Send/return is too rare in modular, but this goes way beyond. I’ve moved most of my effects out of the rack, but this makes me start to rethink that.
-- subframe

The one really cool thing about adding an input attenuator to The Cursible... Makes it easy to use with pedals! I’ve got a batch of 1/4”-1/8” cables that I use for exactly that. Might not have to rethink too much!

Send/return is too rare in modular, but this goes way beyond. I’ve moved most of my effects out of the rack, but this makes me start to rethink that.

Hey guys! Thanks for the comments! If you want to subscribe over on YouTube I will be trying to upload regularly :)

The patch notes are also really interesting. I need to document my setups better, and your descriptions style should work quite well. I started actually documenting ins and outs of the modules but that's way to tedious.
-- zuggamasta

Yes, I was planning on documenting all the connections but my laziness won over me.. hehe I just thought that doing a quick rundown of what each module was doing would be enough.

Hi Brunomolteni,

Great track and nice video you got there! I loved that sudden change at 1:17, nice surprise :-)

Oh wow, that sound between 5:55 and 5:58, so fantastic sound, I love that! He, he, and the ending of your track is massive!!!
-- GarfieldModular

Thanks Garfield! Yes those sudden changes are hard to pull ( and a bit of a nerve wrack when recording) but when they work they really work hehe.

That moment at 5:55 is basically quickly muting the drums while at the same time triggering a fill on both the gates that trigger rings strum and the note changes on the XIIO arp, which is set to a c minor blues scale with up&down direction, basically results in quick melodic lines that contrast to the rest of the song where is mainly repeating the same note with slower triggers...

Hi Brunomolteni,

Great track and nice video you got there! I loved that sudden change at 1:17, nice surprise :-)

I know why your track sounds so fantastic... you got help from TinTin and Snowy! ;-)

Oh wow, that sound between 5:55 and 5:58, so fantastic sound, I love that! He, he, and the ending of your track is massive!!!

Enjoy your (sonic) adventures with TinTin and Snowy and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Lugia, I will keep this in mind since an Erica Synths case would fit my planned Erica mobile build goal. I do like the amalgamod and nono cases a lot of these have 300+HP of space in a small form format and are light. It would be great to put the two Erica Synths sequencers plus their modules and some more drum, utility and logic modules in it for crazy techno trance or ambient fun on the road. Probably won't buy until later this year. I've been having way too much fun dialing in my Angle Grinder and Hertz Donut with my Stillson Hammer/Metron as well as learning to create melodic songs on my Doepfer monster case with my Eloquencer sequencer.

I also had a look at this, and right off the bat, several problems were apparent. One that really typifies the issues here is the placement of those Erica PICO VCOs., two 3 hp modules, itsy-bitsy knobs, very closely spaced and on the same "plane". So...let's say you're playing live, and the first VCO gets a bit out of tune. So you quickly grab that and try and adjust the tuning on the first one...but you snag the SECOND one with the topside of one of your fingers and knock THAT out of tune as well. Now BOTH VCOs are knocked out of whack, and things start to get...not good. But because of the tightness of the control surface here, frenetic attempts to correct matters results in even more ugliness, then someone in the crowd gets riled up and chucks a bottle at your head. You wake up in the ER a couple of hours later with a concussion, then a nurse brings in the remnants of your modular in a trashbag after the incensed crowd has exacted its revenge on the hapless machine.

OK, so that's a BIT of an extreme example...but it does point out that you not only need to be considering WHAT goes into a modular, but HOW it goes in as well. If you have controls that require careful adjustment, it's ALSO important that you include the right amount of hand clearance between everything. And this has a number of points where a slip of a finger can lead to pointless difficulties...all avoidable by just being careful about layout and ergonomics. This doesn't merely apply to synthesizers, but ALL musical instruments...and mistakes about the "playability factors" invariably leads to abandoned instruments.

Case in point - this is a picture of a trumpet:

And this is ALSO a picture of a trumpet: However, unless you happen to be Ben Neill, you're going to have a lot of trouble with the second trumpet if you're used to the FIRST one. The vast majority of trumpet players would find Neill's Mutantrumpet massively confusing...which is why you don't see very many trumpet players sporting horns with three bells, Rubik's-cube-style switches and knobs, and two-plus sets of valves.

Effects send MATRIX? You people are sick, sick, sick...and of course, I approve!
-- Lugia

Haha yep, and thanks!

Sequence/morph/switch your signal through your effects!!!

Well, if the original choice was one of Intellijel's portables, the Erica seems like the closest still get that "you-can-beat-the-hell-out-of-it" metal case, which if the objective is to safeguard the electronics inside, is definitely the right move.

Effects send MATRIX? You people are sick, sick, sick...and of course, I approve!

