One of my first module, not selling. My goto module for bass :)

When putting together my distribution board, I stupidly swapped the +5v (top right) and the +12v (top left) in the molex wire terminals. When I fired it up, the board "worked." My Make Noise modules were fine, but the Στοιχεῖα (Rebel Technology Euclidean Sequencer) stopped affecting CV. The center top LED still lights, but the lower two shutter on and off, if they light at all, and the euclidean sequence does not occur. The knobs have zero effect. So, I think the Atmega 168 chip has been damaged. It has an intake limit of +6v, so if it was fed +12v, then, "Houston, we have a problem." Am I on the right track here? Or is there something else these symptoms suggests? I could just swap out the chip, right? The Make Noise modules are protected. I have rewired my board and now all is well, but I really like the Rebel module, so I hope to revive it.

Thanks for any advice.

Altoid tins on your pedalboard are used for storing your picks, capos, ear plugs, and other small items. Quite useful really.

I listened. I enjoyed!

Hello, I already have arturia microbrute, dreadbox hades and doepfer dark time sequencer and I am trying to build a fairly ''cheap'' eurorack.
I know I have to choose a VCF!
Feedback is welcome!

Now he's even pretending to have cancer and asking for donations in addition to the price of the modules. Best way to avoid fraud is to ask them to send a pic of the module before buying and then do a reverse image search to see if they stole it from online.

But yes EVERYONE SHOULD BE AWARE that @christophefur is actual human garbage who trivializes life-ruining diseases and steals from others.

I've got a CO, plus I should have the Random Sampling tomorrow and I've owned the Harmonic Oscillator in the past.

I don't know what your friend was comparing them to, but the Verbos modules are some of the nicest I've ever used. The panels are very heavy, which gives them a very sturdy feel. The pots and sliders are all very high quality and the sound is to die for.

You get what you pay for. They aren't cheap, but I would have no reluctance recommending any of their modules. I plan on buying more as funds permit.

This is the Doepfer DIY Synth:
The panel & pots/wiring is my design...

Curious, which modules did you use for this?

It's easier to get a good sine wave from a triangle core, but the triangle itself is also cleaner than the triangle that you get from a saw-core oscillator. There are also differences in the sync: a saw core more easily supports a "hard" sync that resets the oscillator to its zero point, whereas with a triangle core it's usually easier to implement a "reversing" sync. Different sound, not necessarily better or worse, but some people prefer it.

North Coast Synthesis Ltd. ( ) - fine handcrafted modules and kits
Latest Web log entry: Fun with fractal chord progressions ( )

Yes of course.
But no example of patch...



Hi Mat,
did you read this?

Hi there,
I get a Schippman VCO and i would like patch a set up with Phase Modulation.
Anybody can help me to try that with some patch examples ?

Thanks for help


Had a smooth transaction buying from @Ian_C


Here is an idea for processing audio from Logic X and record it in real time. The main idea is to take audio out, into the ladik converter, into filters in various combinations with modulation and then out again and back into the computer.
Anything missing? Can it be made cheaper? Is there anything you would replace?
Thank you.

I have had excellent snag-free transactions with all the following members either as a buyer or a seller. All were courteous and prompt (whether with payment or shipping).


I have a lot of FX processors that I would like to interface with a modular I've been planning (and half-built) recently, including both pedals and more fleshed out stuff like a TC Electronic M350, Electrix MoFX and Vermona Retroverb Lancet. Having narrowed down the decision of which insert module to go for to the above, was wondering if others could advise which to choose, because I simply cannot come to a decision.

-Both modules are 4HP
-ADDAC200PI will work with 2 external FX chains rather than just the one, which could be useful. Also, it has 1/4" IO, which would save me from having to buy several cables or adapters to convert 1/4" -> 1/8"...
-... But the SBG has more control such as send/return level and expression I/O. I'm unsure I have anything that could use the latter actually... But it could make it useful for more than just FX such as bringing in external sound sources. On the other hand, the SBG only supports a single signal chain.

