The System M0ffenzeef looks hella fun

Looks like the last stock is in the stores for Moffenzeef, always liked his selling tactics on Instagram :) Blunt and Honest.

I used my Make Noise 0-coast as a background drone noise to thicken up the sound and had fun tonite again. Ran out of patch cables. So time to order more as well as stackables.

One thing is certain: the IME Kermit MK3, Bionic Lester and Intellijel Quadrax are super complex deep modulation tools that are simply incredible amounts of features and functionality in small package! For a small setup, they can do quite a bit!

Nah one can never have too many VCAs :-)
I want the VC8 by Erogeneous tones that way never run out.

Hi Garfield,

Nice! I thought that you already had a setup? Anyways, I am new and well and learning with my new setups. Ok let me take a stab at it!

To help:

"By the way, what does LFO, VCO, VCF, ADSR, EG and VCA stands for?"

LFO= Low Frequency Oscillator
the slow moving oscillator that modulates other things like VCOs and can have different rates of control.

VCO= Voltage Controlled Oscillator
The main sound sources of a modular system. They oscillate as sound waves back and forth nonstop. I use a scope to view them for example there are various wave types of VCOs- square, triangle, sine and so forth.

ADSR= Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
Often part of an envelope generator. Helps manage how long a note lasts and things like that.

EG= Envelope Generator

VCA= Voltage controlled Amplifier
Lets you do all kinds of useful things for managing volume and voltage stuff with sound and modulation sources. More is better :-)
My two setups have 12 VCA total and I only have 2 VCOs and 2 drum type modules so have it ok for now.

I highly recommend the book Patch & Tweak and the Youtube channel and website by Chris Meyer he is a master teacher of modular synthesis.

If I am wrong here feel free to correct my oversight as I am just a humble beginner to modular as well.

Had fun tweaking and patching tonite and experiment with LFOs and Noise Engineering modules. Here is my jam:

To much vca...

Hello Everyone,

I am so happy with this forum, so useful, everybody is so nice. I am new into synthesizers and modular synthesizers I only have heard about two weeks ago when a friend of mine showed me his Eurorack. That looks so cool, all these modules, those flashing lights, I straight away thought I must have one as well. Way cool to do some electronic music, right?! :-)

Below you will find my first rack design:

ModularGrid Rack

I would appreciate your help and advice so I can have a good start into modular, you know, it's so cool, all these flashing lights, I just love it.

By the way, what does LFO, VCO, VCF, ADSR, EG and VCA stands for? You know I just start looking around and have difficulties understanding all these abbreviations.

Anyway, I look forward for your kind help and thank you so much, this is such a cool forum you know!

P.S.: Oh yes, if you wonder how I came up to this rack, please take of every module the first letter of the manufacturer name, that provides the first sentence. You could take of every module the first letter of the module name as well and that will be the second sentence, defining the rack and me as being such an enthusiastic beginner, again, thank you so much! :-)

P.S.2: No manufacturers with nice flashing light modules starting with the letter U, so I took V instead, so if you see a V make that a U in the sentences.

Another maker to look at if you're shooting for percussives would be Moffenzeef, hands down. NONE of their modules does anything...ah..."sensible" with the sound, but what they DO do is just off the chain.

Don't do this. You're majorly painting yourself into a corner by using a cab that's FAR too small to accommodate all of the functionality you're aiming for. For one thing, if you have to jam ALL of one function's voicing into a bunch of 2hp modules (which are a pain to adjust in the configuration your actual build has), you're doing something wrong.

Generative ambient...besides not really being very percussion-centric...really requires a lot of control manipulation subsystems that you don't have room for here. Think more along the lines of a machine that has a nonrepeating patch program, and once it's set into motion, it continues to create without performer interaction. THAT is "generative ambient".

I would stop right now if I were you, and go and get a copy of VCV Rack. You need to see firsthand how this should work, and what it really requires, and without the intermediary of VCV Rack, it's going to be far more difficult to pick up on this. Right now, you're building a money hole. You don't want to do that. LEARN the proper functionality requirements, THEN move to hardware...otherwise, this sort of thing gets real spendy real fast.

