Good call on the 1010 Music bit box and black box. I ordered the Bluebox for mixing recording modular with my synths and will see how well that works out with my Make Noise Shared System, DFAM and Elektron Octatrack.

Put a video together for a track called "Along the Windowsill" from an album project I'm working on. Best to all.

Thanks had trouble figuring out how to get image and link of the MDLR rack to appear in the post.

My goal is to have it be self contained stand alone instrument that can also be used with my other modular gear like the monster Doepfer setup.

Direct link to the rack for easy navigation:

ModularGrid Rack

Quick question: is this rack supposed to be self contained or do you take into account the other setup in Doepfer I know you also have ?

I would try a 1010 Music BitBox Mk2 or BitBox Micro. They offer clockable looping. So when you reach a point where you're ready to transition, you can sample a loop of your outgoing mix, crossfade between the two, then set-up your new patch as the loop does its thing.

You may want to do this OUTSIDE of the rack. I'm thinking the 1010 Music Blackbox and a DJ mixer with crossfader. The Blackbox won't take up an HP as its an independent device. It's also clockable and loopable like the Bitbox series. Also, having it independent of your rack will make life a lot easier especially if you're trying to troubleshoot. You could not only loop your outgoing mix but also have something entertaining on standby in case everything all goes to hell and you need 3 minutes to figure things out.

Interesting rack. I'm going off of the version of your rack you modified yesterday, not the one pictured (slight differences). You have the basics covered. The only thing I could really critique is a lack of a dedicated LFO source. Granted the Pam's can generate them and the STO can get down to 8Hz... but 8Hz is kind of fast for an LFO.

I would hold off on the STO, Threshold, and Databender for a second round of purchasing. Always leave yourself some room to change your mind or fix some deficiency you've overlooked. If you populate a rack completely, you have no wiggle room and will either need to buy another rack, or remove/sell off some modules to make space for what's needed.

It's a bit of a broken record, but I would try to work in some sort of multi-function module. A Disting EX is a great choice since it includes a lot of great programs. The Disting Mk4 is okay since it's only 4HP. But the interface can be a little frustrating.

Check out the 1010 Music BitBox Mk2. It's 5HP larger than the Salmple and about $100 more. But it'll offer you twice as many trigger inputs (16) and having a nice big GUI is helpful (for me at least). Additionally it has a 3.5mm MIDI input. You should be able to patch it up via MIDI to your Keystep Pro to save using all of your gate outputs to trigger samples. It can also live loop record if you send it the proper clocks. The Salmple might be your thing. But at least know what else is out there.

The QPAS is a stereo filter. So to get the most out of it, you have to send it a stereo signal. Blades is a dual filter, meaning you get two independent multi-mode filters. You can use one for left and the other for right if you have a stereo signal. Unless you're planning on doing a lot of stereo work, I'd go with Blades.

Hi all,

Been finishing my 14u case and here is what I have so far and planned for the

Open to suggestions as to what to add or remove to better tie these modules together for good performance and song writing.

in addition to what Jim and Lugia mention on Mutable Instruments sound, I would add that it has a very hi fi pristine sound that can be gentle ambient to techno industrial ranges. It records well and can easily create songs and albums. I have a bunch of the modules and really enjoy the huge array of textures and sounds from Beads, Rings, Plaits and Marbles. Plus they provide cool little modular nic nack toys like tops and so forth with each module.

Lugia, that looks like a super awesome modular travel case. I also like the cases from Nono Modular like the

but Nono cases are super expensive so I would go with lower cost options. I have also heard good things about Amalamod travel eurorack cases.

For now I still have my Doepfer 6u suitcase for travel that is empty after moving my modules to the monster cases.

Solitud, nice the Doepfer matrix mixer is great. I needed a smaller matrix mixer for my MDLR case since I have most of it full now already. Been wanting a programmable matrix mixer that can recall presets for live performance and Livestock Electronics Maze looks super duper for that sort of thing based on video reviews I watched. That with the Joranalogue dual window comparator and Hikari quad sequential switch will let me build ultra powerful patches with my Hertz Donut and Trident for the 14u MDLR case. I do wish Intellijel would ramp up production of more 1u modules and cases! They seem to be shortage of that stuff now.

