I had a great purchasing experience with @oneirictomb

Good guy, honest seller.

ModularGrid Rack

Here's what I have so far. Any suggestions on what I should drop or add is appreciated. I do have 9-12U of space in my rack right now and this will be a slow purchasing process starting out. What I'm hoping to get out of modular is making my own sounds, anything from bass, leads, pads, drums, etc. and processing sounds further through plugins in Ableton Live. Thanks.

Thread: First system

Ah man I totally forgot to mention one huge reason Im interested in modular aswell, the effects and modulations I could use with something like guitar, I have planned a system that would work more as a effects box for guitar or any sound source for that matter, Ive researched this dimension a bit but havent found anything difinitive so it will just remain as a plan until I know more...
ModularGrid Rack

Thanks mate! Ill keep this around for reference!

Thread: First system

To be honest, when I fisrt became more interested in electronic music and synthesis little over year ago, and I saw these beast of modular synths, I was scared of them and the complexity, but more I watched videos (like demos, tutorials, 'getting started with modular' and anything I could find) of them little by little, the more I was interested in them and the infinite possibilities they offer... also I started to show some interest in making my own simple modules and such (Ive never before been interested in small electronics until now, planning to start with some simple DIY kits and a solder)... Im kinda still looking for the thing I really wanna do in life, one thing is music, that I love much to make and to listen... About the modular synthesis with MIDI, I wouldnt want the MIDI keyboard to be something I completely rely on, but more of a traditional approach maybe(?), Im planning to build up more and seek all the ways I can use the modular synths with, Im interested in the drum things and patches and sounds, self playing and generating soundscapes, and sound design is really close to my heart, like with my Korg Volca I couldnt get my hands off of it in first few days because I was having fun just turning the knobs and exploring everything I can make it sound like but soon I craved for more.... Sorry if Im kinda all over the place with my messages, I try my best to keep it bearable haha

There are many things that really interests me to build a modular system, one big thing is that its unique to me, I want to build my own custom case that I can fill up partly with my own DIY modules and many cool ones from all different companies (I built my first custom PC for myself last december, so if building custom modular synth is anything like that, then I dont want to miss out on it). Other thing is the expandability and customizability, there would never come a point when I could say ''now thats too many I need to stop'' other than in bad financial situation maybe haha. 3rd thing I think is the creativity it offers, I like to think Im creative guy with tons of ideas for different purposes and modular synth would really compliment that creativity, not to say one can not be creative on much more simpler things, like you said 'It is amazing what creativity necessity invokes in us' it is most definitely true! :)

I live in Finland, and Im not much of a traveller kinda dude but Ill try and remember to take pics if I happen to find myself at Erica :)

Thread: First system

Hey, Doc!

I'm glad what I wrote helps. My biggest realization is that I wish I had someone to help walk me through many of the modules I have. I could have covered a lot more ground in the past year+. That being said, some things are starting to click. When I started I had no idea what a control voltage is. What is a gate? What is a trigger? What's the difference?

With the Korg products you listed I can see you are already on your way. Those products are like a small doorway you can crawl through and find yourself in this HUGE arena of modular synthesis. The learning curve is steep if you're on your own. That being said, it isn't really complicated. The modules can be complicated and the patches can be complicated. It is like the game of Go: the rules are few and easy but the game can take a lifetime to master.

The desire to connect a keyboard to a modular system is understandable. Now I can see that such a feeling is misguided. Not that I wouldn't do it. (I do.) I kind of misses the point of modular. I suppose it is paradoxical. A keyboard is not the point, but it is the point if you want it to be. So, I am interested to hear what you make of the midi module. There are also so many good synth keyboards on the market and a lot less expensive than putting a modular system together.

That being said you might want to take a screwdriver to the back of those Korg boxes and see what you can jumper to what. Just a though.

QUESTION : what is it that interests you to build a modular system? For me it is the electronics (not my strength), tinkering, the sound scape, and programming an analogue computer in a physical language of patch cables. Then the meta patch becomes the most interesting part!