First up, the uMod II is discontinued, so unless you have one or can source one, it's probably best to remove it from the build.

Secondly, don't do the drums in here! This build is TOO SMALL to support lots of different functions; you're already missing a lot of what should be there just to support basic synth functionality.

Third: Richie uses a lot of bespoke devices and software. And without these, you won't replicate his workflow. Not that you should, anyway...if you check your driver's license, and it's not from Ontario and doesn't say Richard Hawtin, you probably shouldn't be trying to replicate his setup. Given that there are SO MANY possibilities for individual builds in Eurorack alone, it's far easier to find your OWN sound than lifting someone else's.

Now, as for the build itself...first up, jettison the small cab. If you insist on using the Circadian Rhythms, well, that takes up a HUGE plot of panel real estate, and it would work better in a 2 x 104...not this. Next: drums...just get a proper drum machine. Something like a Digitakt, etc would actually be MORE flexible in the end than trying to sacrifice part of the modular for a function that's better left to a stand-alone device. And in fact, you SHOULD be building in a much larger cab to start with...then you should pare down from there to arrive at the right case form factor.

Next, utility modules aren't a luxury...they're a NECESSITY. If there's none of them (like right now, for example), then trying to get the maximum horsepower out of the expensive crap will be an exercise in frustration. If you lack VCAs, attenuverters, logic (ESPECIALLY if you're doing major sequencing!), and so on, your rig will suck like an Electrolux! And you WILL come to loathe it. FYI, you'll notice I'm not including the Invy here; $100 for a dual attenuverter/offset is a tad much, and you should be able to get into something with identical functionality for less.

As for things that're right here...the FH-1 is a very good pick, and frankly, you might find that sequencing in software and then piping that to the modular via the FH-1 would be a better choice. It definitely cuts back your space usage. And the White Gallop would make for a great internal clock gen/mod, but this would be improved by a couple of orders of magnitude by adding some Boolean logic so that you can massively screw with the sequential timing. As for the rest, though...this is more of a "do over". Try some of the suggestions above (especially expanding the case size), and see what you think.

hey, looking for some advice. I'm attempting to make a generative ambient synth with a bell, drone, white noise, and drums (kick for sure, plus snare for good measure). This particular set up seems to be a balance of being able to be both "generate" rhythms and be random in melody output while still able to, when needed, be planned out enough and be played live.
The Disting MK4 is likely to be either an effects mod that I haven't thought of or a very expensive quantizer. The Quadrant 1U is mainly going to be a mixer because I could not fit the 2hp quad-channel mixer and the Clep Diaz sequenced LFO. I do not know where my drone is coming from at this point, I know the 2hp LFO can reach audible levels however I am thinking about switching the VCA for the 2hp sine module, my current idea is that the VCA would modulate the rainmaker, I am not sure which is more important.
It is important that I can have multiple separate sequences to trigger each of the voices and in order for it to be generative/random, I went with the Pamela's New Work out instead of the Steppy it also allowed me set a percentage that any beat would be skipped. It also allows me to put in the Noise Tools 1U for the White Noise along with a Sample and Hold. The idea of this synth is to take a set triggered Bell sound and use the rainmaker to "make" it into a melody. Please inform me if I am missing something obvious, like MORE VCAs instead of switching it for a sine wave or other effects for the kick and snare, by using stackable cables I am wondering how the rainmaker would react to having multiple voices input into it. I did not link the modules because I do not know the syntax yet.

That doesn't necessarily sound digital in nature...I'm more inclined to think that there might be some sort of CV latching issue with the module, as it sounds like reaching a certain change amount locks up the latch. IF, of course, there's a CV latch in there.

