6 HP
36 mm deep
Current Draw
90 mA +12V
35 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$150 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

8 Channel CV/T/G WiFi rtpMIDI / touchOSC with MIDI out & Clock

At last
Wireless control of modular outputs from a computer, iPhone/tablet, or remote location via WiFi!
This has long been a dream of mine, to reduce MIDI cables and have portable control over anything T/G/CV controllable.
Using this module with an iPad, iPhone, or even a laptop is so much fun it should be illegal!

The 8 main outputs are unique in that the can become anything depending on which MIDI/OSC messages are programmed to them. For example, if sequencing from a DAW, 8 "special" MIDI notes and their velocities can be used to control 16 individual modular elements if they are patched to "Y" to a trigger and a CV input, or just a fast change CV output resembling a sequencer.
If a jack is set to "All notes" then it becomes a 1V/Octave CV, a "Vari-Gate" at 1V/Oct or using velocity, or a simple gate from any note. Multiple jacks can be assigned to a single MIDI channel so 1V/Oct, Gate, and velocity can be pulled from these notes.
If a MIDI control change is sent to any one of these jacks that is set to that CC#, the jack will be taken over by that instead. If some MIDI notes are sent on another MIDI channel, the associated jacks are re-taken over by that. The jack's routing is from multiple sources and modes which provides great flexibility!

As most know, the MIDI CC resolution is only 128, so can be a bit steppy for modular use. So an intelligent smoothing mechanism has be put into place to reduce this. With touchOSC, the WiFiMIDI can achieve full resolution of CV output, which is already smooth, so is a non-issue. MIDI Pitch Wheel (higher resolution) is fully functional to send to any jack to become +/- 5V.

Still in the development stage, the SDS Digital WiFiMIDI module is holding great promise and should be available to everyone by May 2017


(touch)OSC / MIDI integration
• Simultaneous control of any jack/function from both OSC & WiFi MIDI
• Complex "multi" OSC sequencer control
• touchOSC feedback (panel indication "LED's") of Play/Stop and sequencer steps etc
• OSC control of MIDI Play/Pause/Stop
• touchOSC to MIDI jack controller ranges for notes, CC's, pitch wheel (prelim)

Direct CV Control
• Each jack can be configured to output simply a MIDI CC level and an OSC level
• Each jack can be configured also to output a 1V/Octave level from a MIDI/OSC Note Offset
• Each jack can Output CV, Variable Gate+CV, or just a Gate from MIDI notes/OSC
• Control up to 8 VCO's at once from 8 MIDI channels

• Up to 128 step sequencer clocked from rtpMIDI, Clock Jack, or Tap Tempo
• Any number/combination of CV's and gates from the sequencer can be assigned to jacks
• MIDI Note/CC and OSC toggled Gates for each sequencer step up to 128
• MIDI CC and OSC fader/rotary control of CV for each step in sequencer up to 128
• MIDI note/OSC push step quantized addition/removal from sequence (direct record)
• Separate Clock out jack from sequencer
• Clock source from Clock jack, tap tempo and divider/multiplier, MIDI with auto-reset
• Simultaneous MIDI Play/STop from clock input or Sequencer play/stop from MIDI, tap tempo
• Remote sequencer size divider via MIDI CC or OSC control
• Auto-range CC and OSC control# assignment expander for larger sequencer size
• Global CV offset control. Offsets all sequencer CV's for key change or modulation

LFO x 4
• Up to 6 LFO Jacks: LFO 1-4 and global LFO summing Mix1,2,3,4 or 2x2 Mix jacks
• 0.05 Hz (20 seconds) to 5 Hz range using Midi CC/Pitch Wheel/ OSC control
• LFO reset input or LFO near- Clock sync-locking, phase control
• Sine, Tri, saw up, saw down, PWM pulse, random waveforms
• Use touchOSC faders to draw a waveform

CV/Gate "All Notes" (1V/Oct)
• 2 Jacks CV and Gate outputs (for VCO's) from MIDI channel and OSC push range/pages
• Vari-Gate (1V/Oct) combo MIDI note on/off, OSC push variable voltage gates up to 8 channels
• Vari-Gate (velocity) combo for MIDI notes, channel dependent
• MIDI channel dependent velocity CV output
• Per Jack MIDI CC/Pitch wheel note offset for offset modulating CV's (Channel dependent)

