Hi all
Is anyone using the ARC ANN? I can't find any useful video, patches or hands-on experience out there. It looks like an interesting module but is it of any use?

Wow.. impressed, clean and stability, best SKIFF power source!!
already have 2 for my cases...
great module.

intellijel have no money for print a correct wiew panel???
its very disturbing my eyes...
-- razzorocket
i suppose they might would sell one if you asked them nicely enough but i just took it out and turned it around in my skiff ;)

So, there is no official inverted Triatt module by Intellijel, it's just you who posted an inverted picture? By this logic every module can be turned into an inverted version. I don't think, that this addition of yours to Modulragrid was necessary.

Thanks @somlodavid for the amazing communication and everything connected with a smooth transaction!

A+++ for the name

intellijel have no money for print a correct wiew panel???
its very disturbing my eyes...
-- razzorocket
i suppose they might would sell one if you asked them nicely enough but i just took it out and turned it around in my skiff ;)

electricity comes from other planets

lfos! diy and noise reap is cheap

get some filters and a preamp to run ext. audio up to modular level

@bj_gzp super great guy! Totally recommended.

It's already there.
Checkbox is called Show other/unknown Modules

Thanks to @Doneofzecarpats for the good transaction !!

Hey! Thanks for making modulargrid, I find it amazing to use and just browse modules, to learn what it's available and what functions everything have.
Would it be possible to have a checkbox to hide all 'Other/unknown' manufacturers from search results? This would make it just that much easier. I'd suggest it's not turned on by default.

Thread: Change Log

Haha, well done! I just noticed when I accidentally made it run away! I literally cried out "WHOA!!" ;-)

Except for the bass drum, hihat and piano all the sounds originate from Audio Damage's Phosphor. An orgy in digital sound.

Here my glitchy patch teletype driving braids into 3 sisters. Just Friends to animate everything, delay and reverb by 2hp mudules.


intellijel have no money for print a correct wiew panel???
its very disturbing my eyes...

Hadn't known that point about the Synthrotek P/S flammability issue. Filed for reference. I've also been looking very recently at Koma's Strom and Strom+ setups, too...the ability to daisychain either above OR below the control surface has some appeal, and their busboard cabling assemblies are beefy things plus the tri-color LED rail load indication is extremely handy. More expensive, but I think they might prove to be a 'worth the expense' option.

As for the Dynamix, though...I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to getting that Buchla 'plook' from the LPG, and without the Vactrols, it's just not apt to have that behavior. If staying in the MakeNoise environment was a must, the Optomix makes more sense from an audio standpoint, but I think either are a bit spendy for just two LPGs + a few extra functions. Beyond that, though, the rest of that behavior is likely better done with a few small separate modules: DC-coupled linear VCAs for CV modulation, some added dynamics modules (especially with that opto audio envelope tail!) and distortion post or pre-LPG as needed, etc. Especially if that point about a 4U case with a tile row comes into play, as VCA and Vactrol tiles are quite cheap things, plus an overdrivable signal amp for nastiness in that format is easy, too.

The Dynamix is NOT useless in this setup, in fact it is a great choice for a more west-coast type of audio processing, it's two transistor based LPGs with overdrive and sidechain compression, and can even be used as a VCA. Also, I wouldn't recommend anything from synthrotek, especially not their power supplies which are known for catching on fire. There are plenty of better DIY options out there, including one from Dreadbox(https://www.dreadbox-fx.com/hades-diy/). I would recommend looking at modules by RYO, 4ms, befaco, bastl, and particularly Frequency Central, who makes a whole line of SH-101 clone modules.

You’ll want to hear this.

Any comments, loving or heinous, will be deeply appreciated.

Synthrotek seems like a best bet if you're going to DIY your skiff somehow. I think their current green/red/blue Super Power setups offer a nice, easy integrated solution, since they tandem with their Noise Filtering busboards. Or, you could just go with a small case that has the built-in power from them as well; a 4U portable case also offers a 1U row for utility tiles (not the Intellijel format, tho) that can increase functionality on basics for cheap.

