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2017 LIVE010 Eurorack View
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REEL ginko 12/04/2017 Eurorack View
My gloomy Pedalboard Pedals View
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VGA + SCART Expander 10 HP ExternalVideo View
Holiest Grail HP PreAmpDelayDigital GlitchDistortionDual/StereoReverb View
Little Devil Colored Boost HP PreAmpDistortion View

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MANGROVE (5), THREE SISTERS (5), JUST FRIENDS (5), Erbe-Verb (5), COLD MAC (5), Maths (5), Shuffling Clock Multiplier V1 (4), Mysteron (4), Rene (4), Optomix (4), Warps (4), μScale [v1] (3), Clouds (3), Pressure Points (3), Evin 209 (3) and Buff Mult (2)
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