Jacks 1-8
•Each jack can be set to be unipolar (0-5 volts) or bipolar (-5 to +5 volts)
• Individual jack zero/+V/-V calibration using configuration webpage for accurate 1V/Oct
• Variable brightness LED Status indicator. CV dim+bright on move, Gate On/Off
• MIDI CC / OSC override time setting and priority (i.e. LFO override from jack's CC movement)
• OSC Encoder CV control for very fine CV control 4096 steps over 10V in bi-polar jack
• Pitch Wheel MIDI control for very fine control of 4096 steps over 10V in bipolar jack setting
• Any combination of MIDI/OSC direct, sequencer, or LFO CV's can be realized.

• Output a MIDI clock through variable divider (1/32 to 8 bars) to Clock Jack
• Slave a MIDI device from MIDI out jack, to WiFi MIDI, or both with pre-divider
• Simultaneously Clock MIDI slaves, sequencer, and LFOs from single Clock input
• Tap-tempo control MIDI slaves at 24/96 PPQN, sequencer, Clock Jack, and LFO sync-lock
• Tap tempo input from MIDI note and/or OSC control. User set time-out to stop-on-tap
• MIDI Play/Stop from clock/tap tempo start/stop

MIDI output jack
• WiFi MIDI thru, channels select, Unused channels,
• OSC to MIDI out definitions to play/control MIDI instrument with OSC (iPhone,tablet etc)
• Switchable to another trigger output jack

Chord/Arp Modes
• 2 to 4 note chords, strike order. Unified MIDI channel jack designation, so more than 1 set
• Single Chord jack / channel becomes Arp output at defined clock rate
• Velocity CV output

**8 Configuration Pages **
All jacks settings, some sequencer settings, and associated Clock modes/MIDI I/O config's are saved as a Panel configuration Page. There are 8 of these, which can be loaded by holding the button for 1 second, then selecting LED 1 - 8 indicating which panel page.
So, for example, you can a tap-tempo driven sequencer that also starts a DAW slaved MIDI software on one page, and another page that uses a clock input to sync up a bunch of LFOs, with extra jacks to control a filter elsewhere. These are instantly loaded when a page is selected.


• Can join existing network or act as a direct connect server, plus server mode for config. via web browser
• Quantized output @1V/Oct on MIDI notes or OSC controls on up to 4 MIDI channels simultaneously
• Very low latency (3 - 12 mS max) triggering / CV changes gives amazing/seamless DAW MIDI control/response
• LED's: Dimmable Jack output indication, Link status, connection status, MIDI output, Clock output
• Built-in sequencer (up to 128 steps) controlled via MIDI CC's, Notes, OSC root names with per panel configurations
for Clock Source, Quantized & Bi-Polar options, and number of steps.
• Multiple extra Sequencer CV, Trigger, and Gate outputs for controlling Velocity, filters, VCA's etc.
• touchOSC (and others) root name for "LED" display of sequencer steps on iPhone/iPad etc
• Clock output that can be pseudo derived by tap-tempo from set MIDI note or an OSC control from your iPhone
• MIDI clock/Start/Continue/Stop recognition >> clock output. Intelligent stabilization, scale-able 96PPQN to 8 bars (.0625)
• Clock-in pre-divider/multiplier with remote control from a CC or touchOSC control(s)
• Control DAW as a MIDI clock / transport slave (with slave-able DAW software)
• Clock >> MIDI (and OSC indication) scale-able by configuration or MIDI CC or OSC control range (fader or push array)
• MIDI Clock to jack has 1/3rd divisions (/48, /24, /12, /6, /3)
• Up to 4 paired CV/Gate sets from 4 MIDI Channels to control 4 VCO's+VCA's at once
• Up to 8 "split" Gate+CV combos for control of 8 VCO's at once
• MIDI note velocity outputs per MIDI channel
• All 8 Jacks CV from CC sources individually configurable
New Up to 4 MIDI CC/ OSC controlled LFO Outputs + an LFO Mix jack can be assigned.
New MIDI / OSC learn: Select a jack and send a control message to program it

NOTE: The release of this module has been delayed due to family obligations. It's very close to completion but I just can't find the time to finish up. Thankyou for your patience.

Demo videos!


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