Super stoked about this. After about a year and change in the modular world, I'm finally approaching a finished rack. It's mostly for sound design to be used and manipulated later in ableton, but I do like the occasional rambling jams. I have 3hp left, where I was debating pico drums, or a malekko mix4 or noise. All would be helpful. Any suggestions? Great community, couldn't have done it without this place.

ModularGrid Rack

Thread: Chess

look good!

Hello guys, I'm Tom. My projects are: and . Hope your help, thank you!

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You provide an awesome resource for free and a useful set of enhancements for next to nothing. I'm extremely satisfied.

Thanks for kind words!

Ah, OK...good to know. Thanks for the quick response.

I got the info from the renewal confirmation email. See screenshot.

Just to reiterate: I'm 100% confident that you weren't trying to cheat anyone, that this wasn't intentional. You provide an awesome resource for free and a useful set of enhancements for next to nothing. I'm extremely satisfied.

This is an embarrassing bug I thought I had already fixed some time ago.
Strange thing: I have checked your account. It looks o.k. to me, it will expire on June 27.

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I received a message yesterday (June 20) informing me that my unicorn account would expire soon (June 27) and encouraging me to renew. Just now (June 21), I processed my renewal and discovered that my unicorn account is now valid until June 21, 2019, meaning that I'm essentially paying double for the next few days and losing a few days from the annual cycle.

Now, don't get me wrong. is wonderful, and the cost of a yearly account is marginal (let alone the cost of a few days). All in all, I'm getting an utterly unique service 24/7 at a price that compares favorably with one decent lunch in Manhattan (where I work). I don't want to make a mountain out of this molehill, and I'm sure that there was no bad intent. I'd just suggest to the webmaster team to amend the system so that purchased renewals begin upon the expiration of the previous period, not before.

Many thanks for all the excellent work you've done to support the global modular synth community.

If you stick to things in the smaller range from companies like 2hp, Ladik, Erica, Zlob, etc, you can still jam a load of functionality into that third tier. Right now, you've got 24 hp to go after the Maths, Veils, and a uZeus go in, but with the very tiny stuff, you can do a lot. One thing to be careful of, however, is module depths; as I recall, the maximum depth on the Moog 60hp boats is not too generous, so you'll have to be very careful with that one limitation.

This is very helpful and makes a lot of sense. I should have mentioned that I already have Maths and Veils (given to me by a friend who has moved from modular to DAW/software) but can understand and work with the layout you've created here.

Earlier today, I found a list of Mother 32 "limitations" from user luketeaford, many of which you mentioned, some that I hadn't realized yet:

  • Bipolar LFO
  • Difficult to slew (I thought: use LPF, but obviously causes issues)
  • No attenuversion (Could use mixer, not sexy)
  • Clock division/multiplication requires special menu
  • Can't operate on any clock signal
  • Immutable duty cycle of square LFO
  • No comparator
  • No sample and hold
  • No logic
  • No envelope modulation

Again, what you've put together here is very helpful and gets me headed in a sensible direction. With Maths and Veils sitting next to me, I'll go over all of this again several times and see what I can come up with.

Much appreciated and thank you.

Clock and random are there up in the tile row. And while the Frames can work as an audio VCA, you really need a couple more linear, DC-coupled ones for controlling CV levels. The Quad VCA comes to mind mainly because you can also sum signals with it, but there's plenty of other options that can do much the same.

Well, what you should probably do is to start off by considering what the M32s don't have. And yes, they're missing a good bit. They have no ring modulators, for example. No sample & hold, either. The EGs are three-stage, so no release time constants on the envelopes. No separate VCAs. This is the 'bin' from which you need to calculate what should go in the 60 hp third cab.

Next, what DO the M32s have? VCF, check...and quite good ones, too. VCOs? Hmmm...just one each, actually. LFO, yep. Sequencer, yep. Slew limiter...mmm, kinda, as it's sort of hardwired., not multichannel. MIDI, yup. Output stage is there. OK...

Now, consider the first part above, and think about what you want to do. Is this rig for a specific sort of music? More of an open-ended idea? Your comments sort of indicate that the situation's more toward the latter, so...let's go from that. Gimme a bit...

OK...dig this:
ModularGrid Rack
Like you noted: nothing flashy. Instead, this is some extra control-type stuff that augments what the M32s do best, by filling in some of the gaps that the M32s have. The only audio thing in this is (technically, as the added mixer and VCAs are for control signals, optimally) the Intellijel uMod. This gets you a lot closer to the generative-type zone, also, since you have extra LFOs and EGs, S&H, a comparator, Doepfer's weird-but-neat Morph Controller, and a couple of VCSs, which are basically half of a Maths apiece. With the addition of all of this, you can push the M32s around in ways that the stock versions of these simply cannot do.

