News from the Labs all of them

  • Feedback TWO59 VCO Feedback  Mar 10th 2017, 14:28
    The TWO59 is an accurate recreation in EURORACK format of the VCO/LFO section of the most sought after vintage west coast complex oscillator. Because of the triangle core, the VCO's work very well for FM modulation.  
  •  Mar 9th 2017, 15:42
    Check out the new Q173 Gate Math module And the Q179 Envelope++ module: 
  • PMFoundations Ring Modulator PMFoundations  Mar 8th 2017, 22:34
    New Ring Modulator. Pure analog with SMT. 
  • Copper Traces Seek Copper Traces  Mar 8th 2017, 19:44
    Copper Traces is excited to announce the release of our first module! Seek is a compact 64 step CV/Gate sequencer in 12HP. It is currently available from multiple retailers in the USA including Control, Analogue Haven and Perfect Circuit Audio. 
  • Klavis Twin waves Klavis  Mar 8th 2017, 13:06
    Klavis is a new name in the modular scene. Our focus is on versatile designs with intuitive interface. The driving idea behind the Twin waves Voltage-controlled Dual Oscillator/LFO is to offer two interesting oscillators in a skiff-friendly and compact size. To achieve that challenge, we built the product’s architecture on the concept of pre-defined algorithms, where the most useful configurations and their matching parameter are ready to use. 
  • CaviSynth SEQ-UFD CaviSynth  Mar 6th 2017, 19:37
    The firmware V2 available now. Why to upgrade ? V2 turn your 8 step sequencer like a 8 clock divider with a new mode and that is a good reason ! 
  • PMFoundations 3080-VCO PMFoundations  Feb 28th 2017, 17:20
    One day left for 10% off on 3080 VCO module. Use code NEW10FEB at checkout. 
  • Moon Modular  Feb 26th 2017, 13:22
    Works on our "517S Voltage Controlled High Pass/Low Pass Filter" is progressing well. The 1st prototypes have arrived at the Lunar HQ recently. 
  • Moon Modular  Feb 26th 2017, 13:21
    The 569LE Quad Lag Expander - shown at NAMM earlier this year - is now available for purchase at your favorite store(s).  
  • Steady State Fate Modbox Steady State Fate  Feb 6th 2017, 16:42
    Newest addition to the SSF/WMD collaboration series, MODBOX is a compact 6hp dual LFO and S&H with noise. Many useful features packed into this design - check it out! 
  • Seismic Industries  IPS – Interruptible Power Supply Seismic Industries  Jan 27th 2017, 10:01
    IPS kits in stock in my webshop now. Orders can be placed now. but will be shipped from the 6. february 2017. Get yourself a fancy powersupply that lets behave your modules different. over and out :)  
  • Qu-Bit Electronix Contour Qu-Bit Electronix  Jan 19th 2017, 18:14
    In stock. Now shipping! 
  • Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Rimshot Hexinverter Électronique  Jan 19th 2017, 17:40
    NAMM2017 is upon us, so here's the newest member of the Mutant Drum family - the Rimshot! 
  • Radikal Technologies   Jan 7th 2017, 04:15
    We added a new module to our module listing - the RT-1701 "EFFEXX" Multi Effect Module. 
  • Vintage Synth Lab AWM-3 Vintage Synth Lab  Jan 3rd 2017, 04:55
    VSL is excited to announce our latest module, the AWM-3, an analog three-channel wave-folder, with independent positive and negative bias control over wave-shaping, an added compressor feature for each channel, and multiple mix output combinations, including matrix mixes. 
  • Møffenzeef Mødular Deviant Møffenzeef Mødular  Dec 29th 2016, 23:53
    Deviant now in stock at ur fave synth shop :p  
  • Radikal Technologies   Dec 23rd 2016, 15:15
    We are proud to announce that we just started shipping the first units of our swarm oscillator RT311! 
  • Steady State Fate Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer Steady State Fate  Dec 16th 2016, 19:10
    SSF is happy to announce that our latest SSF only release in 2 years is now available - The Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer! We are super stoked on this very powerful and modern alternative of a bass drum synth. We hope you have as much fun with it as we are! Bass in ya face! 
  • AI Synthesis AI003 Looping Envelope Generator AI Synthesis  Dec 5th 2016, 19:38
    We just released the AI003 Looping Envelope Generator. Available as pre-built or DIY with full video build documentation. There's never been a better way to enter DIY!  
  • AniModule STD AniModule  Nov 28th 2016, 00:11
    New Release!!! The AniModule STD! (Syncopated Timing Disruptor) It's Great! You're gonna want to give an STD to everyone you Love! It's a Dual Channel Tap Tempo Clock with CV Controlled Multipliers / Dividers and Multiple, simultaneous Logic Combinations. Check it out! 
  • CaviSynth SEQ-UFD CaviSynth  Nov 17th 2016, 15:06
    Hi folks, SEQ-UFD is now availabl in full DIY kit ! 
  • Free State FX  Nov 16th 2016, 17:03
    FSFX 107 Supra Resonator (aka Rings) Pre-Order open. Please visit for more details. 
  • horstronic  Oct 18th 2016, 15:33
    DIY Eurorack modules/ Custom modules build service/ Synth repair 
  • Grayscale Ornament & Crime (Grayscale panel) Grayscale  Oct 16th 2016, 21:43
    Now taking preorders for Ornament & Crime panels. 
  • CaviSynth SEQ-UFD CaviSynth  Oct 14th 2016, 06:34
    The SEQ-UFD is available now on the Cavisynth shop! 

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