bought from @Zucker with no problems. friendly, very well packed and fast shipping. buy with confidence!

Hey folks. Has anyone experienced some issues with the different algorithms?

A lot of my the left-sided algos seem to sound very similar und overall too high-pitched. Also the pitch range seems to stay in the upper octaves, it is almost impossible to get a c1. The right-sided algorithms also sound similar and a bit noisy. Some of the main synth engines seem to work totally fine though. Does somebody know what to do?

I'm in the process of getting an musical instrument insurance for my entire studio, including my modular systems. The marketplace here can give a good idea of a module's "street value". This is also handy if you want to check how much to pay for a module on another site like ebay/reverb/craigslist etc.

But if a module is not on offer at that time, you're out of luck, nothing to compare. Just wondering if there are more members out there who would be in favor of some kind of price guide/price history. Like selecting a time period and getting an csv file with all offered modules in that period that you can than sort by name/price/date etc. Or old listings get filed in a seperate "history section"

On the Dutch synth forum there's discussion topic where people ask eachother advice on how much to pay for something, not really scientific but hey, at least some support/guidance.

Think about MI grids for triggering your drums and something more dedicated to pitch sequencing. Perhaps a Rene for more happy accidents or Q-bit Octone for a more standard approach to melody. Another option would be Pam's and O+C that would get you into a Rene type sequencing. I only mention these because there in a lot of peoples racks.

Your lacking envelopes. I would get a least one standard ADSR envelope this being its only function.

Stages with only six steps it a really expensive envelope generator. Any other functions Stages does with only six steps it does poorly. If you double up on anything get two of those.
Happy rack obsessing

That's better, but the same comment applies. Once you're putting four 2hp mix modules in your system, you should probably consider a single, more robust mixer module instead. Also, all of those 2hp modules so close together will be fairly difficult, if not impossible, to manipulate, especially during live performance.

You don't need two plaits, two tides, two rings. Keep one of each and fill that space with a greater variety of modules!

Story it whas wrong this i right ModularGrid Rack :) this is my first case, the other case alla abought perkussion and bass. I have looken up alot on youtube but its not good for me, and i dont have any store to go to.

In this case i want to make lush medolic ambient/downtempo in one case, any more tip what i can do better, yes intellijel MI WMD and acl is the one i whant hole system from, i have 5 years plan for this :)

First question: how do you define "Fun"? What kind of music do you want to make? That question should dictate every choice you make. That said...

You're limiting yourself by sticking solely with two producers (Mutable Instruments/Tip Top). There are so many options out there to add variety into your setup. Also, once you start putting 3 2hp VCAs into your rack, consider whether another module might give you more bang for you buck, like, say, the Intellijel Quad VCA.

Instead of putting a system together in this fashion, perhaps take it a piece at a time. For example, you've got the Tip Top Circadian Rhythms. Ok...have you watched every video you could find about the various trigger modules out there? Are you able to go to a store to try them out? (Not easy unless you live in a major city, I understand.) On the drums, have you looked at options from WMD, Intellijel, Mutable, etc.? As you watch videos about various modules, you'll have a much better sense as to whether you're on the right track.

Hi i need opinion i want to make a good system that is fun to use, need opinion what you think and want to make different.

This is what i have now ModularGrid Rack

And this is what i think i want for a fun system ModularGrid Rack

What do you think folks ? Am i on right track?

Oh dear - I completely agree and finalise a sale with @Jonjonjon , go to PayPal him, and literally the second before I hit Pay he messages to tell me not to bother because he's now sold it to someone else. I explain that this isn't cool, but I hear nothing back, so I perfectly reasonably down-rate him...and he then retaliatorally down-rates me in response for doing absolutely nothing except calling out his poor behaviour!! People, we act with integrity and honour here. This is not cool at all.

