

(Note. I know that better options are available to make the flanger effect, but if you limit the discussion, however, only Doepher A-188 series.)


How to deal with dubious traders? Please discuss in this thread.

The marketplace exists for 2 years now. It's a place where strangers buy and sell stuff over the internet and so I am somewhat amazed that I am hearing very little complains about dubious transactions.

But there are people who had problems. For them it is worth nothing, that it's working pretty fine for everyone else.

In most cases people complain about defective modules, but there are cases where users reported that they never received anything. When two parties are involved there are always two opinions. One shouting fraud, the other shouting liar.

I have no idea how to deal with these situations and I cannot decide who is right and who is not.
I have a bad feeling about banning people on the call of others. I am also not sure if a bad trader thread won't lead to even more drama when users find themselves wrongfully on a list.
I like to hear some opinion.

Great doing business with @nnop.
Good pricing, fast shipping and packed with care!

Can an audio sample be used instead of a VCO to initiate a patch and if so what module would be needed to to convert the line level signal into one loud enough to be used in a modular setting?

Amen. I have found out about the HP size thing. It doesn't matter as long as it fits, and yes, how soon will it be. I fear for GAS taking over.

Well, collected modular wisdom says whatever your rack size, it will be too small soon. Only question is how soon.

Can someone please help me.. Im looking to build myself this exact rack. Already got the mother 32. I was looking to build my own case with the doepfer DIY kit. Will this Kit supply enough power for the modules I want? I think I already know the answer and its yes but please can someone correct me if I am going to come across any problems with these modules and the DIY kit. Thanks!!

Hi you modular pros,

I have an idea in my mind, but I'm not sure how to build it into reality. But maybe you could help me. I drafted my current setup (only the relevant modules) in the picture below.

I want to play an audio signal into my modular system, this should be recorded at channel 1 of the DLD for let's say 16 bars, then I want the DLD to play these 16 bars (modulated through the Clouds) and at the same time record the incoming audio signal into channel 2. After another 16 bars the channels should be switched, so that channel 1 is recording again and channel 2 is on playback (modulated through the Erbe-Verb).

What do I need to do/change/add to make this using the current setup?
Any hint is appreciated!



I'm new to Eurorack and i'm planning to buy a 6U case 84HP, however all the planned modules that I've put here in the grid have exceeded 84hp already, so i was just wondering if that would be a problem if were to do it for real. Thanks.

Thanks for the proposition,
send me a private mail (http://nozoid.com/contact/), so we can discuss.

Just send me an OCS-2 for testing to Germany and I will do some sound files for you. Seriously...

Hello Marc,
Unfortunately, I did not have this kind of example.
I add it to my TODO list...

Hey Cyrille,
interesting thingy that you built! Are there any sound examples online where you use an external audio input (maybe some piano playing) and modulated it through the OCS-2 signal path? This would be very interesting to hear.


I'm glad to announce the OCS-2 synthesizer!

OCS-2 is a digital, semi-modular, analogue style synthesizer.
It is more design as a stand alone synth, but it is also eurorack compatible (50HP).
I think it can be a good way to start a modular setup, or to have a small hardware for performance if you can't move your big eurorack box.
Or even to add 1 synth voice to an already existing setup.

This synth is composed with :

2 VCO providing 15 different waveforms (including few atypical one)
1 VCF : multi-mode, including a 24db/octave low pass resonant filter
3 LFO : 2 with configurable waveform, 1 with CV frequency control
1 custom CV generator with 4 algorithms : Attack Release, dual LFO, Random, Step
1 audio effects processor with 4 effects : Distortion, Delay, Bitcrush, Waveshaper
1 ring modulator
1 CV controlled mixer for VCO1 and VCO2
2 octaves keyboard with portamento
1 digital matrix to connect signals to modulation faders
1 stereo line-IN with envelope follower and gate control
1 MIDI input : note / velocity / pitch bend / modulation wheel / control change
3 analogue CV IN and 1 GATE IN
1 light sensor

It provide a digital connection matrix, so you don't need cable, it's very compact and even comes with it's own box!!!

Ok, I know, it's digital and many don't like that.
but let's listen to its sound, watch videos and talk about it later.

Find more informations the website:

Cyrille Henry / Nozoïd

Thread: Change Log

Yup, big step in usefulness for me.