This patch aims to make full use of all 4 available outputs on the Nano Rand (Teal - Random Voltage Algorithm), with each of these being sent to 1 or 2 destinations, colour-coded to match trace lines on DATA for easy identification and signal monitoring.
GREEN - Originates from the Metropolis' Pitch output
BLUE - Originates from NR Sample & Hold Output
RED - Originates from NR Random Voltage Output
YELLOW - Originates from NR Gate Out
PURPLE - Originates from NR Noise Out

1. Supercritical DCO straight into Cinnamon filter
2. M32 straight into VSL-74 filter
3. Noise Generator from NR straight into DCO FM Input

A7 - Comparator mode outputs gates and A and B outputs based on the higher of either the attenuated NR Random Voltage output or an offset generated from Channel 3 of Maths (likely between 1.5-2.0V)


1: Trigger Stream Randomizer: low probability of trigger acceptance but high probability of retriggering and some jitter. Pique 1 defines the frequency that Metropolis will reset

2: ADSR envelope, which sets the cutoff value for VSL-74 and thus dictates the influence of the M32


Thank you in advance for any feedback. I'm new to the modulars and spent sometime thinking whether I should jump into it or not and after signing up to Chris Meyer's course decided to try.

This is my first attempt. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I'm a big fan of Plastikman's (Richie Hawtin) music. This is the type of music I would love to achieve to play down the road. I'm planing to use my OP-1 with it.

Can you please advise:

  1. placement (in which order) of the modulars inside the rack. I bought Make Noise 3U 104HP Skiff?
  2. what am I missing in this set up to achieve beginner level electronic music?

I appreciate the support and love of this community.

Thank you

ModularGrid Rack

Thread: First Rack

Let the fun begin

first modules and case arrived today

The ADDAC 103 T-Networks is great, does a nice 808-ish Kick then some great other Toms, blips, etc that fit in and around other elements really well.

Nice! Had not heard of the ADDAC voice drum modules before. How do you like them? They seem like good value for beat making in modular. Pair up with Erica Synth Bassline and VPME drum voice module and support modules for beat box. I may pick one up to pair with my BIA in the future.

You definitely need more attenuators/inverters/offsets, logic module, sequential switch and more VCAs :-)

Check out 3xMIA by Happy Nerding and Klavis Logica XT as well for these sorts of things. I like the Intellijel Quad VCA module quite a bit as it has extras like attenuators and boost for signals.

copy and paste the url

I'd go fh2, utilities, Maths, es9, more utilities

utiltity module ideas:
AISynthesis matrix mixer

Thanks for that Jim, I was trying to figure out how to do that :)

Hey again,

I’ve finally decided to go without the Morphagene for now, it’s a pretty cool module but I think this small cab will be much more fun to use if I add a few utilities instead.

ModularGrid Rack

Removing the Morphagene frees 20hp in the top row and this is what I changed:

I moved the Pamela’s New Workout to the top row and it now sits between the PS and the VCOs, this should avoid any noise from creeping into the audio chain as Lugia pointed out. I guess the Pam’s will be setup and forget most of the time, so from all the cv modulation modules it kind of makes sense to put this one besides the PS.

Then I added a wavefolder as Farkas suggested, but instead of the uFold II I decided to go with the AntiMatter Crossfold because it can also be used as a crossfader or a VCA, that will surely be useful in this small cab.

In the second row I replaced the Mixup with the Happy Nerding 3xMIA as Farkas suggested too. I would lose the mutes in the Mixup though, but the acid rain Switchblade can swich, mix and mute audio or cv, so far so good. Also adding a kinks to rectify signals, do basic logic or use the s&h and noise. Pretty cool, can’t wait to have this guys in my rack.

Ok, so there’s 8hp left so far. I was planning to add a classic ADSR at this point, something like the MFB ADSR with CV ins for the different stages, but then I stumbled upon the Make Noise Function.

The Function is quite interesting but I’m afraid I don’t fully understand its potential yet and I’m unsure if it really complements this rack. I know it can be used as an ASR envelope generator or as an LFO too, a part from that I don’t know what other tricks it can be used for, but the EOR and EOC outs make me thing there’s a lot of creative patching possibilities in this module.