Haven't taken the plunge into modular until now. Have stayed in the "semi-modular" end of the pool. Acquired a rack for my two Moog Mother 32's, with 60HP free up top, and thought this is a good time to wade deeper. My goal is to add another VCO, VCA's, EG's, a solid utility, and some things to play around with while doing the ambient/generative thing (but not boxed into that style).

Here's a bit of patching/twisting last night with the two M32's using a patch by A.W. (

Anyhow, there's a strong likelihood of moving everything into a larger home later, but I want to take my time and...

1: Learn it right
2: Do it right
3. Avoid flashy things I don't need

Buffered mult, because I'm of the understanding that the Mother 32's don't play nicely. On the side: Minitaur (Isn't modular, standalone unit), pedals (Eventide Space, Hall of Fame, Flashback), Logic Pro.

Honest feedback appreciated. I get the basics, but this is my first try with modular.

Hey Wedoh,

I was in a very similar position a while back and a number of folks on here helped me out with some good advice (esp. Lugia). I wanted to make ambient, generative patches with a 7u synthrotek case. I'm sharing a picture of my rig just for reference purposes. I own all of these modules, save for the Disting, Plaits, and a few of the 1u tiles. Happy to share my thoughts on specific modules and patches if you're interested.

ModularGrid Rack

It sounds like you're not using the right software with it. Try the ES-8 with either Expert Sleepers' Silent Way (Windows) or MOTU's Volta (Mac) as a gateway/translator. The ES-8 is designed for that sort of software, something that can send a signal to a DC-coupled audio interface (which is what the ES-8 is) and the module converts that into the proper CV/gate/trig calls on its end. Even with a plugin like Reaktor, you're still going to need to use something of that sort that knows how to address the ES-8 properly.


ModularGrid Rack

Thanks to @PinPinKula I got a µClouds.
Highly recomended !

you could try vcvrack it's free and works with es8 - or silent way (which should show up as a plugin in ableton)

I think it works the other way around. The resellers sign up for specific manufacturers. No?

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Re organised trying to balance functions, brands and colours.... I think I am finally there :)

Kinda difficult to do a Buchla-esque poly modular for $3k. Plus, what you have there isn't going to work because there's a lot of parts VCAs, the CV input section of the VC Mixer is missing, no output stage, etc. And since West Coast systems tend to use complex oscillators (pricey), just four single VCOs isn't going to get you there.

As for generative, that can get even spendier, since then you're in the realm of multiple modulation sources, random sources, sequencers, quantizers, logic, and so forth. In theory, you could fit it into 2x84 hp like the above, but you'd have to use a lot of very small-space modules, and it would wind up turning into a patchcord thicket. Put that together with the polyphony, and you've arrived at a system that's much larger than the cab above, and which costs quite a bit more than $3k CDN. You might want to scale this idea down somewhat...

Thread: Patch #1

Off-rack cables go to an SQ-1: (from top to bottom) A Out CV, A Out Gate, and Sync In. There is also a Boss RV-6 Reverb that can be set to Delay, Hall, Plate, or Spring modes

Im new to all of this. I am trying to make something polyphonic (buchla) for under 3000 cad$ any proposals or recomandations? What modules would benefit me better?

Ps. I am looking for a system that allows me to make something generative. This rack is only a first idea, i am not sure if it is complete or fonctionnal

Oh indeed! It can be any size, 84 seemed an easy standard to find. 7Ux126HP is a bit larger than I am ready for just yet, all that empty space will drive me nuts and lead me to want to expand too fast.

I picked 84HP to try to limit my build out of the system. I guess I'll end up with a hermit-crab like series of slightly
larger shells that way. Maybe there will be someone else out there that wants a wood 84HP box at the end of this journey... I could post pictures of the build as it goes, I have the DFAM + 60HP currently mounted with plywood sides that copy the 2-tier rack look (but in wood) and it looks and feels nice as a unified instrument.

An idea: if you're going to DIY a cab, you don't necessarily have to stick with 84 hp. Raw Vector rails can be had in up to 300 hp increments. Now, that would be utterly bonkers, but one format I've seen from Erica makes a lot of sense to me, and that's 126 hp. It's big, but not overly huge to the point of either being overwhelming or unportable. Check out Pulplogic's or Synthrotek's offerings for rails and mounting hardware. And yes, 1U makes perfect sense; if you can shunt off a lot of utility functions into the tile row(s), that makes more space for the big stuff.

