Very nice trades with @robocoder & @UndercoverBrother - both items as described, packed like an effing tank, fast delivery & response during the process. Highly recommended, will trade again :)

That is nice that you have shared about the new minimal musical discourse I like it. While doing the Assignment writing for the students I like to hear it daily is an online service I get my freelance work form here.

Please look at my rack. I am almost done, with now wishing to also use my laptop and vcvrack, realtor blocks buchlA patch 200e and prob iPad too

I want to hear them all together possible to record the rack? I'm using a Yamaha mg10gx with clouds to the jbllsr308s the po32 and also not shown is a korg sq1 connected to pc usb and CV to 0coast...I am really early into this as I'm a guitar gone synth guy too...

should I get the empress effects zoia??(sp) instead to do what I can?

I have been told max msp will do alot for me but I just cant program I dont have the patience..I've tried .. anyway thanks for looking..rack is mantis009

Thread: Change Log

It will only be one of the 1000 email they'll receive about GDRP. It's been soooo tiresome already.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Thread: Change Log

General Data Protection Regulation

I did some changes to better comply with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR everyone is hammered with these days.
We never have actively collected user data but we use services from Google Analytics and other third party companies I have no idea what they do with the data.

So we have

  • a privacy policy
  • a link to that privacy policy on every page
  • an email setting, where you can turn off the pm email notification
  • anonymizer settings in GA and scripts where possible
  • the Cookie alert I thought we will never need

To counter data abuse of third parties in the first place I have deleted the Facebook and Twitter social plugins from the homepage. These are just links now.

Now someone tell me I have to send an email to the 38000 MG users ...

@tFunk sells mint-condition modules, sends them quickly and is very responsive. Many thanks for the three sisters filter :)

Hi, thanks!!!

Thanks @WhatGives great seller! Very easy going, got it shipped out quick, and the item was as described.

Wildcode Desert Sidebar:
( 40 )
* Loquelic
* Links
* White Whale
( 40 )
* Batumi
* Belgrad
* Veils
( 24 )
* Mangrove
* Peaks
* Earthsea

Buy: ;; 26hp
* Plaits
* Stages
* Maybe an Ansible later to replace White Whale.

Sell: (+ 8 38 10 14 18 14 14 14 6 12 18 40 34 14 6) ;; 200-260
(60 hp)


Voltage Block (return to aaron)

Many thanks to @mqldng who sent me a top quality MTM Radio Music, and to @LiquidYzer for his beautifully made nRings. Both items were very well packed, sent quickly and in mint condition!

Thanks @Drazen for the Sub6 mixer. Arrived quickly, and "like new" as described!
-- SpaceCowboy

Unfortunately this guy @Drazen uses unacceptable selling practices.

The case: On all of his offers on marketplace (and there are many of them) he's marked his region as EU.
Having proceed transaction with him, buying a used Make Noise “Rene” for 360€ (shipping incl.),
i was very unpleasantly surprised when realised that according to DHL shipment tracking information
he provided, the true location dispatch was actually from DOHA / QATAR !!

This means that (under the relevant laws of Greece, where I am based) now have to pay an extra fee of 70€
for customs clearance, plus an additional fee of about 50€-100€ (depending on weight, kind, etc.) for “used
electronics" tax, even if the package marked as "gift".

During this misleading info tactic @Drazen obviously applies in order to find a broader list of potential
buyers, than on his true non EU region area, now i should pay no less than about 480€ for a used item while
on my local store ( a brand new "Rene" costs 499€!

This is outrageous!

Even though cannot call this strait as a Fraud (as the extra money won't go in "Drazen’s" pocket), however it is
an extremely faulty practice and definitely a real Fraud in terms of buyers wallet.

EU residents Beware of your transactions with "Drazen Saric" :(


I recently bought an Erica Synths Midi-CV V2.
The notes are coming through fine but when I play on the keyboard the notes are reversed.
For example, when I play C1 then C2 it sounds like C1 then C0.

Anyone have an idea of a possible fix?
Is it a possibility that the module has been wired incorrectly?

Fantastic, thanks for the great tips!

Can't wait to give it a look.

Definitely both...if you're using the Maths as an envelope-like modulator, having the LFO on hand for more traditional LFO-ish behavior is a plus.

Wondering if these three will play nicely? Seems like the visual cortex is a good starting point, but i wanted to add see modules on here. What do you think?

Looking for some advice! I'm looking at the visual cortex as a good starting point, and am wondering if the two brownshoesonly modules will be good additions here, allowing patches between all three of the modules shown.

Thanks! Any recommendations would be awesome!

Hello everyone.