My Eurorack changed a lot in the last 9 years but the Doepfer A 138m is still in it. Super plain, basic and useful device.
Somewhat hidden function: the first row is normalized to 10V so you can mix offset voltage. A 138m can mix any CV, can attenuvert, can even be used as a feedback mixer for audio.

Check out WMD Time Warp to add slew/glide to anything you want. I opted for adding that to my setup vs an acid-specific sequencer.

Interesting thread win curious what others will have to say.

Pam's sync input capability is great for me because my Elektron boxes can put out DIN sync on a MIDI out or thru port, and ALM sell a $10 cable that splits that into the 3.5mm clock (24 ppqn) and run input signals that Pam's needs. And as you point out, Pam's is really useful in many other ways. But the OP's Tascam 12, as far as I can tell from the manual, only puts out MIDI clock and not DIN sync.

Thanks plgrade for the clarification. I was hoping that cable might be a cheap solution. Sounds like it may generally not work in this situation.

I thought of it because Pam’s can take a DIN input to drive clocking. And the PPQN Pam’s is looking for can be adjusted. I think the PNW manual pages 16,17,28 is saying PNW can take DIN input with user definable PPQN? To me that suggests PNW receiving DIN might work for the OP.

Still as you pointed out that leaves the Ladik as the cheapest option, maybe the best option too, it looks pretty tailor made for this type of situation.

Those DIN MIDI to 3.5mm MIDI cables and adapters will not produce the kind of clock signals needed in Eurorack. They just convert between different physical plug formats. I think Lugia's suggestion of the Ladik M-221 is the most inexpensive solution. Pam's is a nice module but it needs 24 ppqn to sync (lower ppqn is possible but not recommended) and the Tascam 12 doesn't provide that.

Hi, I also have the M303

Before I had the Hydronium from Rare Waves. That one has midi integration as well

I find the M303 not ideal (lack of filter CV) but it sounds great


-- punkmodular

I have one in front of me right now and it does have Filter CV in.

Case From Lake, baybee! Check this one out: The depicted cab there is the 104 hp width. Very carry-on-able, plus you get even MORE space than you'd specced (416 hp total...provided you don't get any modifications; CFL can make a lot of changes, including adding a tile row or two. And the power is NO JOKE...a total of 5600 mA on the +12, 1000 mA on the -12 (with the ability to take that to 2000 mA if needed) and 8000 mA on the +5!
-- Lugia

i got the 84hp one,love it

Got a Mantis Case and a Squarp Hermod for sale,PM Me

Really nice - has me wondering how to make something similar on my system ...
-- gumbo23

Thanks @gumbo23. I have had almost zero time to work on music since August. I do still plan on sending you some sounds to work with at some point though. I'm hoping to have a bunch of free time in December.
Take care!

Hey, thanks! Really glad you both enjoyed it. ✌️

Chill with me for six deep minutes…

You can maybe get by with something like this:


As really you just need to get from 5pin format to 3.5mm format. I’m not sure this specific cord will work for you but I imagine this or a similar one could fit the bill? It’s about a $10-20 solution. Those are included free with a bunch of my modules. The TRS end needs looking at and considering if your Eurorack modules would accept that signal/format.

My guess is most midi to CV modules would be overkill for your purpose.

Do keep PNW in mind as it’s a great module on its own AND you can feed it Clock in from another source then use it to manipulate and distribute clock etc to the rest of your eurorack setup, in case you need an actual module to take the clock in. I would be surprised if you can’t drive PNW off your Tascam with one of those 5pin to TRS cords

And BTW all the Ladik stuff is sold straight from them to my knowledge. If you haven’t already, you’ll have to check his website for stock.

TouellSkouran's stuff is also well-known for its generally nasty sound, too. Some super-useful manglers in their line, especially some of the tube modules.

