I'm looking to use a MIDI keyboard with this. Would I need to add some kind of MIDI interface, like a Yarns (or perhaps something even smaller)?

Also, if I want to get the 008 to sound unstable or if I want to add envelope capability, would it be as simple as just adding an LFO and/or envelope module(s)? If so perhaps someone could recommend a small, simple unit, perhaps even one that does both? Thanks!

what's your goal man? this looks like 3 sound sources and a tape echo. Is that what you want? where's your modulation source? what are you going to use to control it with? do you have a sequencer? You have no mixer to blend the oscillators in and no way to control / modulate them.

Thanks for the reply, and I really appreciate the help! I guess I'm used to thinking of things much like a simple guitar pedal signal chain, with each unit simply taking that one signal and modulating it with its own flavor, etc. and passing it on. So I hadn't considered the usefulness of a mixer. Also I know sequencers are huge in the modular world but I'm not big on them. My plan is to play music through it via MIDI keyboard, and to modulate/manipulate the sound via the various eurorack knobs.

You'll see I've just updated this sketch by adding a dual LFO (mainly for modulating the braids and the Modal 008), and adding a Clouds (more modulation) and a tube mixer before sending it to the Strymon. Do you think this would be a pretty complete setup for what I'm trying to do? Also, perhaps I'll need a MIDI converter, like a Yarns? Thanks!

I've just added some sequencing options for manipulating clouds, etc., and a duophonic MIDI interface.

If you plan on playing your oscillator/s with your sequencer in musical scales you will need a quantizer.

Thanks wiggler55550. I may be wrong (bear with me), but the Yarns youtube review and the user manual seem to suggest that it could do quantized sequencing, which I could potentially use on musical scales or just on values (to affect, say, the Couds "position" or "freeze" values), and that I'd be able to independently play MIDI notes (on, say, channels 1 and 2) while the sequences are being sent (on channels 3 and 4). Does that sound right? If so, perhaps I could just get Yarns to be a 3-in-1 (MIDI, seq, quant) for my purposes?

Also if anyone out there is wondering whether I'll allow them to buy all this gear for me, well you're in luck, because the answer is "Yes."

So apparently that Erica Synths Pico SEQ offers "Quantised CV output – 7 different scales."

I would want a quantizer that can work with CV from other modules. Not sure about this one.