So, does this rack still make sense? what about the Function? Should I replace it with an ADSR or with something completely different? I think the rack kind of makes sense for its size but your feedback is more than welcome.

link to actual rack
ModularGrid Rack

Hello, I have a problem with my rings. I can't transpose my sequences/notes. The range is very short (+1/-1)... when I exceed the range, it remains stuck on the same note.

Here is a video :

I re-calibrated it and installed the firmware but nothing helped. I also tested with different settings in the midi control center ... it does not change anything. I have the same problem with the keystep. is this normal? otherwise what can I do?

Thank you

Thanks a lot guys :)

Drums are all ADDAC103, light hats percussion from the Roland TR-09, 2 bass sounds the main one (kinda Didgeridoo) being from the ADDAC105 4-Voice Cluster.

Hi all,
This is my first post so go easy on me :)
So I started my eurorack journey at the start of the year.
I did a lot of research and reading then I decided to ignore all of it.

My rack has ended up like this

I make house and techno music.
I was wondering what sort of modules should I be looking out for?
I really would like a Fh-2 next so I can use my digitakt with my modular.
Then next I would like to get a ES-9 so I can multi track my recordings.
After that I think some utility modules would probably be in order?
Maybe a bigger case?
After starting eurorack I am finding it difficult to go back to my DAW to make music lol
Siting at computer clicking stuff in has becoming so uninspiring.
Anyways thanks in advance for your help :)
Good day all.

Ace! Love how you get the bird singing intro going then layer on drums and bass gradually then leads. What modules are you using for the drums and bass?

For a great sequencer, I would check out the following:

WMD Metron

Metron looks awesome for drums and bass. Here is what it can do even for a very small basic setup.

512 Vector

IME Stillson Hammer MK2

I am saving up for a new case and sequencer and mixer and fx setup. Would love a high end sequencer and mixer with all the expanders and support tools and FX/sampler to go with it. Very expensive part of modular next to building a setup with modular drum voices. Personally, I like the workflow of sequencer, mixer, FX and controls by my fingertips and the modules with oscillators and stuff separate all neatly patched for a show. Then I can get wild on the sequencer and filter controls and not accidentally unplug a patch cable.

So I added more attenuators/inverters/offset and mixers to my planned setup as well as clock modulator and support modules:

ModularGrid Rack

I plan to use external sequencers. Thoughts? Is it missing anything essential?

The muxlicer, 8 steps sequencer with cv-able gate ratcheting (up to 8 gates per step), can be chain with other muxlicer using the EOC output and reset input (never tried this one). It's also a sequential switch and more. Negative side, there is no quantizer built-in. This video cover most features.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh yes! That's fantastic! Your high energy rhythms are very enjoyable and I just love that kind of didgeridoo sound you managed to get in there.

Now that's a good start of my weekend :-) Thanks a lot for sharing this and I am going to listen this again, so enjoyable! Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Sacguy71,

Thanks a lot for the hints. I definitely will keep Pamela's New Workout in mind, however looking for "the perfect" (I know, it doesn't exist and also what for one means perfect might be a disaster for another) sequencer, I don't think it's going to be my number one sequencer though. As a clock and clock divider it sounds indeed pretty interesting.

Have a good weekend, enjoy your modular systems and kind regards, Garfield.

Got my second Mixup from @jmeng, everything went smooth and the shipment took less than from most shops. Thanks man!

Cheers Troux :)

Nice one @wishbonebrewery, I really love the synth range in this, lots of classic feels coming together.

I pulled all the plugs from the last patch and this happened quite quickly! I'm constantly amazed by the possibilities.

Patch Notes:
There's some twinkly granular stuff coming from Monsoon Clouds which is processing some Turing Machine pitches from the Disting VCO, Tom-like percussion is from the ADDAC103 with the patterns stabbed in via the DNi Pro DOT in Record mode then mute mode used to control. There is Ochd being Half wave rectified by MI Kinks and tempered back with Thonk AT-AT-AT which controls the waving of the Cut-off on the ADDAC105.
Everything played in live in one take, there are some crackles in it and I think my Soundcard is trying to die! I really need to get some external USB audio interface.
Other Modules are, make Noise STO, Happy Nerding HNVCF, ALM Pipslope, WMD SSF ADSRVCA, Lots of 2hp modules, spot of Befaco and Erica, Pittsburgh Modular MicroSequence. Much fun.


