Hi , I am making music in FL studio , looking for someone to collab , btw I also can share this sound pack which I currently use for my music projects

Thread: Aemit VCO II

10 Production PCB sets ordered.

Aemit Eurorack modules.
Variphase VCO.

Hi there, i was wondering where does the pricing on the Schippmann modules HDL6/VDL6 come from because it is significantly lower than the asking price on their websiste.


A couple of days prior I got a Phonogene from @dropthedyle at a decent cost. What's more, he's a pleasant communicator too! Goodness no doubt, practically disregarded the tough bundling and quick shipment : ) http://www.gurgaoncompanion.com/

Where should I be looking for Eurorack?



Top right in the module browser is a link Price in $.

For the nerds: The base line is performed by René (sislte ❤️ René) and the sound is clarinet waveforms run by the Disting wavetable algorithm through Erica VCF1 (Polivoks style filter). Wiggled live, for your pleasure.

what magically tiny switches are you using for this?
-- dustinosity

I bought the switches in local electronic parts store in Japan. But you can purchase similar one at Thonk.
-- ya4ki


Hello !

New here, as with modular synths as well (though long history of other, including semi-modular systems).

I bought Roland Bitrazer, which is re-programmable module (6 modules from 31 possible), and decided to build small techno-related rack around it, for gigs, small to get all stuff less than 8kg (including clothes) to carry on airplanes.

Here's my plan so far:

ModularGrid Rack

The idea is use Roland as "main" module, but mostly using it as (acid) bass, I need kick too, and it will be Bastl Tea kick, these two are only sure one modules. I also thought to add sequencer, in case running rack standalone, but mainly clock(s)/CV's coming out (Electribe 2, Bastl Kastle, Patchblocks).

Not sure where to find case + power yet, Roland would use own, external power (it uses a lot, 450mA, so not going to put that to rack power), any tips.

So, starting cheap, and small, any tips more than welcome, especially if something is wrong in this, one thing I am also wondering, euroracks use 0-10V CV (?), and my other systems 5V.

Thanks !!

Just had my very best transaction ever with @clarinet who provided excellent communication, very prompt shipping and great packaging. I would buy from him again in a heartbeat!

Dirty, lofi modular bassline and drum track ❤️ cello. I hope you like it. If you don't I'm still glad you listened. It's all good.

what magically tiny switches are you using for this?
-- dustinosity

I bought the switches in local electronic parts store in Japan. But you can purchase similar one at Thonk.

CUCKOO has interviewed the creator:

Hey guys!
I am planning a Modular Live-Set with a 6U-Rack. Im pretty new to all that stuff, but tried to read a lot.

Here it is: ModularGrid Rack

I want to get the Subbass, two Lead-Voices and my whole Drums out of the system. Then the signals shall go through an interface into ABLETON LIVE, where I can edit the tracks and put some Audio Effects like Compressors, Equalizer and Saturator on them.

As seen the TELHARMONIC provides one of the lead voices. It shall go through the MMG, who is also my VCA. Last station for it is the ECHOPHON, then out. The QUADRA and DIXIE are for Modulating/CV.

The KLAVIS is for the Sub. It goes through the OPTOMIX, then out. QUADRA for AD.

Second Voice of the KLAVIS is for generating Noise. Same signal way as above.

The AK is my second lead voice and the signal shall go through the, yet unreleased, FILTER. The QUAD LFO is for modulating the different Operators of the AK. QUADRA Signal for AD.

So far, so good.

Now there are the Drums.

The BD9 goes through the FILTER, so I can do some quick hi-pass-filtering. Filter, then out.
The CLAP, HAT909 and the PICO are going into the TRIATT, so I can send them all-in-one into my mixer, sum it up and then: out.

So there’s one last thing:

I want to sync ABLETON and my Rack with an external MIDI-CLOCK by ERM.
So in theory the MIDI-CLOCK sends the clock signal into the Yarns. The Yarns sends the clock/start signal into PAMELA’S. PAMELA’S send the clock/start signal into the SEEK.

So, thats it. I hope that it is possible to understand what I want to achieve. And I also hope, that I did not make any logical mistakes. I’d love to hear some opinions though smile


what magically tiny switches are you using for this?


Thanks, it looks like we're in the same county, so I'll definitely inquire.

and ohh.. say goodbye to your savings ;)

-- brggr

Lol, how true

Mutable Veils was my choice ... not disappointed, and the output on channel four is summed, not subtracted. Looking into Blinds as my next module ... liking the attenuverters.

Can you not contact the maker directly?