Moreover, I think we need a system to discourage retaliatory rating, although I recognise that that will involve more work for the site managers.
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The firmware is available on our site's Morphagene page or via this direct link:

But what does it do?
The new options mcr1, mcr2, and mcr3 allow user-definable Morph Chord Ratios (detuning of 2nd through 4th Genes with Morph at its highest settings).
The Auto-level procedure has been replaced with an improved input gain staging, accessed with a 4-step gain selection.
Playback gain is reverted to pre-mg157 level to improve TLA and Record-Into-New-Splice functions.
Internal processing improved to work with (2) and (3) to significantly improve signal-to-noise ratio on input and playback.
And more! Watch Walker's video above for the details.

Hi RobH,

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences and it's good to let us know.

Please note that for this kind of feedback there is within this forum a special post for it (for good and less good feedback): Forums / ModularGrid / Good Traders on the Marketplace

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: Bumbo

Hi Wawawa1349,

Not sure if everybody understands German ;-) But nice to hear you like your rack.

So have fun with your modular system and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: Bumbo

Geil aller!

I paid him a module last week and he doesn't reply to messages nor do I have any news of him

I paid him a module last week and he doesn't reply to messages nor do I have any news of him

Since I'm a beginner at Eurorack, I can't judge if your rack is good for generative ambient music or not.
But I have a pretty small rack myself, and when I try to patch something generative, the Maths - Plaits - Marbles combination is fantastic. So I can really recommend you to buy Marbles from Mutable Instruments.
Good Luck!

Many thanks to both Wishbone and and Garfield. It is very encouraging for a beginner to get a positive response to the first stumbling attempts to patch some "generative stuff".
And by the way, I like Wishbones cat ;-)

i like to slowly modulate the pitch cv inputs of both osc to generate new modulations from the rungler with pam or a sequencer
-- holografik

After all I'm not the only Benjolin user in Eurorack!
Anyone else?

Howdy! This is my first rack; have been adding modules as I learn more about this stuff... I'd like to be making generative music, both ambient and percussive, but I'm still getting the hang of it. Anyone have any suggestions of how I can patch this sucker up to make some basic generative music, or what modules I should add? Thanks!!
ModularGrid Rack

Hi Rookie,

I agree with Wishbonebrewery, nice and enjoyable!

Now the only thing I miss is a cat ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi k0s0,

Ha, ha, you had some more modular on your sleeve ;-) Yes all sounds good to me, pity that the René isn't as good as expected, for the space it takes and then being almost disappointing, that's a real pity then. Sorry to hear that, good to know as well, will focus for the moment on another sequencers then :-)

I am waiting for and hope to test soon the Ground Control sequencer and the Erica Synth Black Sequencer, both not on the market yet, waiting patiently ;-)

He, he, the OP-1 is a nice thing to play with and for such a small thing amazing what it all can do, it's the (new) price I don't like though... the old price was already pretty steep but perhaps worth it.

How is the Morphagene coming along, do you like it? Is it worth? More worth than the René? :-)

And how about the huge E370? Is it the space (and financial efforts) worth it? You got quite a few modules that are interesting. Three 6-channel mixers... did you configure them as one large 18-channel mixer or as 3 separate mixers? I got myself the Doepfer A-138o/p combination with two p's (i.e. 8 channels), quite nice.

I see you got yourself an Octasource too, I enjoy mine almost every time, I love the craziness of it :-)

Enjoy your stuff and kind regards, Garfield.

Just listened to it all while playing with cat toys with our cat :) The cat says she enjoyed it.... Good stuff.

Reminder to myself: we need a private note section...
-- modulargrid

Yes, please.

An A minor pentatonic scale played by four oscillators and one sampler (Disting MK4).

Reminder to myself: we need a private note section...

Yeah, I could go via my own Yamaha Mixer.
And yeah the LH side would be having the FX Aid at the end of line but I guess it would be better before with a mult. The RH side is infinity more capable but a load of modules for a load of money.

