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Ideal 2HP Lunchbox Drum MachineEurorack
Ideal 2HP LunchboxEurorack
Ideal 2HP LunchboxEurorack
My Dream MDLR Case V2.0Eurorack
Eventual 4 tier setup MDLR CASEEurorack
Occult PodEurorack
My modular now that I sold my Atlantis and that I found a fourth 4UEurorack
Foggy lunch box500 SeriesPrivate
My Fredenstein 10DS500 Series
Satellite mixing rack 2020EurorackPrivate
Satellite mixing rack 2020EurorackPrivate
Bizarre Jezabel rackEurorackPrivate
My Actual Modular Right NowEurorackPrivate
My eventual tier 4 rack if I ever find another 4U Intellijel...Eurorack
My Dream MDLR caseEurorack
My custom portable caseEurorackPrivate
Changes in needsEurorackPrivate
Eventual 4 tier setupEurorack
My eventual tier 3 rack evolution from what I haveEurorack
My eventual tier 4 rackEurorack
Improved Fusion drone systemEurorack
Erica Synth Techno SystemEurorack
My tier four rack (distant future) WMD PM versionEurorack
Prince of Darkness 15U double 2EgressEurorack
Wmd mixer of epic dreamsEurorackPrivate
ADDAC System smmaller monster caseEurorackPrivate
ADDAC System 901M 21U 1379HP 20AEurorackPrivate
ADDAC Systems Mixer of epic dreamsEurorackPrivate
My quadraphonic companion rackEurorack
Instruo RackEurorackPrivate
XAOC RackEurorackPrivate
Malekko RackEurorackPrivate
Make Noise RackEurorackPrivate
Mutable RackEurorackPrivate
Omsonic rackEurorackPrivate
My tier three rack (near future)Eurorack

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Chronoblob (Magpie Modular Panel) (5), USB Power 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Pedal I/O 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Buff Mult 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Pedal I/O Jacks 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Zeroscope 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), µMidi 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Dual VCA 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Miasma (5), Blank Panel 12HP (5), Blank Panel 1U 4HP (5), Blank Panel 18HP (5), Digiverb 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), 10HP 1U Black & Gold Blind Panel (5), 6HP 1U Black & Gold Blind Panel (5), Boynuz Blank (5), Peaks Magpie (5), Clouds Black & Gold Panel (5), Rings Black & Gold Panel (5), Just Friends Black & Gold Panel (5), Varigate 8+ Black & Gold Panel (5), Noise Tools 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), 2HP 1U Black & Gold Blind Panel (5), Quadratt V2 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Audio IO 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Metropolis Black & Gold Panel (5), Jack Expander (5), Vector Sequencer (5), Moog Mother-32 (5), Audio I/O 1U (5), Atlantis (5), Rings (5), Chronoblob (5), Varigate 8+ (5), Quadratt 1U (5), Shades Black & Gold Panel (5), Buff Mult 1U (5), Black Wavetable VCO (5), Black Stereo Mixer V2 (5), µMIDI JACKS (5), Multi FX 1U Black & Gold Panel (5), Plaits (5), µMIDI 1U (5), Blank Panel 4HP (4), Clouds (4), Audio I/O Jacks 1U (4), Black Panels Only Patch/Blank Panel (4), Noise Tools 1U (4), Voltage Block (4), Peaks (4), A-151 (4), Blank Panel 10HP (4), Black Stereo Mixer (4), ADDAC709M (4), Fusion VCF2 (4), Warhorse (4), Pixel Dust (4), Crime (3), μVCA II (3), Transistor Ladder Filter - Full DIY Kit (3), Antares Dual Analog Modulator (3) and FX6 (2)
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