I love Modulargrid, and at least for my use the features it has are very intuitive and "just right" in the way that is rare in a tool.

The only niggle for me is the keyboard shortcuts. I don't know why, maybe it's because I use Safari, but relatively often (at least a couple of times per an evening of binge planning racks) they bug out in some way. Clicking the module search box does not always seem to correctly move focus to it, and when I type the module name, random keyboard shortcuts are triggered instead and my rack goes bonkers with modules deleted or duplicated. This is very infuriating especially with a more complex rack, where it's not always easy to tell what was changed.

Whenever this happens, the only consistent way of getting rid of this bug is by refreshing the page completely, and even then I still have to fix the changes to the rack design itself. I don't feel I even need the keyboard shortcuts, and they are rarely used on websites anyway because of problems managing focus – not a problem if you have a single HTML5 canvas and the focus sticks to that, but mixing HTML elements with keypress catching is something I would personally avoid. But that is of course for you to decide, and apparently many people use the shortcuts happily and without any problems.

I think the easiest solution for people who have this problem would be to have an extra checkbox in the profile settings to simply disable keyboard shortcuts entirely.

Thank you! :)

Thanks Garfield!
Yeah I try to use my modules together even as I build. The Anti-Oscillator is like multiple VCOs plus VCA vactrol (I think) and LFO built into one module with wave shaping options as well. I love it. I do wish Malekko support was better. So many issues with Varigate 4+ and Malekko Quad envelope. At least Intellijel support responds as does Noise Engineering with my questions. WTF is up with Malekko anyways?

Check out Pamela's New Workout- that has tons of super features including clock multipliers, dividers, all types of sequencer rhythm type features. Pair it with a good sequential switch and should get you closer to your goal. For sequencers, the 512 Vector has ratcheting and host of features. As an IME/Harvestman fan, the Stillson Hammer looks incredible as well.

Hi Sacguy71,

Interesting sounds you got there! He, he, and in every video from you I see you are using the Anti-Oscillator and the Borg filter :-)

Nice work and hope to see more of your videos. Kind regards, Garfield.

yeah - looks better to me

use one channel of batumi as a clock I guess - which will work fine

I suspect that by the time the second case appears, you will have a better idea of what you need - ie what you feel is missing from this case - but that's also part of the fun - discovery

enjoy your journey!
-- JimHowell1970

The pulse output on the Noise Tools makes for a nice clock. I would use one channel of the Batumi as you'll only be able to use it in one mode if you're needing a clock.

You could also draw a clock pulse from Function's EOC or EOR... but you'd have to switch it to cycle and won't be able to adjust it without affecting your clock.

A clock is a bit moot in this set-up. The only thing that can use a clock signal as a clock signal is the QUBIT. But I don't think it'll need it in this set-up. You'd only need to feed it clock if it was slaving to another sequencer.

The Atlantis is a good starting point if you're building a small system first and then adding to it little by little.

But if you're going to dive in fully, then it starts to lose its luster. The plus side is that the patch points are pretty much all there to break the unit out into its individual components (oscillator, filter, etc). The downside is that it's all or nothing in terms of what you get. You may do better getting individual components that will offer you more flexibility and features.

Mixers. You have a Quadratt. It's functional as a small mixer, attenuverters, etc. But you really are going to need at least two small mixers of the Quadratt nature (not necessarily the Quadratt) and a main mixer if you plan on having more than one voice or sound coming from your rack.

There are better units out there, but for the PRICE and SIZE, I'm very happy with the Blue Lantern Stereo Sir Mix-A-Lot. Gain, panning, mutes, plus two aux sends on every channel... plus a pair of stereo returns. You can do better on features... but I don't think so on price.