Dixie II is a pretty good choice, given how variable it is plus how small a footprint it takes up. As for the Echophon, just wait and see...that plus the Batumi = serious sonic trouble (of the GOOD variety)! Other than that, I think you're good to go here.

Does anyone have any helpful opinions on what to do next?
Just Friends is in the mail...

So far I am really really happy with the setup, the modular is way more fun than I had imagined. But! For example, a LxD would maybe be useful to smooth out digital aliasing the BIA produces (and 2x VCAs in only 4HP). I also don't have CV attenuation or utilities, so CV control that doesn't just go from -5 to +5V requires some planning... (I use the env outs of the DFAM, and tempo-sync LFO to get a little bit of adjustment).

I think I want to stick with this setup for a bit (since I really can't afford another module for a while), but I plan on building a 84HP wide box maybe around the end of the year, maybe with a 1U row of utilities. I'm handy with woodworking, so I'm making the case myself out of cherry or walnut (and that means 84HP could be 85HP or whatever it needs to be!). What would YOU add?

My current short list fills in the gaps with helpful utilities:
O/A x2
µModII 4 quadrant multiplier
O'Tool Plus

All that would still leave another 24HP, I really have no clue what I'd put there that makes sense at the moment.

Staying at a measly 60HP size, would you swap out any modules in the short-term? I keep wondering how much I need that LFO over the LxD, for example..

Thanks for your help!

I sold a Trigger Riot to @BrokenBo : nice and clear communication, payment received quickly. A very smooth transaction.

Thank you Lugia!

Anymore advice about the general flow of the rack? Is there anything substantial that is missing?

I have now added a Three Sisters for filter and additional VCO, Dixie II. Seems like that will play nice with the Rubicon but any suggestion would be great as maybe a different color of VCO could also go well.

Are there any glaring redundancies? Things which are too similar or too much HP? The only module I'm not convinced totally of is the Echophon...

Thanks so much for your suggestions!

I sold a Delptronics LDB-2e to @Onsturicheit. Super fast payment, crystal clear communication and very nice guy !

Thread: 104HP 6U

The Veils and the Quad VCA are pretty much the same thing, but Intellijel's prices are a hair cheaper. That's about the only real difference.

Right, but that arrangement works if you have the volume loop aerial on the right. With just one, though, the key is to simply get it away from wherever your hand might be while using the rest of the controls. Interestingly, Moog's present-day theremins are backwards from the original RCA ones, which are pitch on the right, volume left.

Thread: 104HP 6U

Thanks Folks
The Synthrotek buffered mult seems to be good for the amount of HP. I think i'm gonna do some selling and re-evaluating as I feel I've got some modules that have different modes so they cant do stuff at the same time. I'm gonna downsize my Doepfer A111-2 to an A111-3, (its basically the same for what I use it for) and add a Doepfer A118 Noise and random. I'm thinking about getting a Batumi to modulate everything, and a Maths, primarily because i want more envelopes, but also because I keep being told im missing out if I don't get one (Hmmmm)

Also, I think I'm gonna ditch my Doepfer VCAs for another Veils as I find the mixing functions more useful. I was wondering if the Intelligel quad VCA would be better but I cant really see much difference...?

Any thoughts much appreciated

Oh, great points. Part of the weird layout is because my imagination had the pitch antenna for a standard theremin on the left (probably because Pamelia Kurstin plays lefty). I was also hoping to sit the MLH and M32 MIDI ports as close as I could, but making the keyboard more accessible will be more important, especially since I'm using the concave 3-tier rack.

Thanks for the feedback! Makes me feel more comfortable saying goodbye to my money. I think this thing will be a lot of fun.

Only the order. If it were up to me, I'd put the M32 on the bottom because of its chiclet-type keyboard controller, then the DFAM above. Top row (great choices, btw) really should be (left to right) ES-8, Mother's Helper, uScale, Maths, Disting, A-178. That puts your control functions all in one area, CV stuff down the middle, and then the theremin controller all the way on the end to keep the aerial away from the synth so that you don't have to deal with random pickup issues while tweaking the other knobs. By putting it over the Moogs' patchpoints, you're pretty assured that working with the rest of the synth doesn't cause the A-178 to pick up on random hand motions near it.

First rack! I've already got the DFAM and M32, and I love them but want to expand. I'm planning to connect to VCV Rack with the ES-8 to try things out. The Disting mk4 also seems to add a lot of open-ended functionality.

Anything anyone would change? Thanks!