Here are some basic observations I've made in no particular order. And I don't direct these at you, per se, but at the modular community for reflection. Perhaps someone else will jump in here and repair my understanding or offer a different perspective.

  1. Modular is expensive!
  2. It is highly addictive. Just gotta get that next module.
  3. Everything is a control voltage.
  4. Does your control voltage pass through zero? In other words does it oscillate between, say, -5V and +5V? Or does it travel between 0V and +5V or +10V?
  5. Some people prefer self generating patches. Others prefer sequenced and structured patches. Yet others prefer the expanse of connecting a computer or keyboard to a modular system. I'm interested to explore all of these.
  6. Buy the best you can afford, not the cheapest you can find. You will be happier in the long run. If you don't have much $$$, learn to do more with less. It is amazing what creativity necessity invokes in us.
  7. After you learn how a module works, if it has knobs and buttons, then get in there and start wiggling and pushing. In other words, PLAY the module.
  8. You have to be VERY careful what you watch on YouTube (YT). There are many great videos out there to watch but there are also a lot of assumptions being made that are never addressed or offered for consideration. For example, many reviews of sound modules are run through a reverb (just a bit) to sweeten the sound. This is entertaining, but you're not really hearing the module in question. I do find many videos are good for pulling ideas which I then translate into my own rig experience.
  9. Make Noise has some excellent videos on YT that explain their modules. Consider watching these and figure out how to accomplish similar feats with your own rig. The tutorials on Rene can give some good ideas on using a sequencer for instance.

It looks like you are off to a decent start with the Intellijel modules. I will be interested to hear how useful you mind the MIDI module. I am just starting to figure out how to integrate MIDI with what I'm doing. I tried a year ago and dumped the effort. Too much else to understand first. And MIDI can feel limit(ed/ing) without the proper approach.

Well, Doc, I see you are pricing euros. So, if you are close enough to Latvia to take a trip to Erica Synths, I highly recommend it. And send me pictures. Please! I would love to visit their shop. I live in eastern Tennessee (USA) and Make Noise and Moog are just 2.5 hours from me. Have I visited yet? No. But I'm on my way. :-)

Also, right after my first post to this thread you have started, I rearranged my cases (!). Go figure. So, one of the rigs might have been empty. That has been fixed.

Something else I forgot to mention: check out the Korg SQ-1 sequencer. It's not too expensive and offers a lot. Integrates beautifully with eurorack.

I have more to write but I've gotta go...


So the last past days I've been checking so many youtube channels and on this site here and soaked so many information's that I feel almost drained. This world is very overwhelming. But also very very exciting.

So I have a few questions as I'm a total noob and I wouldn't call myself musician.

I want to build a rack that allows some kinda fun on it's own but also works with Pocket Operators and outside things. I do a little bit music with a friend and we have a few PO's and a Korg Monotron. I wanted to buy a Kastle from Bastl but then I decided to keep that money and first check this world out. I love exploring sounds, noisey or dance able.

So this rack might be super random. ModularGrid Rack
My targets are:

Low Cost and if possible DIY.
I wanna learn to solder.
I want it to be fun on it's own but also kinda working with the Operators.

So I'm planning to get a Uzeus and build a rack.
Are these 3 first moduls making any sense?

I'm super intrested in getting the Turing Machine and the Volts and the Radio Music Modul and build it myself.

Behind the Radio Music Modul are things I would love to get but maybe not at the beginning.

So thank you for your inputs. Any help is very much appreciated.

Thread: First system

Thanks heaps for your interesting reply! It really made me want to think about my rack more in depth, since this one was more of a compiled piece of stuff Ive seen on youtube that seemed interesting to me. Ive so far decided to start with pretty simple set up with Intellijel Atlantis and Metropolis and a MIDI interface (ModularGrid Rack since I figured I want to get right into playing and sequencing stuff and having possibility to expand as I go along... Ive also looked at other similar options to this like Pittsburgs SV-1 and Moog Mother 32 but this Intellijel stuff seemed the best for me from what Ive seen online.