Hi GarfieldModular,

Thanks for the correspondence and ideas. To give you some context, this is my secondary rack. While my "big boy" rack isn't much bigger ( ModularGrid Rack ), between the two of them and several standalone synthesizers (one of the reasons I'm a bit light on oscillators and filters), including the Minibrute2 it is connected with....I can't complain about my hobbyist level. For the sake of space in my house and pocket book, filling out my eurorack and getting Glo the polyphonic whale, I mostly just want a rack that can do some intereesting sounds and rhythms.

Oscillators? Yes, I have two of them! The sinc iter is a tiny oscillator with lots of character (IMHO). I was originally going to get at least 4 of them and a midi->CV converter for some real polyphony. The MakeNoise telharmonic is quite nice as well (and if you haven't heard it, and like additive synth...check it out). Sure, I'd love many delicious + lush sounding oscillators on the market today.

Ah, the Rene. I bought it thinking it would be the sequencer that would change my life. It....didn't. It's fine for what it is, but overall I wish I had gone for, say, a voltage block or something. If anyone wants to trade, I'd be down. Its actually one of the few modules I've bought that I kinda regret :/ I have a tiny rack it used to sit alone in, but honestly, I'd rather have other modules. I'm too cheap to just give it away at this point.

Overall, my main point of this rack is to design interesting (mostly monophonic) sounds and rhythms. So, yes, EGs, filters, and VCAs for the win. It is sitting on a desk with the minibrute2 (I love semimodular!), an OP-1 and the (admittedly seldomly used folktek mescaline) as (let's call it) station 2. My other rack is surrounding by...lots more keyboards and some pedals and what not in station 1. In some mythical world that I have space someday those stations will combine. I'd like to be able to do some decent the BI alter, yes, and something to make some creative rhythms....though I can always drive that from, say, the OP-1 sequencer (Kenton MIDI box not shown).

Annnd... here he goes...

Re: Re: Re: well? from ambientandambience
Received Today, 13:32
Contact fucking PayPal you idiot. Paypal subtracted funds from my account and according to math and PayPal, I refunded you. You really need to stop harassing me especially after a fatal loss from a close member of my family you sociopath scumbag. Take it up with PayPal. Their service protects buyers, you will get your money genius! emailing you>

“Harassment” is asking why he hasn’t refunded my money. Module still for sale, refund bounced.

Deadbeat is as deadbeat does...

and how do you patch the fx aid in to the LHS?

mix out to fx aid?

I go directly to a smallish Yamaha mixer - clouds is on the send but sent back to a stereo in for a bit of feedback

The Patch out on the LH is self-contained.

Believe it or not there is method in my madness, My hope was that someone may show me their examples of their stages to output so I can learn a bit from others.
RH side would have the ability to split signals, route stereo, Pan mono, mute, effect and then double back on ts self for an feedback loop arund the effects.
LH side, relatively minimal patching ability but CV control, yet Mix and output with monitoring all in one module.

I could leave out the level meters so it doesn't look like a Christmas tree ;-)

Hi Apache-Raver,

Nice racks and gears you got yourself there :-)

You got a nice rhythm tuned there. Wasp filter is always fun, isn't it? By the way, how did you realised your drum sounds?

Divkids Mutes, at first I was interested in it, but now I am not too sure. Can you perhaps tell why you like it so much? What are the pros of the module? Any cons?

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Apache-Raver,

On one hand you are of course totally right, still loads to learn, I totally agree with you! :-)

On the other hand... are we every old enough to stop learning? Modular has so many possibilities with tons of modules and combinations with them that I don't think we ever can stop learning :-)

Enjoy modular and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi k0s0,

How about a bigger rack? ;-) I would go for at least 3 x 84 HP so you have some space left for the future.

Consider at least one or two more filters and indeed EGs and VCAs are always useful. How about one or two more oscillators? Ehm... speaking of oscillators... I don't know all the modules in your rack but... do you have any oscillators in that rack at all? Did I overlooked them?

Of course, the René module is nice but if you calculate your 2 x 84 HP space and René is 34 HP, that means it takes one fifth (20.2%) of your total capacity... are you sure that's worth it?

