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Submitted Modules

3320-VCF 6 HP Filter View
Chorus 4 HP Phase ShifterWaveshaper View
VCEG 6 HP Envelope Generator View
Voltage Controlled Clock 4 HP Clock Generator View
reSEMble all-in-one Eurorack synthesizer module 60 HP Synth Voice View
7-OR 4 HP LogicUtility View
Volts 4 HP CV ModulationQuadUtility View
Saw 4 HP UtilityWaveshaper View
RingFolder 6 HP DynamicsRing ModulatorWaveshaper View
6080-VCF 6 HP Filter View
Mod+ 6 HP CV ModulationLFONoiseSample and HoldSamplingUtility View
8080-VCO 8 HP Oscillator View
3080-VCF 6 HP Filter View
Slew 4 HP Slew Limiter View
Clock Divider 4 HP Clock ModulatorFrequency Divider View
ADSR-D Envelope Generator 6 HP Envelope Generator View
State Machine 10 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFO View
ADSR 4 HP Envelope Generator View
Dual VCA 6 HP VCA View
Attenuator 6 HP Attenuator View
Buffered Attenuator 6 HP AttenuatorQuadUtility View
6080 VCO 10 HP LFOOscillator View
Ring Modulator 4 HP Ring Modulator View
Quantoct Quad Quantizer 8 HP Quantizer View
Synthola 2nd Row 6 HP CV ModulationSequencer View
Toggle 4 HP Switch View
Voltage Controlled & Sequential Switch 6 HP Switch View
Clock 4 HP Clock Generator View
Micro VCO 4 HP LFOOscillator View
3080-VCO 6 HP Oscillator View
Fatkeys™ VCF 6 HP Filter View
Atten-V 6 HP AttenuatorPolarizerQuadUtility View
Synthola +8 steps 6 HP Clock ModulatorSequencer View
BMult 4 HP Multiple View
My Little Mixer 6 HP Mixer View
2Q12 VCF 6 HP Filter View
Synthola 12 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
Sample and Hold 4 HP RandomSample and Hold View
Noise 4 HP Noise View
MIDI-CV-8 8 HP ControllerMIDI View

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