Thread: Change Log

Added price an region to the email notification you get, when someone places a module on the marketplace.

Actually it's been a big pain for me, having to edit different modules because the uploader doesn't get how the tag system works. I just had to edit a new oscillator which includes an internal quantizing option because the manufacturer/uploader tagged it as "Quantizer" amongst other things.

Is it that difficult to understand that the tagging system is here to help finding modules based on their features and not to promote the features of a module? The question people should be asking themselves when uploading is "Can I use this as a [feature]?" not "Does the module contain a [feature]?". Sheesh.

Can we add a question above the tag area when a new module is created, or a message that prompts people not to over-do the tags? It's irritating.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

@yrn1 is a super seller! Great to deal with, fast, all handled with care!


Hi, I had the same idea for Acidlab M303 and dinsync osc303 ...
I think it should work very well ...
I will probably tested in a distant future :/
Money is rare and projects are not moving fast, unfortunately.

now having some workout with Pamela thanks to fast delivery by @vytis!

what about 5 rows? it would be easier to plan combinations of two-row base and three-row ontop without the need to jump between the racks

damn, just saw that this is possible ;)

Thread: tesseract


Sold a module to @lohacker. Nice guy and fast payment!

Great purchasing experience from @sendhelp. Good quality DIY Penrose Quantizer module, shipped quickly with prompt communication. Thanks!

I'll say "Clouds" from Mutable Instruments. Incredible module for sound design stuff, u have a lot of fuctions in this super cool module, u can also "freeze" the sound, and than u can play with it (changing pitch, adding reverb/delay, cut the greeze sample into small pieces and so on).
Yeah. I think that you really need a Clouds

And maybe, 4ms SMR.


I just had very pleasant experience buying from @brhmh, recommended!

Hi, I am currently building my first modular setup. I am looking to effectively transform samples (music or sound design) from my DAW and transform it with my modular to either compose structures (macro composition) or to shape small sound objects. I am planning a 3 row system. Roughly, the 1st row would be audio inputs/midi and granular modules. 2nd would be a basic synth with functions (VCO, VCF, VCA, maths, ADSR). 3rd row would be the mixer and some playable modules (rene). What are some of the best modules for my purpose? Is that a good approach? This is a long term project so budget is not an issue; I will slowly be buying piece by piece.
Input and tips will be very much appreciated. Thanks for your time. Cheers.

best summing provide

doepfer power specs are off

Ups. Sorry. Wrong Module.

Thanks, but that is the manual for the MK1, this panel uses the MK2 Turing Machine and Pulses expanders which may have different power requirements. The Backpack PCB does not exist for the MK2. Also that number doesn't make a distinction between positive and negative rails. I'd be glad to update the power requirements but a canonical source is needed.

Thread: Current

Over the last two years I bought from / sold to the following fellow wigglers:

@zfrucht, @pingpanic, @lnr, @tos, @Kaneda87, @yghartsyrt, @wiggler55550, @vldrmr, @datasheet, @clusterbuster, @JensPaldam (thanks for your kind words), @ucture, @Nomodulus, @Supervillain, @Datasette, @ranzen, @jahbo, @sromanel, @themachinesoul, @tagomago, @mexican, @uvozno, @marcelpagnol3, @Gabane, @box78, @airfrankenstein, @penroseriots, @grndggnl, @mode_analogue, @Asmorod, @freespace, @happyham, @acik, @monokompatibel, @vjunker, @paul__, @lowslab@hotmail.com (special mention for outstanding after sales service ;-)

All smooth, seamless transactions. Friendly, patient and helpful communication, fast shipping, reliable folks.
I am pleased to recommend each and everyone of them!

Actually the only really unpleasant experience I've had here on modulargrid was with @kires, who sold me a broken optodist. Since he refused to take it back, I got it repaired by a local technician who fixed several cold solder joints and attested very poor soldering overall (this guy knows his job, he's been working for the likes of Kraftwerk). I submitted the bill to @kires asking if he would accept to at least participate in the costs. In response he treated me a fraudster trying to wangle rebates out of him.
Not recommended!

Please, accept my recomendation for these users:


It's a pleasure making deals with people like them.
Oh, and thanks @Marb and @AThousandDetails for your kind words ;)