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Live CongaModular 1 Eurorack View
My trusting Pedalboard Pedals View
My joyless Eurorack Eurorack View
My trusting Pedalboard (copy) Pedals View
My happy Eurorack (copy) 500 Series View
Live conga modular Final form (DIY Case) (copy) (copy) Eurorack View
Live conga modular Eurorack View


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Submitted Modules

Roger Schult W2377 MK2 1 HP EqualizerFilter View
Afterneath HP Reverb View
Jomox T-Resonator HP DistortionFilter View
BeniDub spring Amp II HP Reverb View
Outward HP DelayDigital GlitchMultieffectSampling View
Strom+ 4 HP Power View
45000 HP Looper View
Wally HP Looper View
Janus HP TremoloControllerDistortion View

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Clouds (5), Sampleslicer (5), µVCF (4), Drum-98 (4), A-183-1 (3), A-183-3 (3), Dual LFO (3) and FX-16 (3)
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