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Left Coast Generative A (copy)Eurorack
Left Coast Generative AEurorack
Panarchy System 2022Eurorack
Black FX Pod 48 (copy)Eurorack
Skiff ControllerEurorack
Control Skiff v2Eurorack
Doepfer P9Eurorack
Minimal SoundsEurorack
P9 Feedback LabEurorack
Control SkiffEurorack
Panarchy System 2023Eurorack
Altered Waves Rig (Current)EurorackPrivate
Exploration UnitEurorackPrivate
Black FX Pod 48Eurorack
Beach Vampires PaletteEurorack

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Rated Modules

This User rated 28 modules.

Shifty (5), Blinds (5), Steppy 1U (5), µMIDI 1U (5), A-138sV (5), Belgrad (5), Sinc Bucina (5), μFold II/uFold II (5), EN129 (5), Time Wizard (5), Uncertainty (5), Mimeophon (5), Hyrlo (5), Maths (5), Ripples (5), µPlaits SE (uPlaits, microPlaits) [Rev B, Silver] (5), Mix 3 (5), ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout (5), MANGROVE (5), ochd (5), ALM008 - Pip Slope (5), Tides (5), Filter 8 (5), ALM015 - Akemie's Taiko (5), Time Machine (5), Disting mk4 (4), Brains (1) and ABACUS (1)
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