I just got this yesterday and I'm floored.... It's so amazing deep, possibilities are endless!
I pulled all sorts of modulation out of this thing, but also made different flavours of kicks, I droned fro two hours, got sequences going....
I don't understand how no one's taking notice of this one, but go bonkers for another flavour of Clouds...

Hi all,

I just got this module, it's the only one until now that I knew I wanted before it was even released.
It's amazingly deep, the interface is stellar as well as the visual feedback on the panel with the different LEDs, the sounds I could pull out of this thing, the sequences, the modulation cycles with variable depth.... Oh man, I could see this one as the center of many patches or even a system!!!
How come no one is taking notice?? (although, Auza Audio have been completely silent in all their online outlets... :( )
Cheers y'all!!

The thing is that I'm strictly going to use my tascam model 12 to be my master clock because that is what I record into always and I'm going dawless so the tascam model 12 has to be the hub and master for me but it only has midi (classic 5 prong) out. The model 12 gives direct midi to my boomerang looper, minilogue xd great. Just need to get the midi clock into my eurorack in as simple as possible way and ill be all set.

Anything by Error Instruments. Glitchy/lo-fi/crunchy is pretty much their wheelhouse. I had a Soundscaper stand alone unit for a while, it was fairly cool. I'd love to grab a couple of their eurorack modules, but they can be hard to find in the states and international shipping is expensive.

I have a lot of Eurorack modules needing clock sync. Pamela's New Workout plus its PPQN expansion are my master clock in Eurorack, I'm using that to feed everything else. And if I wanted to sync PNW to a signal coming from the DAW that would be pretty easy.

Before you buy anything, I'd recommend you do a thorough read and write-down of all the sync protocols of all the various gear you have; they can require various signals. AND I suggest you look at PNW + its expanders as your possible solution in Eurorack and bridge to other gear as PNW is very worth the $s on its own plus a rock solid clock and clock distribution option.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thanks for the info. I'd like the ladik but cant find it anywhere.
Will the "Erica Synths MIDI-CV II Kit" covert MIDI clock to cv clock? I cant tell its not clear to me. Id love to find a diy kit to covert midi to cv to save some cash if possible.

Lugia: Thank you very much for the further details! Yeah... I think for the next weeks/months I will be only scratching the surface then ;-) At the same time, that's the beauty of this beast, isn't it? :-D

Kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular

You bet! Honestly, every time I've sat down at a 2600, it's always thrown me some new and interesting curveballs. As standalone synths go, the 2600 is a 100% WIN...which is probably why it's still firecracker-hot some 50 years on.

Case From Lake, baybee! Check this one out: The depicted cab there is the 104 hp width. Very carry-on-able, plus you get even MORE space than you'd specced (416 hp total...provided you don't get any modifications; CFL can make a lot of changes, including adding a tile row or two. And the power is NO JOKE...a total of 5600 mA on the +12, 1000 mA on the -12 (with the ability to take that to 2000 mA if needed) and 8000 mA on the +5!

Hi Nickgreenberg, Lugia and Ronin1973,

Nickgreenberg: I am using a few effects pedals, in combination with a digital mixer it's great to use and almost no limitations that come right to mind of using them in combination with modular. The only limitation I see here is the limited number of outputs on your mixer because you don't only need inputs for those pedals (that will be the outputs from the pedals), you also need outputs on your mixer for your pedals (that will be the inputs for the pedals then). Ideal to get this configured with a digital mixer that can do digital patching as well. The PreSonus StudioLive Series III mixers for example can do that just fine.

Lugia and Ronin1973: If I may be honest here, and you know how much I love (Eurorack) modular synthesizers, so it's definitely not a lack on my side of not liking modular, however if it comes to effects versus Eurorack modules then I am not overly impressed. Especially when you calculate the usually ridiculous module price into it, as Ronin also already indicated, then for most effect modules I don't think it's really worth it and an external pedal might be preferred, or at least I prefer than an external pedal.