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

I think you're safe as long as you paid for a service ... What's the username of the seller ?
-- soall

See above : ambientandambience

I think you're safe as long as you paid for a service ... What's the username of the seller ?

I'm not sure how you intend to patch these
in both cases what you are patching in to them would make a huge difference
also how you intend to patch out on the left hand version - the rhs is obvious
and how you intend to patch internally on both of them
they really just look like some modules thrown together without much thought behind how they would be used

i like to slowly modulate the pitch cv inputs of both osc to generate new modulations from the rungler with pam or a sequencer

Another couple attempts asking status of refund. He’s been online but doesn’t answer.

Hmmm...30 HP left. What I would like:
* more envelopes, function generators, LFOs, what have you
* obvie some VCAs . It would be nice to find exciting ones...
* an arpegiator
* a filter/dual filter.

Sent him $330 plus, PP. He had suggested using F&F. No f’n way that’s happening, so he wanted , and I paid, an additional 3% to cover fees.
He then goes silent.
After multiple unanswered messages, I requested PP refund.
Finally messages me with excuses, meanwhile I note module still listed and at a lower price.
Paypal sends me a message that he has sent me a payment, but that his bank refused it.
More silence from him.

Thread: _nanoRack

Holy accidentally expensive hobbies, Batman. This was certainly an eye opener as far as cost of builds. I don't really pay so much attention to how much these builds cost, but I was legitimately shocked. I was looking at each module, $70 here, $120 there, these cost ~$200, but they're also the largest modules in the build... Doesn't seem like much, until you have ~30 of them. Still, buying them over time isn't really that bad. Plus, many of them, the 2hp synth voices in particular, aren't absolutely necessary; I just like those voices.

Cost analysis out of the way, this was another fun challenge build. Expanding from my _picoRack concept, this build uses almost exclusively the brands 2hp and Erica, with all but the Mixer being 2-4 HP. I allowed for the mixer to be a tad larger since it works well with the Intellijel Pallette, meaning in another case that could be reduced. I also took the opportunity to take the 1U row to cram in an Ornament and Crime for the sake of having a powerful CV modulation source. The Intellijel 1U Midi module is also a bit big for my tastes, but it, again, works well with the case. Hopefully one day they'll release a smaller version. Either way, I did my best to cover every HP in that row with something.

These modules could allow for a certain amount of specialization in a tiny amount of space. For instance, the Erica Logic and A Logic modules turn 6 HP into a rather powerful logic circuit. If I didn't have Pico Noise for drums, I could replace both with a Kinks if I also didn't care so much about CV logic. Speaking of Pico Noise, I'm thinking it would work well with the physical modeler section. Which itself is a tiny, tiny Elements, at least in my head.

Either way, this was also fun and informative. I've been watching reviews and demonstrations on all sorts of modules lately, and these experiments have given me ideas on how to plug certain gaps in any larger builds.

I got a few notes to describe wat g’waan!
I have an old yamaha RX17 which I picked up recently on ebay for £35, and I am running it thru the wasp filter into my tesseract mixer also taking a second out of the wasp filter into the new dreadbox Nostalgia delay via Divkids Mutes (Which is an awesome module by the way). The main drums are from the drumbrute, and the sub bass is a sine wave from the steffcorp oscillator, the second oscillator is also a sine wave going thru an origami wavefolder with cv applied via an lfo. With lashings of compression and a sprinkle of reverb, I hope you enjoy my gentle jam.

Here's an idea I had that could greatly improve ModularGrid. There are a lot of ways to sort modules in MG, but two that I'd like to see are "Most functionality per hp" and "Most functionality per dollar". Could probably use a better name. What will those sorting options do? well, they will take the hp/cost of the module and divide it by the number of functions that the module has. It will help people who are planning a rack on a budget/with space constraints but want to have high functionality anyway. Just make sure to remove anything that will make you divide by 0 from this list, and maybe also remove blind panels from the sorting because if you are planning a rack on a budget, you don't want to be looking at an endless list of blind panels before getting to some actually useful modules.
ModularGrid Rack

Left Hand Side or Right Hand Side??? The Left is probably a load cheaper!!