I should say I'm somewhat of a newbie to all this and decided to finally go modular after trying an A100 system in a store early this year and realizing the unique and versatile sonic palette it can offer vs. the usual subtractive and semi-modular stuff I've used. I've had 84hp for a few months after a few more spent planning and evolving, so have a faint clue of how it all goes. If this is a stupid question, I'd be happy to learn what would be the right one!

Thanks for any advice!

Sold my Pip Slope to the very friendly @ghee hgt. Thank you for the smooth transaction!

Is it a plan or built? Nice collection of chaos modules anyway :-)
-- gis_sweden

Thanks very much. It's all built. I'm lucky enough to live in the same city as Andrew from NLC.

Thank you for the input.
Would you recommend a duplicate of the dual VCA that is already on the rack or should I find something a little beefier?
Also, could you explain how it is light on VCAs? I honestly don't know how to tell or what the consequences would be.

intellijel quad vca, befaco hexmix vca, Mutable Instruments Veils, Happy Nerding 3xVCA, Zblob VnIcursal VCA, ALM Tangle Quartet are some nice vca's to choose from.

since you've already started i think your rack will guide you to your next modules just fine ;)

i think your rack is a little light on vca's.
also, attenuverters seem like an essential function to have a few of.
do you have already thought about switches and how you could incooperate something like the doepfer A-151 into your patches? seems also like an nice basic building block to have.

haha, thanks Sumyupee! I'd probably disappoint you since I have almost zero skills as a guitarist. I'm mainly a drummer/percussionist and a modular synthesist with basic keyboard skills. My pedals are mainly for synth use but I'll also process other instruments and tracks through them, maybe even guitar occasionally? ;-)

You can hear a lot of the synth stuff I've done over the last 8 years on YouTube:

And I post a lot of my gear pics and short audio clips on Instagram:

Hey, here's something I did recently with guitar processed through some 5U synth modules. It was just an experiment but I'll like do some more things like this with my pedal board in the future.

This board makes me want to hear you play.

Please click on the rack. It's been updated and the new rack image will not show up.

I'm new to the modular/eurorack world. Not so new to traditional synths and making music.

I've done a little homework. I THINK I kind of know what I want in the studio based on what I like and what module research I've done.
Mostly, I want to know if my future rack is legit. Is everything compatible with one another? Is something pointless or a waste of hp and money?

I'm not really looking for opinions on the modules. I've picked some for simple functionality and some for other reasons. But if a module is not really fitting in and something else would be a better fit I'd love the feedback.

Note* I already own the Mother 32 which is why I incorporated it in my rack. In the future, it could very well be replaced by other dedicated modules.

My plan is to have this put together this winter. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Note** Please click on the rack. It's been updated and the new rack image will not show up. **

Here's my wishlist:
ModularGrid Rack

Wish this came in 12HP size.
-- Johnson

Cut down
on your wishes ;-)

Recently had excellent transactions with @usefulnoise and @jonriley. Thanks much.

Amazing need this now

Well I've finally pulled the trigger and got a case and a few modules to go with my 0-Coast. I'm now after suggestions to expand on what I have (VCA suggestions would be good) and I have an eye on pams new workout but open to any other ideas

Hey there, really nice module btw. I could advertised this like a "D-50 eurorack"! Yeahh. Lol.

Anyway, I'm not an expert but I think you could use a patch to get that sound (or closed enough). For the "Sample attack", the Radio Music (or the ONE in case it's not fast enough) are good samplers. The important part here is that they must 'jump' fast after the trigger.

After the sampled attack part, the quad pingable lfo imho is quite complex. The Doepfer complex envelope or the quad A-D (can't remember the serial numbers) and, of course, MATHS can do so much more than 'up-down-sust-down' (let's imagine the four connected:). Even more, the ChaQuo is even crasier. And there are a lot more modules to list.

About dubstep, even though it's not my cup of tea, I don't think it would be impossible to replicate with a nice selected rack. (Check the sounds of the Terrarium or the waves of nw1, they're beautiful)

I could ask others how to re-pitch the sample to use it in other note or scale, but the sample is sound, so any pitch shifter, I think, could do the work. I wouldn't use a quantizer because they are not fast enough. We are talking of ms in the attack part.