I am new to modular and would like to know, if my first sketch would be a good idea to start with. What do i want to do with this? Well, i want something for clicky, percussive and FMish sounds. My budget is around 1000 Eur.

Thanks for your opinion.

Hey Lugia,

Thank you very much for the advice, much appreciated!

I hear you regarding the AJH module but I'll probably just keep it and add it to the next skiff I just purchased.
I'll take your advice on the LFO and add that to the first skiff in place of the ADSR.
Doesn't the Make Noise Maths act as a good LFO, or do you recommend having both modules in the same setup?

Thanks again!

Thread: Mutigel


This has worked out well!
If the button (double-click) is assigned to the CV quantizer, it'll step through none, chromatic, major scale, minor7 scale. If there's no CV input, the scales can be played with the knob. The maj & min scales use the CV knobs position at start of record as an offset for the scale (tranposition) so it can be easily played in any key right away!
If a CV input is applied, then the Knob acts as a smooth offset for the CV so can tune any VCO/key offset. I find it easiest to patch in a dead signal, tune the knob, then patch over to the CV source and it all quantizes perfectly

Thanks again for your insight! It made the RIT_M a winner ;)

I'm interested in basically exactly what it going on here in Legowelt's studio tour


He introduces a small, contained doepfer system that generates organic drones and soundscapes.

I really really like this style of synth, and I want to sort of condense in further maybe into two rows?

How can I start?

This what I have so far, definitely liking analog VCOs, LFOs, spring reverb and the fun filters he was talking about during the talk

Added possible third row dedicated to Drums! How does this look? Thanks

Wow...that is one seriously expensive ADSR. That's actually where I'd start: get rid of it. Instead (and keeping with the preponderance of Erica stuff here), replace it with Erica's Black Dual EG/LFO. It's cheaper, for starters (so you can sell the AJH cheaply and still afford this module), and doubles up on its functions. And you do want that...having separate envelopes for filter and amplitude is actually pretty useful, hence why Bob put both in the Minimoog.

Mixer? Sure, why not? It's kind of in the wrong position, though; instead, swap it and the quad VCA so that you can control the oscillator mix with the VCAs, then the Stereo Mixer can work with some sidechaining-type patchwork (you need stackable cables for this, fyi) to send the filter to both the mixer and the Pico DSP, then return the DSP back to a stereo pair on the mixer in sort of a cobbled-up AUX send/return fashion. Also, if/when this gets expanded, you'll want that mixer to add in the signal from whatever expansion skiff you put together, so it's a good plan for the future to have that.

Sold MI Edges to @DerLatakia - very fast payment, nice communication. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I am totally new to eurorack systems and building a 104hp rack.
Just looking for advice on the setup I intend to build.
Do I really need a mixer in this setup, as I have a VCA?
Would this be an effective setup?
How could it be improved?

Modules I have so far are:
Erica Synths Midi to CV, Wavetable VCO, Quad VCA, Pico DSP, Pico Output.
The others I have yet to purchase.

ModularGrid Rack

Thank you!

This goes with a Sub37 and a DFAM. Now I have added a Basimilus module and a lunchbox mixer so far.
All designed to fit into a cramped 60HP Moog box.


I swapped out the Noise Engineering Clock Module and Clep Diaz modules for a Pamela's New Workout. Even though it has really deep menus, it seemed to be a good tradeoff for functionality because I can turn it into a bunch of LFOs when I need them.

Also, after realizing that the Tonnetz will be way sweeter if it had a dedicated sequencer, I put a NE dual clock divider next to it. To make space I had to drop the Mullet active-multiple and 2HP EV envelope.

Now I am debating about whether the Sinclastic Empaltric + Sinc Iter (functioning as either a noise for snare drum, 3rd oscillator, or LFO + envelope) is more useful than say PipSlope + OA2 pair from ALM for the 4HP.


Well, it seems to lack some complex random-type functions, so 18 of those 20 hp maybe oughta be a Marbles, especially if you're out on the experimental end of the spectrum. Ultra Random is...OK, but Mutable's new take on random is just plain nuts!

My rack:
ModularGrid Rack
(The image isn't updating, click on it to see full rack)

What would you fill the remaining 20hp with? I was going to put a SSF Ultra Random and a monome walk + ansible. But now I'm thinking maybe ad something else... Love to hear ideas!

Making mostly experimental / ambient stuff...


Great seller @PinPinKula

Easy communication and very fast delivery! Solid build gear!

No public name calling, please. I have sent you a message.

this person wont leave me alone. called me a 'cunt' because i wouldnt respond to his harassment. how else am i to report this?

Hi guys, again available now via !!!

Since today, all my previous racks are just showing empty cases.