As for my experience with synthesis so far I only got Korg Volca Keys and I ordered Korg Minilogue not too long ago (still wating for it to arrive), and I do also have Korg Kaossilator Pro... Ive watched countless synth reviews and eurorack module demos to get an idea how it all works and I think I got somewhat basic understanding of it by now, but ofcourse I need to get my hands on some eurorack to really put my mind into it! :)

As I start building my first Eurorack (by the end of this year hopefully) I will be referring to your suggestions and ask more questions as I go along, I will not spend 4000+€ at once like you said I will save up and make meaningful purchases to get the modules I really need (because I really dont got much money going around and this is very expencive hobby : D), this was just the first touch on designing a rack and getting something to refer to when I am deciding what modules to get :)

Thank you once more, very much appreciated :)

For oscillators I considered the Make Noise DPO, Mutable Instruments Braids, and Erica Synths new Black VCO and expander. I chose the Erica Synths modules because they were the least expensive. The DPO is the most expensive. Braids is a close second to the Erica Synths modules. All are excellent in my opinion.

There are many good output modules. I chose Make Noise Rosie simply because I am familiar with it and like it. I rely on it and it delivers.

Make Noise MATHS is so versitle you just have to have it around. It's an envelope generator. It's a sound source. It's an ADSR when used with the Disting module as a gate source. It's a positive or negative voltage source.

The Expert Sleepers Disting is useful in its own right, but it is also a great learning module to experiment with functions that might cost a lot more $$$ if purchased as individual modules.

Erica Synths Black Hole DSP is not strickly necessary, but it brings a lot of fun into modular synthesis. Without it it is kind of like shooting black and white photographs when you really want to be shooting color.

Make Noise Pressure Points is purely optional but can really help when learning.

I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT to point out that there are more cost effective ways to get involved in synthesis if you don't know anything about it and putting a system together. For example, Moog Mother-32 or Make Noise 0-Coast. There is also the Erica Synths Pico system. If $$$ is no object, then take a look at Macbeth Studio Systems. They have a stand alone synth which is pretty sweet and classical. I think Doepfer and Pittsburgh Modular also make stand alone packages. Finally, there is also the DIY synth voice from Erica Synths if you might enjoy building your own synth and then playing it. And it sounds pretty good.

Thread: First system

Hey, Doc! It looks like your post has been left out here with us crickets.

My Experience

I've been experimenting with eurorack modular for a little over a year now. I have two travel cases and a skiff I use. You can see my setup on my account (current system #1 and current system #2). I am in the process of rearranging my gear and selling off some modules which I hate to part with but they don't fit into my rig anymore. :-( Like Rossum's Evolution filter is a really sweet module but it's out of place for me now. You can check out my planned rig which is Erica Synths Rack v4.4.0 (horizontal arrangement). I also have a Dave Smith Instruments Pro-2 which I'm crazy about. LOVE that keyboard. Very well thought out. And a Nord Lead A1. That last one is a great keyboard synth to learn on. It helped me a lot. The Pro-2 interfaces with eurorack modular very nicely.

Your Question

If this is your first system, you have quite a mishmash of modules. It looks very much the way I started out a while ago. I had no idea what I was dealing with. However, I quickly learned how expensive modular synths can be! If you're interested in ambient sound and sound shaping to start, then you really only need an oscillator and an output module. This isn't very practical, but it can work. Let's take it a step further. I would add another oscillator or get a dual oscillator module. I see in your "I don't know what I'm doing" rack you have the Batumi and the Deeper A-111 which can work. Alternatives to this are Make Noise DPO, Erica Synths Black VCO and Expander, Mutable Instruments Braids. I highly recommend any of these modules for a sound source. Good quality and keepers.

The reason two oscillators are more fun (in case you don't know) is because you can play around with signal beating where two waves of same or different shape are near each other in frequency or an integer multiple of each others frequency. Very good for ambient.