The ability to come out in stereo with some final effects and maybe have the ability to set up some effects loops (Feedback loops) to come back into the mix.

Thread: _picoRack

I've started out my modular journey with a fair amount of 2hp Modules, they really are very good but to sensibly use them when mounted in a rack you need to give them a minimum of 2-3hp blank space between them so you can tweak a knob that is right next to a patch lead jack... unless you have some type of Uber-Chopsticks-Skillz!

I'll still be buying more 2hp gear but I will focus on modules with a 3hp or larger size from now on so things are actually usable, I'm not sure how the recently announced Lunch Boxes from 2hp modular will be usable without a load of blank panels But yeah, loads of love for the 2hp gear still.

btw.... that SD card slot in the Disting.... Have a paid of Tweezers on Standby!! ;-)

Thread: _picoRack

_picoRack is basically a challenge I made myself when I realized how many interesting, tiny modules there are. So I challenged myself to use nothing larger than 4 HP. Being that I'm also a beginner, I also used this as time to look into brands other than the most well known. This combination of modules should, emphasis on *should*, provide just about everything possibly required of even the largest racks. Getting to all of the individual functions, however, might be a little more difficult.

Due to the space limitations, modules were chosen based on how many functions they could feasibly provide. Hence, the pair of Distings at the end. This does mean that some functions are buried beyond the idea of knob-per-function, but again, remaining within the space limitation was more important. Obviously, this could be made even smaller by dropping at least one of those, as well as the Ivan. Finally, I still had 2 HP left, so I decided to fill them with memes, a.k.a. Cats.

The build was fun. Practical, probably not. I'm not familiar with the quality of each brand that I used, so I wouldn't hesitate to replace many of them with something from 2hp, 4ms, or Erica. This would likely increase the size a tad, but I wouldn't want to use a case larger than an Intellijel Palette. I'm thinking that is going to be my next experimental build, actually.

Wouldn't it be just nicer and easier if posts are generally a bit clearer so it's easier to understand what people might have meant? :-)

Having said that... Gcanta, what did you mean? :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

My entry to eurorack lasts for two years now, and i am still planning and planning and should be doing a lot more patching. Its like Mylarelodies said: planning/building your modular and actually playing your modular are two different hobbies. There is one module that stuck out for me and i would never ever go without one anymore and that is Marbles, because it so readily and intuitivly GIVES.. Modulation. Melodies, Rythms. I didnt touch my O_C anymore since i got marbles, because results are faster. Just my 2 cents. Enjoy. And patch more than you plan. Dont make my mistake.

Very happy to buy a Electron Fuzz Custom module from @yari !
Excellent communication and fast shipped.

You also can sleep better at night because of possible DC signal on your output will be filtered away if you use a proper audio interface module; though your mixer might take care of that too, but as I said, I sleep much better at night knowing I don't need to worry about all that because I am using an audio interface module. Up to you of course but you can't say you haven't been warned :-)

-- GarfieldModular

Almost all interfaces are AC-coupled - which will filter out any low frequency DC signals
If your interface is DC coupled, then rejoice - you can use it for CV too (Expert Sleepers and RME for example)

Yes modular levels are much higher than line level, but almost all mixers/audio interfaces can cope with this - either through turning their gain down - or by attenuating on the way out - which is a lot of what most output modules do - they may also alter the impedance and "balance" the signal - but these are unnecessary

In my experience (I don't have an output module) sending straight from modules to a mixer is fine - sometimes you get a bit of unwanted clipping - just turn the signal down a bit before hitting the mixer (I use a small old yamaha one at the moment)

For me the only reasons to get an output module of any sort would be either I need headphone out directly from the modular (I have a rebel technology mix02 for this, when I need it) or because I was playing out a lot - in which case balanced outs would make sense - for longer cable runs to FOH mixer