I really enjoyed this track and the view :)

The patch notes are also really interesting. I need to document my setups better, and your descriptions style should work quite well. I started actually documenting ins and outs of the modules but that's way to tedious.

Sorry, I wasn’t aware. I won’t do that again.

Josh Myhill

A bit of techno done with Rings ( Rangoon ) as the bassline, Ts-L as kick and Pico drums as Hats... Played around a bunch with LL8 performance view ( rolls and mutes ) and also used Dreadbox Splash frequently, making the bassline fully wet to create tension and release it by switching it to fully dry. Stages as a step sequencer moves Rings damping around to create the variation between long and short notes.

hope you guys enjoy!

Patch notes:
Instruo Ts-l as kickdrum
Calsynth Rangoon as main bassline
Erica Pico Drums as high hats
Dreadbox Splash as reverb
Mutable Instruments Stages as envelope generator and step sequencer
Doboz XIIO as arpeggiator and note controller.
Robaux LL8 as gate sequencer
Super Vcas as vca.
Synthrotek MIXIV as mixer
Music Thing Startup as mixer and clock generator.

re mixer (and vcas) always get more channels than you think you want right now - you will almost definitely need more in the future!

just looked at the revised rack - too many 'feature' modules not enough support modules (common noob mistake)

for a 6u rack maybe 2 or 3 voices at most - as you have other external voices - I would reduce this further (only 1 or 2) the interesting stuff most of the time is not the sound sources themselves, but but what you do with them

go and read a load of other noob needs help with 1st rack posts - you will see the same thing time and time again...

It's best to make things like this private...

Thank you everyone these are good choices for a travel flight modular case.

@Garfield- the problem is a supply shortage from Intellijel as they never have any cases in stock. Hopefully this ends after covid.

My goal is to put a fly rig together for after covid ends so when I visit Europe and Latin America, I can bring a portable modular rig and travel guitar setup to jam with musicians. It would be fun to visit the Befaco, Doepfer, and Erica Synths labs as well.

Thanks Garfield,

Well I cannot be presumptous to think I will reach that high level perhaps with years of practice and recording and also adding new partners to a band one day. I love sequencers they really are the secret spice for song composition. I mean modular is great with variety but the mix of sequencers creates the song. I am good for long time on sequencers until I get more cases and modules hehe. Vector and Black Sequencer look fun. You have a great setup with your complex sequencers as well. I like the Metron for drum as it feels like a mini drum pad in how the soft touch buttons respond. That said, I do want some more Erica Synths modules in the future and the black sequencer when they update firmware a few times.

If you need the voltage offset, this module requires the channel above the channel to be offset to provide the voltage. So in effect it's 8 channels, but only 4 can provide offset. I got it to provide offset to OCHD, so this was a disappointment. This could be better documented.

Hi Sacguy71,

Wow, lots of sequencers. Soon you become the new Tangerine Dream ;-)

Well yes, the Ground Control has still not been released and the Black Sequencer just has been released but then I bought the Five12 already, so both have bad luck. I am going to use for a while the Five12 - Vectron with the Drum Sequencer (Erica Synths).

Glad to hear that the WMD Metron has found a nice spot in your MDLR case!

Have fun with them all and kind regards, Garfield.

Thank you all for your responses. i greatly appreciate the nudge in the right direction here. i revised the rack and essentially did what Jim said. i do not know a lot about what these modules do yet. i understand the idea behind a few but others i do not. i do know i want to have a good stereo field so i think the stereo mixer and headphone outs are good for me. I may be wrong but idk. This is still a draft and for the most part i only have modules that other people said were good and/or that i thought looked interesting. i plan on fully researching any module i purchase until i know enough to be dangerous.

i really appreciate you all taking the time to give me some really good advice and a place to start!

Modular Noob

Thanks Garfield,

No, I have the WMD Metron with Voltera and Axxent expanders along with Stillson Hammer sequencers in my 14u MDLR case. The Eloquencer lives in my Doepfer monster base case with Varigate 4+ sequencer. My travel 6u case has Pamela New Workout, Euclidian circles v2 and Mimetic Digitalis. So I have sequencers covered for my three modular cases. Thus far, the Eloquencer is my favorite of the sequencers as it is super easy to use and program on the fly for more intricate melodic compositions. For percussion, the Metron is super awesome. I am waiting to see what happens with Ground Control and for future firmware updates with Erica Synths Black Sequencer. If I get more sequencers for new cases, the Vector with expander would be fun plus Erica Synths Drum Sequencer.

Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.
-- farkas

Thank you!

Hi Sacguy71,

Fantastic melody you got there! Sounds indeed like a very nice handy module that Eloquencer. So you are going to throw the Metron in the bin? ;-)

Today your sound in your video isn't very clear, it sounds a bit "distanced". Is/are the microphone(s) too far away, not taking an output signal for recording your music? Your video is great though, can see you nicely working with the Eloquencer!