ModularGrid Rack

Hmmm...well, under those circumstances, you could do with one more simple VCO to beef up the sound out of the Rubicon II or to do audio-range modulation. Doepfer has their A-143-9, a quadrature LFO that can work well up into the audio range, plus it outputs four different phase angles of its sine waveform, so that if you wanted to use it as an LFO instead of a VCO, it can have the original phase curve modulating one thing, but your choice of 90, 180, or 270 degrees out of phase to do identical-but-offset modulation elsewhere. Small and cheap, too.

I'm very happy about my transaction with @Drazen for a MMG module. I paid Tuesday night and had the module in my hands Friday afternoon. Friendly communication, top notch packaging, accurate description, and super fast shipping. Who could ask for more? I'm in Calif. and he is on the other side of the planet, so I was impressed by the speed of everything. I highly recommend Drazen as a seller! He's a super professional seller. A+ 10/10!!

This is a sketched patch with ALM Busy circuits Akemie's Taiko and Mallekko Heavy Industry's Varigate 8= as a sequencer.

Bought a Make Noise Function from @Endorfinity. Very fast shipment, great condition and nice communication. Highly recommend seller, thank you.

bought a doepfer a-192-1 from @adrien
dispatched quickly and picked it up from post office last night - perfect, except for the reversed power header...

fixed in 2 mins, though

works perfectly


Another thing is I would like to be able to do is play only on the rack WITHOUT my bass. I have a Beatstep pro and a keystep. How am I doing in terms of using those to control and sequence the modular? Appreciate your input Lugia and Wiggler!!!

Thanks guys! Is there anything critical that I'm missing from the rack at this moment? Other modules I should consider to tie patches together, or get a better mix (more vcas? hah) or effects? What about utilities? I really want to be able to work and experiment with the same setup for quite a long time...

I'm sorry the original rack is still up, please click on the rack itself to review the new and improved version....

I'm a beginner in eurorack world so maybe I don't think about the right module to add.. :-)

Here is my case.. there are some space to fill..
any suggestion ? (I'm waiting for a varigate 4+)

maybe a second and better vcf (ripples), one more vca , lfo batumi ?

ModularGrid Rack

@damir501 .. second time I bought from him. Excellent communication, fast shipment. Thanks!

VCAs. None in evidence in your build, and you very much need them. Get something like Intellijel's Quad VCA so you have several in a smaller space that can also function in either linear (for CVs) or exponential (for audio dynamics) modes.
-- Lugia

Thanks lad, i was considering that. Then i thought Frames could function as a VCA. But i guess i need a proper quad VCA.

Do i need a clock? Or like random generator?

Thread: Space Terror

Audio/Visual Essay - 120 bpm

I find it hard to use... and hard to use with Reaktor Blocks.... no instructions... not sure who's fault that is... if its expert sleepers or native instruments.... seems to be an industry standard... but pretty much the only use I have for it with reaktor blocks is 8 LFOs and an input into ableton. It will not work correctly if blocks is used as a plug-in with ableton, blocks has to be used in standalone, which is not what I was expecting. Not too interested in many of the other modules in my software (NI blocks) but I guess I could try to modulate the digital shit that comes out of it... I could not get an ADSR in blocks to work, receiving and sending cv... Wish someone would make some useful videos.... probably should not have bought this without doing more research. I would sell it if I could. Make some videos Expert Sleepers.

VCAs. None in evidence in your build, and you very much need them. Get something like Intellijel's Quad VCA so you have several in a smaller space that can also function in either linear (for CVs) or exponential (for audio dynamics) modes.

P-to-V, definitely. Also, you're going to want an envelope follower so that the bass's dynamics can generate CVs for modulating filters, VCAs, etc.

Another fun soundscape source might be Evaton's RF Nomad. Nothing quite as strange and full of potential as shortwave audio.

Thread: 104HP 6U

Rings should be fine as a resonator. However, there's a lot of CV-hungry things in there, and you're definitely going to need at least one (maybe two) buffered mult to prevent voltage sag/detuning across either the VCO or VCF CV inputs. Another thing clearly missing is some sort of random definitely need a noise source, plus some variety of random signal source such as Doepfer's A-149-1 that can derive random CVs from the noise source. Otherwise, this is coming together nicely.


This is my first Euro Rack, i am not new to synths but very much so to modular.
My goal is to make a "space" ambient modular euro rack. :-) In a Intellijel 84HP 7U case. With modules that are great at what they do, and with a lot of multi functionality. Like the type of functionality of "Maths".

I would appreciate all feedback possible. Is there any module that would compliment my setup? Have i missed some crusial function that i need for it to work? Like a clock generator or such?

Thanks in advance!