Finnally, I don't think that everything has been created, but with imagination and (lots of) study and copy of good artists I believe anyone can create anything they want in the Eurorack format.


Me (@bobje) did a nice trade with @santasan; thanks a lot!

thanks i spent some time now getting into the sequencer of yarns. but its really difficult, i think ill just use its function to midi - cv for my octatrack (if i ever manage to wrap my head around that) i believe the pico seq would suit me more (for the rnd function and no menu diving)

Hi dennis,
if you didn't find already, there is some information on the Mutable site itself, a Quickstart Guide and also a review video:


so i now plan for a bigger case, as racconiac suggested ;-D
here now with a Quad VCA. I don't fully understand the Erica Dual EG/LFO. can the LFOs be synced to e.g. a sequencer? would be a zone B.F. dual LFO fit better?
i want to use it as a esoteric sound experimentation machine

Hi thanks for The reply, im going to get a bigger case ;D i have to look up how to use The yarns sequencer, its Even hard for me to use it with octatrack didnt really work the way i wanted (lfos and arpeggios via the midi tracks) and i wanted to use one pico seq to control the morpheus filter. I find Informations / tutorials about yarns are hard to find

Whats the power consumption on this one? I was not able to find data online.

do you already know that yarns can do sequencing?
you could get an happy nerding 3xVCA instead of those two seq's.
if you want to spend rackspace for multis get buffered ones, for passive multiplication just use stackcables or passive inline mults like those:

another tipp: get a bigger case than you think you'll need.

yes needs cv or gate - :) simple mod , the lvl could be controlled with a vactrol , the on/off with gate --


That answers a lot of questions I have. Thanks for the post!

Hi folks,

first off: yeah i don't got any VCA - that bothers me a lot because i am searching for a small multi VCA wich can function as a mixer for my 3 main sound sources. i started the rack with the thought to control it per octatrack (yarns) and with my Analog 4. But now i want to use it as a standalone rack too. thats why i added the LFOs and Sequencers.
It seems to come out pretty.... droney? what u think?

I own a Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller and tried out the Complex Oscillator at a local shop. To me Verbos modules feel very sturdy and high quality. They have a nice robust pulvercoated finish/print, a clear layout with enough space and the potis have enough "weight" to them to feel good, nothing cheap at all here. The big poti caps are still out of plastic, but to me the resistance of the potis when turning is much more important for a good quality feel than anything else.
Sound is much more subjective i think, but to me the Verbos complex oscillator has the warmest sound of any of the complex oscillators, which i like a lot and would prefer it to most other complex oscillators!
Hope that helps!

Hey everyone,

Someone own one of these? I was thinking about getting one but don't have anywhere where I live to try one out. A friend of mine was able to try one out in another city and said that there products "felt" cheap if that makes any sense. I've watched video demos of it and I think it sounds awesome. Wondering if anyone could tell me about there experiences with there products.


Needs CV! :D

Hi everyone!
I'm curious to know if anyone has had any bad experience buying from people on the grid? Is there anyway at all to know more about who one is dealing with? I'm a bit worried!

positive energy activates constant elevation

Thanks to @stin-g! Fair price, patience during the transaction, answered all questions, prompt shipping and excellent protective packaging. Condition of the module received was exactly as described...

Future modules – Added the Expert-Sleepers ES-8 for in/out communication.

Thank you very much to @robocoder, he sold me his Nano Rand, it all went very well!
I recommend him!

Have you taken a look at the make noise RxMx. Very smart. Big and more expensive but for performance this module is something special. You can fade 6 channels besides some other vca functions
-- joncharliefeathers

Now this is an interesting module, I've been thinking of testing out vactrol's for a project. Have to be careful about budget so this will be out of reach at the moment but well worth me looking at in the future.

Have you taken a look at the make noise RxMx. Very smart. Big and more expensive but for performance this module is something special. You can fade 6 channels besides some other vca functions