Metro Modular is a manufacturer of Eurorack modules.

MM315 Balanced Modulator, MM3461B Steel Falcon VCF SE, MM3203A Test Eagle and MM3203A Test Eagle Option 10 are among Metro Modulars most popular products.

MM315 Balanced Modulator

Metro Modular

Ring Modulator with patchbay and attenuators

$200 MSRP

MM3203A Test Eagle

Metro Modular

Laboratory-grade banana jack to eurorack converter

$139 MSRP

MM3203A Test Eagle Option 10

Metro Modular

Laboratory-grade binding post to eurorack converter

$175 MSRP

MM3461B Steel Falcon VCF SE

Metro Modular

4-pole programmable op-amp based VCF with the lot

$265 MSRP
15 HP Filter