They look ok in command center, but when i choose 1 for viewing/editing,
the racks does not show any modules anymore and i cant edit them. (data sheet is still there)
The top buttons-row for editing just don´t work, except for command center.

Any ideas whats wrong here?

Add: just tested, via mobile seems to work, but via PC won´t.

-- anticitizen1

Your data is still there.
Maybe you have Javascript disabled on your PC? Or some extension that blocks Javascript?
Which browser are you using? Try another browser to check.

Since today, all my previous racks are just showing empty cases.

They look ok in command center, but when i choose 1 for viewing/editing,
the racks does not show any modules anymore and i cant edit them. (data sheet is still there)
The top buttons-row for editing just don´t work, except for command center.

Any ideas whats wrong here?

Add: just tested, via mobile seems to work, but via PC won´t.

I bought an OC from @Virgil. Very nice guy.
All was perfect. Quick response.
Highly recommended too.

I'm unable to find the TrueGrid chickbox. Has it been removed?
-- mortarm

You are the first who recognized it. A change in the current chrome browser made TrueGrid next to unusable.
The TrueGrid project was way too ambitious and the user interface never worked very well.
Since there are tools like I thought it did not make enough sense to put more developer effort in it ...
TrueGrid is still there but it is hidden.
If MG users protest I will bring it back, but that did not happen yet ...

While on the MU format subject, given that some other firms beside COTK are now doing half-height modules, might it be time to add a half-tier option to MU? Something similar to how 1U tiles work in Eurorack...much the same row selection method could be employed in the rack creation interface, I should think.
-- Lugia

Yes, that would be a welcome addition! :-)

The CP format has the same inconsistency problem between module heights that eurorack 1U tiles have. COTK CP modules are slightly taller at 147 mm then the ones everyone else makes at 143 mm. But I guess that's just something the end users need to be aware of before attempting to add CP modules to their physical systems.

Here's a thread on Muff's that discusses the differences:

Bought an Ornament & Crime from @zfrucht

Great build with loads of options, very friendly and was helpful when there was a slight problem with the shipping.

Overall great value :)

I'm unable to find the TrueGrid chickbox. Has it been removed?

Just bought something from @Larkstarr. Very responsive, fast shipping. Great experience!

It's sort of hard to describe. Depending on which partial has had phase changes, there can be obvious timbral changes...or nothing noticeable at all. The phase-change effects get more apparent as the partials get closer together in frequency, and ultimately wind up affecting each other more than the fundamental at that point.

Of course, this is only referring to fixed phase changes. If the phase changes are modulated, then a lot of timbral evolution/alteration becomes apparent, since human hearing has problems with hearing phase in of itself, but if phase of a frequency is shifting against something else, we perceive it much more readily.

Hi Voider,

Thanks very much for your info, will give that a try.


What would it sound like if you put the harmonics out of phase with the fudemental

I've recently completed my first skiff so really just a novice myself, but if you haven't yet
I would recommend VCV rack. Especially if your interested in the mutable modules, great testing ground and its free.
Also The Befaco Rampage module is in there which could give you a better idea of what you can achieve with the Maths
(which is Awesome).

You can never have too many VCAs.

Thanks to Lugia for the input, this is the completed Skiff

If Anyone is interested check earlier post for the other gear I'm using in my current setup.
Already thinking I'll need a small utility rack (Quad VCA, mixer module, maybe the new Bastl midi module?)

And more cables...

I bought an uTemps module from @RTFM (who also built it). Overall a very nice and friendly person. Offered several customization options on buttons and knobs. The build quality was perfect. Highly recommended!

Please click on the rack, for some reason the link does not show all of my modules. Thanks!

I have put together a possible eurorack system. I am a newcomer and hope to learn modular using what I have put together here. At the moment i am using a mother 32 to try to learn the basics. I am also using Maschine Mk3 to sequence the M32 via MIDI and play drums. I mainly make music with a 4 -4 beat and like alternative / glitchy interesting sounds and effects. The aim of getting into modular is to experiment and be a more hands on instead of using software. I do hope to explore using Reaktor Blocks (hence the inclusion of ES-8) with the modular rack I build (I think) but after I have learnt the basics.

I think what I have included here is at the top end of my budget for now, but I hope to continue to expand if it goes well.

Assuming my ideas are ok what 4 modules of the above would you buy first?

Feedback appreciated, I am a complete newcomer!

I think a neat idea would be some sort of plug-in for the virtual rack system where the program calculates the ideal placement of any given collection of modules, based on an algorithm that finds the shortest distance possible from ALL of the jacks to ALL of the jacks, using the least (imagined) cable possible. It seems like there would be a cluster or arrangement that would by far be the most efficient way to make connections, for any given assortment arranged in a case.