Thanks a lot for sharing this jam, have fun with the Eloquencer and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Sacguy71,

What's against the Intellijel 7U 2*104 HP? Seems to be a pretty light case.

And indeed as already mentioned by Lugia, that Erica Synths case is certainly a good option too:

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Zuggamasta,

He, he, nice one. Some nice sounds you got there! Just a bit before 07:00 that sounds like one of my synth-frogs out of my pond ;-) Lot's of fun that sound!

Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Kallax I

Hi Glennbech,

Ah okay, understood now :-) Well yes, a fun idea however I agree here with JimHowell1970 that get yourself some wooden panels/plates and build yourself the case might be an easier option.

Anyway, in case you go ahead with the Kallax, then I can't wait for a picture once you have it ready and the modules are mounted :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Hello everyone

I hope this is ok to share here.

I’m super excited to share some news and let you know that The Cursible is now available for preorder. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, The Cursible is a 14HP wide, 6 channel, morphing effects-send matrix with an incredible feature set and a vast amount of applications from morphing / sequencing through and blending effects through to cadavre exquis style mixing of sound sources or controlled voltages.

The Cursible is developed and manufactured by Erica Synths and with a successful crowdfunding campaign (150 pre-orders) will be available early May. The Cursible has been made available for preorder now through an in-house crowdfunding campaign.

More info can be found at

Curiously enough, this might be another "Uli to the rescue" situation, since B.'s 2 x 140 cab seems like the RIGHT fit here. I didn't recommend it, though, because I've not heard any feedback about the power supply setup...durability, stability, noise issues, etc.

yeah agree with everything Lugia said

the 6u/104 case was really just for a starter system to get the feet wet!

Check this Erica...208 hp capacity, MONSTER power capacity, all-metal construction. I dig how Erica goes all out on their power, also...very beefy 2.5A on each 12V rail, split as 1.25A for upper and lower since they use these integrated P/S + busboards, which is another plus as you don't have to worry about DC wiring inside the cab coming loose in transit.

Interesting a very real sense, you've managed to come up with the modular synth equivalent of a Roach Motel: patches go in, and sounds can't get out.

Jim is spot-on with the point that you need to go with a bigger case. For one thing, if you're playing the guitar and realize that you need a tweak, the LAST thing you want is a super-tight interface, with little modules, knobs, and tight real estate. Remember, that thing is going to be festooned with patch cables when you're using it, so you want BIG modules, with BIG primary knobs (like your VCF cutoff) so that you can make tweaks while still maintaining optimal control of your axe. Case in point: That is the very coveted EMS Synthi Hi-Fli, made by the same people who gave us the VCS3 and Synthi A, and most famously used on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". Now, while this is something used as a guitar effect, you'll notice that the EMS designers made sure that there was ample room to grab the right control by a guitarist that would be far busier on the strings. Your build needs to be closer to THESE ergonomics, and not like the initial build above.

And as for "generative"...I'm still boggled by users who feel that they can do a tiny 3U build and still think it's capable of doing the amount of self-regulation that, well... Now that there is a REAL generative system in MU format, assembled by Joel Chadabe and Dr. Bob back in the 1970s at SUNY Albany. It's a And even if you shrink this down to Eurorack size and make ample use of multifunctional modules, it's STILL going to be larger. You're missing loads of things needed for this: comparators, logic, CVable function gens, discriminators, etc short, all of the self-regulatory functions that make generative generative. I'm even inclined to think that Jim's suggestion of 2 x 104 is too small to really get this right, especially if you get the ergonomics nailed.

I'd suggest spending some time studying MG builds done by experienced synthesists/builders that use generative/stochastic principles, for starters. Second, if you don't have a copy of VCV Rack, get one, as it'll give you a lot of insight into what's necessary to get that sort of build to work. Toss this build, then come back to attempting one AFTER you've sorted out what this will actually entail.

Look at Case From Lake in Italy :

I’m wondering if this is a decent starting set up?

too many shiny big feature modules (chord, uO_C, disting ex, plonk, monsoon, merge) and not enough support modules

for these modules to really shine double the size of the case and fill the rest mostly with utilities - if you think of the modules as silverware that needs polishing - utilities are the polish

there are no vcas - you almost definitely want these - a quad cascading one, such as veils, is a good start - modulation and modifying modulation in different ways - matrix mixer (to combine different waveforms, vcas (to reduce/increase the amount of modulation)

how are you intending to sequence? are you intending to use a pitch follower? disting?

are you intending to use external effects only? no cv controlled reverb, delay, etc etc again disting?