The Intellijel Springray2 is one of the very few exceptions for me where I say, yes that effect is really worth it within modular. Perhaps the Make Noise Mimeophon as well but that's about it, and I do have a few more effect modules but I am not even going to mention them here. They aren't bad but no big wow factors, especially not for the money one is paying for it. I rather spend my money on a (very) good (stereo) pedal. Of course Ronin's pointer of the CV control would be the only real good reason for me to get an effects module in modular, but wow, what must that module be good before I would decide to go that road... Good news is that slowly pedals start to have CV input(s) as well, so for effects... please think twice before you get an effects module instead of a pedal.

Just my 2 cents, kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

how are you integrating these into your Eurorack setup and/or broader setup? I love pedals too, but haven't yet integrated them in my Eurorack chain and/or DAW chain, it would be great to make that linkage.
-- nickgreenberg

I've used "open architecture" for decades now. With this, everything comes into 1/4" patchbays where all of the signal routings get set up. I keep a pair of stompbox P/Ss (Kokko, also available branded as Flanger) by the desk, one for the left patchbay, the other on the right. With this, I can insert stompboxes at will into whatever signal path I like, either during tracking, mixing, or as some oddball sidechain. There's also some "big pedals" by the patchbays...input side has a Korg X-911 "guitar" synth and an E-H Hog2, effects side has a Fulltone Supa-Trem2, Palmer Timepressor, Jomox T-Resonator II, and an E-H Flanger Hoax (a variation on the venerable Mutron Biphase).

It's also worth noting that this architecture was decided on as a result of a visit I made to Syracuse's electronic music studio in the early 1990s...the earliest of which was designed and set up by Dr. Bob himself. And if Bob Moog says this sort of architecture works...well, are YOU gonna question his decision?

Hi Nickgreenberg and Lugia,

Nickgreenberg: Thank you! If you get one, I don't think you would regret it, it has a very high addictive usage potential :-)

Lugia: Thank you very much for the further details! Yeah... I think for the next weeks/months I will be only scratching the surface then ;-) At the same time, that's the beauty of this beast, isn't it? :-D

Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Hi Gabor,

Great track and great camera position, nice to see you at work! Light? I am totally okay with it, sounds great! What is that device you are operating around/between 0:46 and 0:49, some effects device, but which one?

Ha, ha, the sound that kicks in around 2:33 is great, nice variation! Thanks a lot for sharing with us and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

I flew with it a couple time as a carry-on so I could be the one manhandling it. It was light enough and small enough to not be a problem.

We are launching this module. Maby you would like it. It is a high resolution wavetable oscillator. Very nice to reproduce complexe textures.
More demo are about to be released.. Tomorow

This is the Dimension voice mode. It this mode you can morph in 25 differents wavetables in the same time. I think it is kind of a unique feature in high resolution wavetables formats. ( dont know any software doing it neither )

It is not 25 waveforms, it is 25 wavetable of each 256 waveforms, so 6400 waveforms morphing :)

As you would need a gate output to enjoy the midi fully, i would see things like this

Minimal expension module ( 2hp )
- Midi Trs in
- Midi gate out ( to trigger enveloppes )
- ... any suggestion ?

Maximal expension module > 2hp
- Midi Trs In ( Thru ? )
- Gates... 1, 2 ,3 4
- Separated voices outputs ( i mean 4 not 24. so you would get max 6 unisons voice per output )

I could definitevely add a port at back of the module to make this append next.

But adding midi as the module is ( 10Hp ). I dont see usecase it would be nice except making it a synth voice, and it is not the goal. Tell me if you do not agreee


Sorry missTyped, i mean, for the REST of the system. If you plug your midi in the module, no gate are shown anywhere else so if your module is not a complete voice it is useless.

No there is no amplitude control implented in the module yet as it is a oscillator, not a VCA. Or you would also need a filter etc... this is not the goal here... but to get a massive wavetable oscillator with high resolution wavetable.

It think adding a expension would be a good idea as well. But we remain with the problem i said.