Basic Signal Flow

By the way, since you are new to all this, the basic signal flow goes like this: (oscillator) -> (optional filter) -> (VCA) -> (optional filter) -> (optional mixer) -> (output).

The simplest pathway is (oscillator) -> (output).

A step up from that is (oscillator) -> (VCA) -> (output).

Modulation can come into any of these paths at any point. You can use an LFO for oscillation or another sound source. In fact, you can do pretty much whatever you want, just try not to put an output into an output. Many better modules are protected against this though.

I see in your rig that you have multiple low frequency oscillator (LFO) sources. You probably have too many. The MATHS module is excellent. But it's complicated. It is not so much how it works but what can be done with it. Exploring the MATHS module to fully understand it is a small job. But very worthwhile. The Make Noise manual has some excellent exercises to try. Even better (from my experience) is find someone that would be willing to walk you though it's operations and teach you how to use it not just how it works.

Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCAs) are important if you want to shape the sound by volume. And you will. However, for every VCA you will likely need an envelope generator (EG) or LFO. Typical envelope generators are AD or AR, or ADSR. Let me know if you need clarification on what these are. I see you've selected the Doepfer A-131 and the Intellijel Dual ASDR. These can work for you.

The Pressure Points module is also a good idea. It is a great learning tool and is fun to play around with. It can be used for control voltage (CV) or pitch information (to a sound source). With multiple oscillators you can play three note chords.

Wrapping It Up

If you are interested in ambient sounds and such, then I would forget about most of the modules you have in your rig. No sequencers yet, for example. (That means you would have no need at this point for a clock or clock divider.) Stay with the basic signal chain and learn how things work. It's a steep learning curve and you won't benefit from making it harder on yourself. That's my two cents.

One other thing I would recommend adding because of the joy/fun factor is a reverb and delay module. I have used Erica Synths Blackhole DSP, Make Noise Erbe-verb, Synthesis Technologies E580 mini delay, and the Expert Sleepers Disting. I would recommend the Blackhole and the Erbe-verb most for the money. And I completely forgot to mention the Disting a while back. I recommend looking into the new Disting module by Expert Sleepers. It has delay and reverb functions. It is not any easy module to work right out of the box (Os loves to be cryptic, I think. And he programs in his sleep :-). The new mk 4 disting is more accessible though. And it has many functions that can teach you what other modules you might like to spend $$$ on in the future. For example, clocks and clock dividers and sequencers. And it can convert midi files to CV and play audio and granulate! In fact, the Disting modules are also a small job. :-)

So, my final thoughts, since you asked, are start light, learn, and build up saving your $$$ for better more meaningful modules as you gain experiment and start putting A and B together. $4000+ is a lot to spend if that is what you are thinking. If it were my money, I would want to make it count. Then again you could always purchase a gorgeous acoustic guitar for $36,000. Heck. You could spend that much on a drum set!

I like to share what I learn. It helps me learn more. So, if this has been helpful to you, please...ask questions. I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

alex (lexi000)

Even though it's not DIY or pure analog, you might want to check this module out anyway. I just got one and it seems a perfect fit for the styles you mentioned.

-- Synnic

Oh lord, yes. I got to play with one at Modular Eight in Portland when I was there. Unfortunately waaay out of my price range (advanced hobbyist).

Highly recommend @meltermusic - bought a module direct from him, fast shipping, smooth transaction, very knowledgeable, hope to deal with again.

Thread: unit 02

so right now, this tiny case is a supplementary one for my 6u (unit 01) that i have planned out for some live shows i am doing this summer.
its function is really two fold. 1) it acts as an efx/processing case for everything going on in my 6u and 2.) if for some reason something were to happen to my 6u, i could still play a minimal set using just what is here in this 4u case.

This one looks sick. I like the idea of smaller contained modular pieces that serve a set function/purpose. The 1u rack above the 3u makes them more realistic sizewise.

If you don't mind me asking how you envisage yourself using this one? Like what roles in your music/sound experiments?