I'd be really surprised if you need either 6 sample and holds or 8 lfos in this size case - or even a 6u

it's difficult to turn knobs whilst playing the guitar - an expression pedal interface (or 2) would be a good idea

I would not recommend any clouds clones at the moment - clouds 2 is around the corner - also almost all versions of clouds (including the original) need external modules to use them to their best - specifically attenuators/attenuverters for cv inputs

as an engineer I would suggest maths as a great starter modulation source - more control than ochd - and it's a great learning tool for modular in general - see the maths illustrated manual for 32 patching examples

I would also strongly suggest bigger case (6u/104hp minimum - unless you want case buying/building to be a hobby), fewer modules (don't worry gaps are fine - they will fill soon enough), more research - much, much more research... try reading a few dozen - "I'm a guitarist wanting to get into modular" threads - there are countless - here, muffwiggler, reddit... and think about what the general advice is! then start again

Hi I’m new into eurorack but an engineer outside of it. I’m wondering if this is a decent starting set up? I’ll be grabbing modules as they and funds become available. I’m kinda going for generative, random, unsynced stuff that follows my guitar.

Pittsburgh Modular suitcase racks are quite nice.

Toodee ...very very much appreciated !!!
and many thanks to all advices again !

yes you can - it says so in the description

"Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier and Cascaded Mixer"

the important part is "Cascaded" or "cascading" - if a multiple vca says one of those 2 then it is also usable as a voltage controlled mixer

Can i use the quad vca as a mixer??

I think it is back now!
Phewww!!!! Relief!

Hi everyone,

So I am looking at a lighter travel case that can fit new modules for future trips after covid ends. Looking at custom builds from Amalgamod and Nono modular

Thoughts? I love my MDLR 14u case but it weighs a lot!

Maybe add a filter and attenuator?

The whole site must be under maintenance or something cause everything moves like really slow and the screenshot preview stays on the screwdriver image no matter refreshing it...

Or better still, you find an MXR Drum Computer with a blown-up sequencer but 100% intact ROM voices, and you make a pigtail for the triggers off of the Molex on the back, then feed it with pretty much anything that can kick out the right signal! Definitely optimal, just not all that likely.

Right...the Nearness gets one stereo in, the Doepfer mixer a second, and the Fracture has its own input pair on the 3x Mix. Plus, now that you DO have everything in stereo, it should make much better use of the Monsoon for processing the overall mix. That's the funny thing about the nearness, LOOKS like some sort of nothing module. But for setting up things like drum submixes, it's perfect for that. And if one or two levels into the Nearness seems a little too hot, you can send them up to an attenuator on the Quadratt and back 'em down a bit. Super-easy!

Oh, and don't forget that passive LPG in the tile row...send that some pink noise and hit it with a fast envelope, and you get yet another percussive! Lots of neat functions in that build...

... wow. This is crazy.
I didn't think it was even possible to get all this control over your mixing, in such a little space, without sacrificing too much modulation. I had to read a couple of time to understand how Takaab Nearness mixer works, haha. But it looks like a cool useful piece of gear. So basically I can pan every voice from the Soundforce module and then send the outs to the main mixer (Happy Nerding). Splendid.
And also PWRchecker, great addition! Thank you so much!

yeah it's already been noted that links aren't working properly - blank or this by the look of it!

Thread: Kallax I

It's actually an open piece of furniture, with four equal rooms. I probably used the wrong term for cupboard. Just google IKEA kallax.
It will add a piece of retro / high tech / geek touch to any living room. I didn't find any bus board and power supply combo for this size, so I'll be startibg
With flying cables.
-- glennbech

I think the befaco lunchbox power supplies will fit

I think shelving unit would be the best description

you are going to end up with a approximate 1.5" gap in each section at either the top or bottom

to be honest getting some wood from the local diy store (if open!) is cheaper and easier to get the right size for rails etc screwing together etc is pretty easy - rather than getting rails the right size or cutting them yourself - remember you'll also need brackets for the rails so you can screw them to the insides of the shelving unit

Weird - why is the rack showing in the post different?
Let me see if I can fix that ....

Hmm - regardless of what I do, it's not showing the full rack in the post - neither is the link you posted.
Copying the link directly to another browser works fine though. Looks like we have a forum bug maybe ...

...for trying to find a bridge between the current Intellijel vs Pulplogic tile mess! EVERYONE making tile modules needs to have a look at what they're doing here!

and so simple it's clever

And I'll also point out: if XODES can come up with a full series of drum tiles, this could go some distance to fixing the "drums don't work with modular" issue. You could easily devote a tile row to this, along with the requisite mixers, etc, and this keeps these types of modules OUT of the 3U rows, meaning that you'd have the space for the intensive sequencing needed AND space for the rest of the build as well.
-- Lugia

but the drums do work, they just cost you more... much, much more!

and even then not necessarily - I use a fss portland, which I built for under €300 - or a set of prok drums and a cheap mixer isn't much more - of course you need a soldering iron...