What will you do with 24 voices panned on a stereo without a "gate" from midi somewhere ? And if you do VCA, you also need Filter, and everything and the module become a complete voice.

I did also thinked about the poly control when was designing the Dimension but i was not able to respond these questions...

I have an FH2 and is great and you can get lots of expanders for additional CV and triggers. The configuration web page is old-school, but if you set-up a few presets you can save these as configurations that you can load pretty easily. You definitely don't want to use the module for configuration, best to use the UI for configuring a bunch of presets and use the module to load them based on what you are trying to do, (I have a couple depending on whether I am using it for CV, different clocks, envelopes and triggers etc.)

The Expert Sleeper FH2 offers a lot of functionality as far as a USB MIDI to CV converter. You can use your DAW... OR... any standard MIDI controller. However, you'll find programming it or changing the settings from the front panel to be a real pain. Programming it from your computer using the a web-browser isn't so bad. But to make changes using your computer, you'll probably have to quit the DAW so the web browser can take control of the MIDI device from the DAW.

you can definitely get a bunch of guitar effects on the cheap (eurorack can be expensive, but pretty much everything eurorack is),

This thread has a lot of great FX discussion as well

For dual filters I really like Rossum Morpheus Z Plane Filter and IME/Harvestman Bionic Lester as there are tons of sound shaping options and ability to even create presets for fast recall later.

I have Quadrax and the expander. Loads of fun and super powerful. Takes some time to learn but a great modulation tool.

Perhaps consider support utilities like a sequential switch and matrix mixer at some point. I use these utiltiies more in complex patches now. They cost less than shiny voice modules as well.

Braids and Plaits were mentioned. Also almost any wavetable voice would work. By changing the "index" in the wavetable synth you can get very nice timbral changes without doing a lot of work to get them. The same with Braids and Plaits as far as adjusting the timbre.

With an analog VCO (saw, triangle, square, etc.), you'll need a lot more modules to get any deep changes to the timbre. That can be a lot more expensive and an lot more room in your case.

Hi, this is not planned for this version of the module.

-- Ziqal

Major deal breaker. I would really rethink this before pulling the trigger on a production run. Even if you have to offer MIDI inputs on a 2HP expansion board, do it. I would choose a competing product over yours based on this factor.

@Ziqal You've already found a solution for #1. I don't get #2, can you explain what the "reset of the system" means? Am I right to assume that you're firing internal envelopes to control the "voices amplitutes etc" ?

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

My $0.02.

If you're comfortable using non-Eurorack effects from pedals, your DAW, rackmount, or any other source... do that. Generally, they are MUCH less expensive. If you can get what you want... cool.

Where Eurorack effects show their strength are in the 3.5mm modulation jacks populating all those good-good effects modules. That's really what makes them worth paying for. If you can get a nice Eurorack delay module, a nice reverb module (or spring reverb set-up), and then a multi-FX unit to cover everything else... I think you're golden. Any specialty effects like Clouds are nice too. But the costs start to stack up. :)

Very cool. I ordered the Livestock Electronics Maze switch and will post review once it arrives and I have some time getting it sorted out. I also ordered more utilities like a Hikari Quad Switch and also a Joranalogue Compare 2 Dual Window Comparator since Lugia had suggested to me that a comparator would spice up my patches for my MDLR setup with Hertz Donut and Trident. Perfect Circuit has a good Halloween sale right now and these are hard to find in stock so I jumped on the deal. At least support modules are less expensive than fancy oscillators and sequencers! My MDLR case was lacking these things. I still need a good quantizer but will wait for Shakmat to release their quad quantizer or may get the Instruo quantizer next year at some point as my Stillson Hammer has a pretty weak quantizer and my case needs one.

I have u-he (love their soft synths, zebra is a beast) CVilization, lots of great cv mangling utilities, though takes some getting used to to memorize the various modes and color encoders.

Check out their youtube for some good overview tutorials, here is one of the options that can be enabled.

matrix rotation

merry that with a worng vector space and you have lots of cv mangling fun.