Nice one
-- Kayv

Thread: unit 02

This one looks sick. I like the idea of smaller contained modular pieces that serve a set function/purpose. The 1u rack above the 3u makes them more realistic sizewise.

If you don't mind me asking how you envisage yourself using this one? Like what roles in your music/sound experiments?

Nice one

Do all the modules work if connected by themselves? Also, a lot of power supplies have overcurrent protection and will shut themselves down to protect your equipment if too much amperage is drawn. It's possible you could have a power supply that doesn't match it's published ratings or a module drawing more power than the spec. Have you tried starting with just one module and adding the others back one at a time?

Even though it's not DIY or pure analog, you might want to check this module out anyway. I just got one and it seems a perfect fit for the styles you mentioned.


Below is the layout for my first eurorack modular synth. The actual case is an SKB 3U shallow rack with a Happy Ending kit. It's a bit of an odd duck because I already have the Korg MS-20 mini, Korg SQ-1, Arturia BeatStep Pro, Arturia KeyStep, etc. I looked toward adding sounds rather than duplicating functions that I already have for my first purchase. In spite of that, I think it's a fairly interesting synth even standalone. I've already gotten some intriguing sounds out of it. The guys at Control Voltage in Portland did a great job helping me out.

So now that I've explained a bit about my synth, what would you suggest for the wish list that I'll be working off of when I'm ready to add another row?

ModularGrid Rack

Cool, panel looks great!

@DSC Sorry! I thought I added the link when I uploaded it yesterday.

You should at least link to the original Manufacturer's site!

As $subject. The parameters are: DIY-only, analog signal only (I'm OK with digital control, depending), and trying to keep the per-module cost less than 100$US (flexible on that; kinda have to be :D)
I've just gotten started, and I'm already very happy with what I have. The Anushri is actually outboard of the rack itself, so I don't have as much room as it seems. Not pictured is a breakout box plugged into my MacBook Pro, which gives me two separate channels of CV (using ES Silent Way... genius!).
I'm not sure where to go next. I have a couple of ideas - a headphone out, so I don't have to rely on my MacBook for that, and maybe a second VCO - not so much for polyphony as for expanding the timbral palette...
EDIT: Shoot, I forgot to mention that stylistically, I'm interested in drone/ambient/generative/random etc...

Hy I bought a Clouds (Mutable instruments) and not work well.
There is a high sound like beep loud and I hear the sound very low.
Also Even though I follow the instruction It doesn't install the original firmware.
Someone can suggest me.


Missing som VCA
-- dsclerc

Oh, you're right; thought I still had the Ripples in there. On the subject of VCAs and filters, is there an advantage to having a low pass gate like the Optomix as opposed to having a discrete VCF and VCA?

Missing som VCA

Hi all. As a college student on a limited budget (research stipend, lol) and with relatively limited knowledge of modular synths, I was wondering whether this rack makes any sense at all. Any help or feedback is welcome; thanks!

This setup in action...

hello i am confused. my current modular, brand new assembly, does not start. there is some kind of power issue. however when looking at consumption it shoulds be fine, do you guys have any clue why? This Doepfer handles 1200 mA, in 3 rows of 400 I presume. Each row stays below 400mA. Actually even when leaving only the 3 Moogs and unplugging the rest, that thing wont start.

any clue is welcome thanks.

Great module with a lot of features in a small space. The 1.11 update fixed tuning issues from 1.0 and added some great new features.

Tried to create a rack with some gear. Somehow, stuff seemed to disappear, so I re-added it. Now I see there are supposedly, 17 modules but only 9 are actually visible and the visible ones are the only ones I actually want-- how do I find these invisible modules to delete them? They show up in the data sheet but the data sheet doesn't allow me to delete them there. Consequently, the power and price calculations are way off...

Anders S
4ms Vcamatrix
Vermona TwinVCAmp
Mannequins Just Friends
Mannequins Three Sisters
E-mu Morpheus
Qu-bit Nanorand
MI Peaks

Had a very pleasant interaction with @Weepwow - thanks and enjoy the module.