Also, you should have empty space in your rack. No one learns modular without getting their hands dirty. The more you learn, the more your experiences CHANGE your end goals and desires from your system. If you buy everything all at once and you have no space left over, you're committed unless you start selling stuff off... while you're still trying to learn to use what you've got. Always plan for a "whoops, I should add a..." and have the space for a couple of reasonably sized modules at least.

Exactly, Ronin...the Filter8, to me, has always seemed more of an asset to tinkering with modulation signals for that phase shift aspect. It IS a "filter", but like its forebear, the Mankato VCF, the other uses are WAY too compelling.


Been learning how to use my new Doepfer A100 Basic System 1 that came with a few modules including two weird ones that are not common: the delay LFO called VCDLFO and the VCS Serge type Slew Processor/Generation module. I read the Doepfer manuals but they were confusing at best and lack patch examples. Unable to find anything on how to use these. Any ideas?
-- sacguy71

Jim got the VCDLFO sorted. But one thing that's worth mentioning about the 171-2 is that it's basically 1/2 of a Maths. Same initial design, too: the Serge DUSG, in this case a variant of Ken Stone's version of the circuit. See

I own both the Intellijel Morgasmatron and the Joranalogue Filter 8.

If I had to pick one and give up the other, I'd keep the Morgasmatron. The Morg is actually TWO multi-mode filters that can be used independently, in series, or in parallel. The Filter 8 has just one set of controls/inputs that feeds 8 types of simultaneously available filters. The Filter 8 offers more precision, better modulation options, etc. But it's definitely not as flexible.

I don't regret either of them. But being able to call up a low-pass AND high-pass filter is much more common for me than need a 6,12,18, and 24 dB per octave filter all in the same module.

It's not a bad such, you don't have to have a complete voice in this, since it's just a "sidecar" for the Moogs. However, you're missing a KEY Erica MScale, which is a bidirectional I/O for the Moog CVs which can be somewhat different from standard Eurorack. Take the mult out (you should get some inline mults instead...this system is too small for dedicated panel mults) and put that in instead.
-- Lugia

100% open to suggestions; I put the mult in there as a catch all because I had the space. Definitely a sidecar to the three units below. You can't do everything with every system (and you'll get stuck trying to solve that puzzle) - so this is a sidecar (I like that) to the Moog Mother family and larger semi modulars sitting on the desk next to it.

I'll take a look at the MScale for sure and toss that mult out. I've got a few of the Hosa cables that split, and even that 5 way red star looking one that exists.

EDIT: Just took a look at the MScale, I wasn't even aware of that voltage difference, thanks much!


  • D


I have a Rackbrute 6U filled as below.

Earlier this week, I turned the power on then everything came on and suddenly went off.

After this, the brick power supply no longer lit up, even when trying alternative kettle leads.

I received a new power supply from Arturia yesterday and have just turned on the Rackbrute again using that new power supply.

Exactly the same thing happened.

I'm now unable to use the rack at all, and have a seemingly dead power supply brick.

I'm relatively new to this - what could be going wrong?

According to my rack on Modular Grid, I'm well within the power consumption of the Arturia rack.

alt text

(By the way I've posted this on MuffWiggler too - desperate to sort!)

-- jmeager

Hey Jmeager, did you ever get this sorted? I'm also having some power issues with my Rackbrute 6U.
Mine also is well within the maximum power consumption for the case; max draw is 1005 mA on the 12V.
A few of my modules started malfunctioning - first Plaits, then Marbles, then Piques. After plugging them into different sockets on the board, they started working again, but then a different module would malfunction!
I thought it might be a problem with the module (even though they are only 6 weeks old) so contacted Emilie at MI. She very speedily replied, and based on the faults I described suggested that it's a power issue.

Was wondering if you'd solved your issue?

We need a sticky thread for N00Bs!!

^^ This. It's sort of amazing how many rack help threads come down to variations on this advice. Just about every new system needs Links + Kinks + Shades + Veils (or equivalent choices from other manufacturers). It's not 100% universal, but it's pretty close.