Dynamix might be a bit pointless, since my take is to go with something denser/cheaper. MATHS, however, is NEVER pointless. It's nothing but sheer CV functionality in 20hp. Do consider an LPG of some kind for easy timbral/dynamic control in a tight hp situation, though.

As for cost, I've used the following rule-of-thumb for quite some time in figuring Eurorack (and other) format cost control:

PRICE / hp = cost-per-hp.

The lower you can make that resultant product from that equation and still get the bang-for-buck you want, the better. This also predisposes one toward more sizable panels, but this isn't always the case, and the end-result isn't generally so control-dense that it makes navigating a patch and working with it in realtime a hideous chore.

Thanks to @gesta for MI Elements. Module came pretty fast and very well packed, without any technical or optical issues. Would recommend to have a deal with @gesta to anyone :)

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, what you are saying makes sense. I like that FM aid for sure.

Yesterday I went to Control here in Brooklyn to see what they had on hand. Spent maybe an hour there playing around with the ton of gear they have setup. After playing with a few of oscillators I kept coming back to the Mangrove by Mannequins. There is something about that module that just sounds so good to my ears.

In my setup I want to be able to send midi data from Ableton and receive the audio signal back. So after talking with the guys there for a bit I came up with this basic setuip if I were to go this route.

ModularGrid Rack

I wonder in this setup if the Maths and Dynamix are a bit redundant or not.

This is also a much bigger expense than just getting a NYX, especially once a case is included, and I'd still need more modules to get up to the same functionality, but damn, that Mangrove sounds good. Since I am just working on music in my spare time for fun I wonder if I really want to go down this rabbit hole or not.....still undecided.

Any idea, if I wanted to build my own case, where I would get the rails and all the parts needed for power?

ARIA stuff kind of tends to be a power-suck on startup. Unless you need the user-programmable processes, I wouldn't do those. Look instead at the classic manglers: Elby's (Serge) Triple Waveshaper, Tiptop's FOLD, Intellijel's folder, the various Doepfer distortion/waveshaping modules, etc. Cheaper, better power-draws, very capable, and smaller. Gives you a bit more room for a mixer that allows you to move from wavefold to wavefold to morph timbres, too. Also look into some 'abusable' modules, such as comparators and the like where you can 'square-off' an incoming waveform into something delightfully ugly. Mix a bit of that gibberish in with the other, and you're in Industrial Heaven! :)

Why not both? Get a patchable for your basic functions, then build up a skiff or two (or three, four, etc) with more esoteric things. For eample, a Plankton ANTS! would be nice and cost-effective, but just dropping something like Happy Nerding's FM Aid in that mix to tamper with the ANTS!'s VCOs and allow TZFM makes that $599 box WAY scarier for just the cost of that one module! Add several more, and that simple little patchable can turn into a holy terror for not a pile of cash.

This is sort of my plan for my Digisound 80, actually...adding patchables to build it up, for cheap, into a (rather portable!) monster that cuts the mustard for both studio and live use. Other stuff, certainly, will come along later...but being able to add two of those boxes plus, say, a Modulor114 and a Keystep (on hand already) will turn the original 22-module Digi into something capable of some major sonic heavy lifting. Just an example...

Thread: Top Eurorack

If you want to head in a Buchla-type direction, toss the filters and go with LPGs to get the simultaneous dynamic/timbre control. Also, add some sort complex oscillator, and that also heads you that way by getting the FM-type thing going.

For Serge without Serge, having the MATHS is good, but adding a couple of VC Slopes of some sort just by themselves to serve their own multiple capabilities would be a good idea. Also, I would consider ARC's Serge-type mixers as being more sonically right plus a better use of 'real estate'.

In either case, hunting down some sort of colored noise source with variability would also be key. Also consider a sort of 'Source of Uncertainty'-type module as a way of adding some weird psuedorandomnesses.

By default, even if you went in a heavily 'Buchla' direction, also, you wouldn't have 'exactly that' in Euro since you have only one signal patching format, not Buchla's separate control and audio patching, so going back and forth between those paradigms would be very easy, where on Buchla (200...not necessarily the 100 Series) it's not that nicely-done.

More VCAs, also: linear and DC-coupled for processing CVs. This along with the Wogglebug would be entertaining...