Hi Fred, apologies for the late reply. I have an M-32 tri rack as well and also need cart it around a bit. I had a custom road case built for me by Bruce Papa in New York. It is really burly, a proper road case, and I suggest you go that route if you’re serious about protecting your investment. There are other makers (just Google), but Bruce has proven to be reliable, personable, and professional all the way. Moog sells a gig bag for one Mother, but it’s a soft case and they don’t offer anything for a racked system ... just yet, though I don’t suspect they can compete with a dedicated road case maker. Best of luck!

Bruce Papa
Road Cases

looks like ~24hp not 16hp ?

I'm building this as an FX send / insert initially. Processing wise I'd like to add Clouds and at a later date something like the Belgrad filter. Modulation wise I'm thinking Function or Maths.

Anything else that would help get the most out of the modules in there already?


ModularGrid Rack


Heippa. Tämä on ehdotusten pohjalta koottu järjestelmä. Voit kommentoida kokonaisuutta alle tai lähettää spostia Viktorille/Eerolle.

Hello, I´ve been trying to find bit more rare module without success for quite a few months now. So my question is what additional places would recommend to check out other than Muff, ModularGrid and Ebay? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the input, I'm years away from ever getting as far as a build like this, which is why I'm putting in the hours now researching and learning as much as possible. By the time I get to looking at even a 2 x 104 I hope I should know what I'm doing.
Keep Patching.
-- ReactivOrchestraoftheBark

Hey Reactiv,

I write Psy-trance and have built up this small rack which I use in pair with my productions.

I'm way off ever having a psy track purely from the mod, but this has been great to get some super nice leads, especially a harsh but silky FM that resulted in messing around with the Maths for hours... wish I could remember how I'd patched it! :P

ModularGrid Rack

Hi folks,

First time poster/noob, here.

I'm building my first rack (literally still assembling things into my case) and was wondering if anyone has suggestions for some creative patches I can pull off with the few modules I have, while I work on getting my hands on some additional modules (have my eye on Maths at the moment as my next grab).

I have Rene, Wogglebug, Braids, and a Wasp Filter. I also have an 0-Coast (my gateway drug into this whole thing). Planning to clock Rene w/ a combo of Wogglebug and 0-Coast, and maybe utilize the Braids internal envelope.

Any suggestions/advice would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


You have to enter the correct width of the pedal. Everything else will be resized automatically.
-- modulargrid

That's what I do. I go to the pedal company's website to get the dimensions, but the image still won't be the right size. It'll be too small. It happens no matter what pedal I'm trying to add. :/

@kmusik great communication, great packaging, perfect dealer !!

i dont know if there is a hotkey or what i did to change the currency display on my computer.
the modules used to be listed in USD for me and are now listed as Euros.

can anyone tell me how to fix this?


3U Option 1: White Whale, Nano Rand, Quadra, Akemie's Castle, Discrete SVVCF, ER-301
3U Option 2: Metropolis, G8, Peaks, Atlantis, Optomix, LoFiJunkie

Keep: 112hp

  • White Whale / Earthsea (12hp) to swap with Meadowphysics / Kria
  • Belgrad (14hp) to swap with Discrete SVVCF
  • Nano Rand / LoFi Junkie (14hp) to swap with Ripples / Flux
  • Akemie's Castle (38hp)
  • Peaks (8hp)
  • Shades (6hp)
  • Optomix (8hp)
  • Quadra (12hp)
  • Frames which is in Canada with Aaron
    Or pack into a 3U like: White Whale, Nano Rand, Quadra, Shades, Earthsea, Akemie's Castle, Optomix, Belgrad, LoFi Junkie

Sell: 1200 (or ~1600 including Move 208)

  • Move 208 ($330?)
  • O/A/x2 ($70)
  • O'Tool+ ($250)
  • Chronoblob ($150)
  • Braids ($300)
  • Morphing Terrarium ($250)
  • Arpitecht ($250)

Would also need to buy: Metropolis, Atlantis, Streams, Mantis case. Ornament & Crime?

I'm thinking about buying a module (Bastl Ski's) that utilizes jumpers on the back which affect various operations. I have a general question about jumpers: how do they work? I mean this on a pragmatic level, not a circuitry level. Do they have a switch? Do you remove them to affect the functionality? Do you patch them to something? Hope this isn't a dumb question. I looked all over the place. I found lots of information about what specific jumpers do on specific modules, but nothing about how you actually use them in general.


@darmklacht is a good dealer, nice communication, really fast and very good packaging as well. Thanks!

Gotta say... this is a fun module, but has A LOT of hype around "the gate trick". Owned it for a while, and despite the fun factor, it sounded brittle/digital/harsh in many applications. That may make it perfect for you... but it became an interesting and expensive trick for me. Had to move on. May buy again one day... but not missing it much.