Alright to all of that.
It just expected to see my latest module on top of that list. In fact it is not.
Instead, they are sorted by some other date, probably when the module was first entered into the data base.
Am I more clear now?

It follows the same rules like a standard search. So you can sort by Newest, Popular, Alphabetic, Price, HP, Manufacturer, Depth.
All the other search parameter work, too. So you can filter for VCA or manufacturer.

When viewing the My Modules tab in the module browser I expect to see at the top of the list the module I added most recently. The order follows some other rule though. Maybe it is sorted by date it was added to the site? Wondering...

May I also recommend
Great to deal with, thank you!

Thanks a lot for your kind words, @Yochwired
Smooth, seamless deal indeed, fast payment, very good communication!
Fully recommended!


thanks a lot! you have the eye cause it's almost out of fashion now :) but I love it's analog sound palette.

I am already following you on soundcloud -you make great tracks! thank you for commenting my rack

I started a video production business 3 years ago, spent those years pretty much away from music.
Hope to come back to it and post a lot of new tracks this year!

Sync to computer offer so much possibilities, I could not pass sync-gen, very tight sync.

This reminds me of the windowlicker car

This module will let the people know about this http://sfwriterstoolkit.com/ so that the interested people could know about the sep up procedure for the best module.Hope you could find a reliable helping hand.

If you are really into long, non-repetaive drone soundscapes you should take a look at some of the NLC modules like Sloth. Something that does slow, chaotic modulation like this is a must.

Just receive the Erica Dtech VCF from @Belleville
Excellent deal. Fast shipping !

Thread: tesseract

Tesseract is undergoing a transformation. I am switching form a 126hp case to a 12u portable for live shows. tesseract will be integrated into a new system called Antiprism.

Great deal with @GOLDEG - very nice to deal with, good coms, sent me the tracking number as soon as it was posted, and it all arrived safely! Please also see his post above detailing his name change from @penrose_riots

Meat: 150,000,000,000 feeling loving animals killed in agony & terror every year for profit alone. Greatest cause of Climate Change, antibiotic resistance & pandemic obesity. Stop this holocaust, change our world, go vegan. Peace & music.

Any news on this company or module? Their website doesn't work, and it's nigh impossible to find anything else on them.
-- HammyHavoc

Also check for Zersum Inertia on Instagram. Probably the easiest way to keep up to date on future build runs / purchase.

Here is a super quick "demo" I put together for this module (IG limits you to 1 min of video):

Dette er vores fælles logbog.
Skriv navn samt hvad du har tilføjet/fjernet.

I am new here and I just purchase an Intellijel TPS30 MINI bus board. I need some beginerr advice for my first modules.
Without any musical knowledge, I want to star small and slow.
I make few options from 44HP to 60HP setup that I will like your opinion.
All the racks have the Oscilloscope DATA (16HP). I like the idea to visualise what is going on.
Instead, to mix and match brands I opt for same modules brand

Do they make sense?
Do I miss anything important, is there something I can omit?
One question that is almost shameful, where are you connecting your monitors or cans?
Thank you!

Erica and Make Noise my two favorites configurations.
In order of preference
LeRAW 60 Erica. Alternative: Black VCO instead Black Wavetable VCO
ModularGrid Rack

LeRAW 54 Make Noise
ModularGrid Rack

LeRAW 60 Doepfer
ModularGrid Rack

LeRAW 60 Mutable Instruments
ModularGrid Rack

LeRAW 44 Intellijel. Alternative: PLOG instead one Dixie II+
ModularGrid Rack

I forgot power will be on the side.
The 1U Will not be in use at the moment

Excellent transaction/trade with @behndy. Great guy to deal with.

Also a big shout out, thank you to @facklr a guru on modular, great guy who helped me through my initial struggles with figuring it all out.

My first release. Hope you enjoy.


Maintain separate sequence for drum pattern from the Neuron.