Lastly, sequencer. A must-do for both modalities, but you have a lot more potential methods in Euro to fit your usage idea. Turing Machine's not bad here, but also consider something a bit more 'determinate' as well.

Good start; have a look at the Elby stuff for more things Serge-like, as well.

Left hand, right hand. Mix L and R, delay L and R. Power by Synthrotek via a 'blue' version P/S. Toss in some Folktek attenuators, and stir, then jam it all into three 104hp skiffs.

As nifty as the basic Mescaline is, this sort of thing could REALLY do some serious damage, I think! Makes it a bit annoying that Arius says the run of Mescaline's modules may be depleted soon. Ah, well...

Thread: Top Eurorack

Any thoughts on my eurorack? looking for bushla/serge and noise without it being exactly that.


I'm pretty new to all this and have been thinking about buying a Dreadbox NYX or an Atlantis. Since I found this site I've been wondering what it would take to build a modular rack that would be similar to the above semi-modular systems. Could you build one on your own that would sound as good, have all the functions, and not cost as much? Or would it cost more to build a fully modular system?

I've been looking at all the parts myself but there are so many things and most people builds on here seem to be really over the top. So, I thought I'd ask here first and see what kinds of system ya'll would suggest.


Hi everybody!

I wanted to ask your opinions of what module should I by next. My workflow is based on purely sampling raw signals from my not-so-huge rack and then applying filtering and post effects on the software end. I'd like to keep it that way, so I'm looking for mainly signal processing/distortion/waveshaper modules that would produce some crazy grittyness and awesome dirt to the signal before the sampling process. Roland Aira Torcido and Bitrazer seem to be quite interesting.. any great suggestions from you guys?

yo dawg, i've heard you like synths so i've put 3 synths in your synth haha nicely done what a project, so jealous ;P

Hi. I am new to the forum and to modular.

I am getting an A-112 for the lo-fi sound and for experimentation.

I have been told that there is a Java programme (replacing the windows 95vesrion!) To allow for midi dumping of samples and wave tables.

Any knowledge of this?



Thread: What now?

Another voice? One more VCO, perhaps a Dixie II or something more exotic.
Definitely a VCA, the one in the MOOG is dedicated to itself.
Envelope Generator,
Perhaps a Maths - it serves many functions LFO, voltage source, you already are showing the face-plate/blank :)

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* Make Noise 7U w/ CV bus (700)

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Ah. Thanks!

There was a second Liquidus which was uploaded by another user. I have unlisted that.

When I do that it shows only one copy of the modules, but in the modules tab it still shows duplicates. Do I need to delete them and reload them?

If you have uploaded them yourself click on Me: Brother Theo in top navigation. There should be a delete button next to your submitted modules. It only works, if those modules are not yet assigned to racks, though.

ModularGrid Rack

Hi all - I'm trying to build a system specifically for sending in a bunch of external signals for live remixing purposes. The idea is to have everything available in stereo with Aux sends included for bringing in additional external effects. Thoughts? Is my rack workable?

Thread: What now?

Hello this is my rack now. What is missing? What can I add now? please consider that m32 and 0 coast are not in the rack but in their cases, so space is not a problem. My goal is to have a noise/drone/ambient system but also standard sounds. Thank you

I somehow got duplicate module entries. How do I delete them?


I just discovered that the configurator lacks an easy was to add power to the system. I would be nice if it was an option to add power solution after case is picked. There are a few solutions that give info about how many MA they can provide like 4MS, Koma, Intellijel and others... That would be rally handy to just pick one and see when the power is exceeded or not by the total amount of modules.

Hi..i used the direct installer rather than Gobbler. Seems to install OK and license has showed up and activated in iLok but the module does not appear when I launch Modular. Every time I install a new module in this vst something seems to screw up

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Fulltext search

That first input field in the search that used to search for module names and in description now also searches full text.

You cannot catch the cat

Users had issues with the cat overlaying over info and add buttons. The cat will now run away in a sinusoidal movement with inverted acceleration when you hover over it.

Seems to be a forté among modular users. I tried my first generative patch the other day and it was rather fun! Post your best generative patch.

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Yeah! Nice System :)

Niceee :)

1) delite mix out
2) end AR channel 1-2-3