Braids is running custom firmware which makes it so that when TSRC is EXT, it requires a trigger to update the quantizer. Quantizer is set to pentatonic. I like this with the FOLD wave, which is my favorite by far. I also use the internal VCA for this but it isn't necessary.

Pressure Points rows 1 and 2 let me make rhythmic timbre choices. Row 3 lets me scale the range of CV that's being fed into Braids's quantizer.

Function in Cycle mode. The knobs let me adjust the tempo and rhythmic feel. If not using Braids's internal VCA, increasing Rise adds blips to the beginning of notes. An alternative is to mult the EOC output to Brains and Braids's trigger

Envelope animates timbre changes. Can be triggered or used in free running cycle mode.

Tides is in PLL mode. Its controls let me vary the melodic loop.


But the problem is, that MG doesn't know how a submitted "module" is just a alternative panel.

A lot of these alternate panels are submitted as manufacturer "Other/unknown". In that case you can use the checkbox in the search options to filter those out. In that case of course you loose potentially interesting real modules, too.

The best solution IMHO for integration into MG would be, that there should be a new "function" (or tag) that is "alternative panel". As a result the already existing modules would have to be retagged (no that of a big deal, I guess. If the module is "manufacturer approved"/locked, it has to be done by the creator of course).
In that case there would have to be another new filter option in the module search that explicitely excludes a certain "function".

Regarding the OP's issue and the fast-growing number of modules another function would be on my wishlist: A blacklist in the user-settings in which I can exclude manufacturers to be shown in the module search. For me that would be manufacturers that:
-merely produce spin-offs from other modules
-make modules that can't actually be buyed or built (fantasy products, pre alpha state)
-aren't active anymore
-generally not my thing, design-wise/function-wise

@bj_gzp is a very fine dealer, friendly fast and reliable!

Thread: First system

Hey, skwidsoundz, that's really good to hear. And you are welcome! Would love to know what you found helpful and useful.

abs / lexi000
-- lexi000

Hey lexi000,

I'm about 6 months into working on my rack, although I have a long experience with using VST's and some hardware - I came into this pretty lost! Your signal flow break down was the most helpful, and also your encouragement to get a MATHS (although I've had quite a few people furiously encourage me ;) ) - was also helpful.

I ended up with a Maths 2 a couple of weeks ago and am loving the functionality it's added to my Rack.

Here it is below if you're interested, and thanks again.

ModularGrid Rack

Does every module really need to be duplicated as a "Grey Greyscale Panel" or "Black Greyscale Panel"?

How far does this go? "Pink", "Red", "White", "Green"... it's making the rack planner more difficult to use and cluttering everything up.

I would love to be able to filter out all alternate panels when I'm searching for modules.

Thread: Request

Got it. What would be cool is if you could connect the review and the rating like Amazon does. I mean some people rate things badly, but they are not necessarily looking for the same things. Given this always find the reviews useful for understanding why someone rated something the way they did.

Maybe a simple thing to do might be to change the label from "comments" to "reviews" and then post into the forum using the module title and into a review category.

Clown gefrühstückt!

Thread: Request

Firstly, I general access the site from my iPhone 7+. I can't for the life of me figure out how to rate the modules I own using this interface. It would be good to make the ratings more visible as well.

Rating is not working on mobile devices. I have the feeling when I build that feature mobile phones were tiny. Have to reevaluate :)

Second, could we get written reviews too? Ratings are useful, but written reviews give context to the rating. We don't all create the same music, and we all have different preferences for UI, menu diving etc.

It is possible already in theory. On a module page you can Post in a new thread. What you put there will be displayed on the (underused) MG forum but also on the module detail page itself! This would be a perfect place for reviews but it is always difficult to get these things startet.

Was issn hier dran funny?

You have to enter the correct width of the pedal. Everything else will be resized automatically.

@brianemo is good trader, just received three serge modules, everything went pretty nice and quick

Thank to @KNYST for beeing quik and nice to write with - thumps up for this buy!

Building a sidebox "Virgil" for Dreadbox Nyx and Hades.
I want to build in an Axoloti as a programmable router.
All controled by Roland A-300PRO

Thread: First system

Hey, skwidsoundz, that's really good to hear. And you are welcome! Would love to know what you found helpful and useful.

abs / lexi000

Thread: Polyphonic

what do you think ? i need opinion about this one

Eurorack modules are capable of much higher output levels than line level gear. You can send eurorack signals directly into line level gear if you are very careful, but a mistake could damage the line level gear. It's a lot safer to have an interface module. Also, although line levels going into eurorack gear can't damage anything, the level does need to be boosted or it will be very quiet. I have the Audio Interface II and am quite happy with it.

Update to firmware changes one of the outs to signal song start to drive resets on seq's.