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Seriously though, this board would be pretty badass, but I think I'm gonna go with the "ur mum" one.

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Good transaction with @bobje


I think peaks is being discontinued. So if you want one grab one while they arent silly money!

me( @bobje) did a good transaction with @tyuss

thanks @bobje for the solid transaction!

Just completed a transaction with @Nuuttipukki , fast payment, clear communications. Recommended buyer!

Thread: Budget Rack

You could drop the uVCA or Optomix in a rig with a single oscillator.

Thread: squencercer

4000 on +12 on startup (current estimate)

Thread: Budget Rack

Don't see any MIDI inputs so at the moment the Pressure Points is your only controller. You might want to add a Brains to automate it. For half the price (new) of a Braids, you could get a Synth Tech E330 multi-timbral VCO. Or you could go with a much cheaper bread and butter analog VCO, like a TipTop z3000 or a Intellijel Dixie. Research the Rosie - Makenoise makes great stuff in general, but IIRC not everybody is happy about it. Sure would be nice to have some kind of LFO

Overall, seems a good rack for a start - once you start making music it should be obvious what you need next.

me (@bobje) did a great trade with @igorsv Thanks so much!

me ( @bobje) did a good trade with @zzkt . Thanks!

Thread: Budget Rack

Any comments on this rack would be appreicated.
I'm avoiding getting a sequencer at the moment, as I want to see what I can achieve without one.
If there's anything you think I'm missing please let me know.

Bought the hihats from @tFunk. Perfect package, fast expedition, top seller! Will buy again!

Thread: dragon sound

While it's true that Muff's is a lot more active, people are present here as well...

It's hard to assess a large jumble of modules without any context... what kind of music, what's your experience level w synths, will this be a mostly MIDI setup, are you getting much of this all at once?
Generally all the questions are best answered by the user him/herself - start slow, buy a module or two at a time and then make your next purchase based on what your music needs. Often I think people buy giant systems and then get quickly overwhelmed & frustrated.

The basics looks good - Maths, anti-Osillators, Disting for computer control & special functions, a Pamela's workout, and an O'Tool so you can see what you're doing (the ADDAC dual oscilloscope seems redundant!) Pico oscillators seem a bit stripped down - maybe best to match the Anti-Oscillator ("auntie") with another Richter oscillator ('unkle'), keeping in mind that these Wiard "Griffin" designs are out of production. Circuit Abbey's been having problems lately, so you might have to buy those ADSR's used if available. If you're new to modular, the Control Forge, while often lauded, may just be too complicated for a beginner. You might also want to explore more modern alternatives to the RCD/SCM - maybe just a 4MS Peg instead or a QCD.

On Muff's you'd hear the standard "you can never get enough VCA's!' - you might consider the new Intellijel quad VCA. If you're going 'classic' with the Wiard stuff, you might also want an LPG - like a Wiard Borg or Boogie (both out of production with matching Griffin's, but often available used) or perhaps a Makenoise Optomix.

Just a few ideas - if you just go slow, develop the system organically based on what you really need, you'll probably have a good experience

Thanks to @mortalitydrag for the sale and careful shipment of ALM Akemie's Taiko which looks like a super module! :)

i think that would be my perfect startersystem, any thoughts?

ModularGrid Rack

Purchased an MI Elements from @PinPinKula. Good price, solid build and military-grade packaging. Recommended

About to be poor...

Even closer now.

I purchased a Doepfer A156 from @bozemoj. The module was shipped promptly, was carefully packed and in excellent condition. I can certainly recommend @bozemoj as a reliable trader!

Thread: My Synth

Comments are welcome

I have not taken the time to check the posts but if we encounter problems with a seller what to do? Forget and clench your teeth? Preventing who it is? I'm not a bitch but my patience and my Euros have a limit ...
And ; big thanx to ;
reliable eurocrack addicts , cheers y'all !
verry sorry to @Triggas , had a big issue with my phone line at that time and could not give him the tracking number in time !

Thanks to @Graal for a great and fast transaction, recommended buyer!

Love this thing - as sound source, or to add loads of character to anything you input - here's a quick preview

I put it to the todo list ...
-- modulargrid


Thread: dragon sound

that i am waaay to inexperienced with all those modules to give an valuable opinion.
and no one seems to give a fuck about this forum, dont expect any answers.

try the muffwiggler forum for real answers ;)

I put it to the todo list ...

Ahh! Thank you! I thought I had seen a post about a suitcase, but I was looking on the actual module info page instead of the search view. Cheers! Then I revise my request: Could we have a "+ Add to My Modules" on the individual module pages?



would it be possible to keep a collection of modules?

We have that feature already for unicorn users.
1. In the module browser there is a suitcase icon on every module, next, where you can rate modules. Click there to add or remove a module to your collection.
2. Under the search form is a tab navigation, which reads All Modules and My Modules. Click My Modules to see your module collection. You can search in your collection for VCO or name, etc. just like you would search normally.
3. You can easily add all modules of one of your racks to your collection. Navigate to your rack and click the dropdown menu top left edit and then Add all to My Modules


I apologize if I've missed this feature, but would it be possible to keep a collection of modules? For instance, I've several modules in a huge rack and I'd really like to reorganize. Instead of looking through my racks, if I could just have a view (like the normal search/sort view) for modules I have. Then I can say, "show me all my VCOs," or something similar. I might remove a module from a rack to make room for another. If it's in "my modules" I can just go to that list and add it back to a new rack.

I know there are ways around this like making an enormous rack and putting every module you have in it, but that doesn't have any sorting or filtering capabilities. Also, with this feature, perhaps if I go to a module, it can say, "you have (3) of this module, one in rack A and two in rack B."

Anyhow, just a thought. I know this isn't a little feature but I thought I'd throw it out there. Regardless, I love this site and I love how much it's grown and evolved over the years (wow, it's been that long?).


Thread: dragon sound

what you guys think

Agreed - need more info...this could be way cool!

Bought a Radio Music from KlangbauKöln from @Nnoiz
Everything was perfect!

just received a tidy and well packed Phonogene from @moseley101 very friendly, w\o BS, prompt replying dude! 100% recommended!

I use it to command the loops records on ER301, it's perfect.

Please delete, this module is already in the database – search for "octal"

I bought a MI Rings from @maspaventi. Carefully packed, promptly shipped, module is in excellent condition! I can recommend @maspaventi as a reliable seller.

Thread: Thanks

Please post in the Good Traders on the Marketplace thread.

I need this one!

thank you - that was indeed it - cheers!

The icon that looks like a toolbox next to the star that lets your rate modules.
You can add and remove modules to your collection like that. Works in the module finder and in the rack view. You probably just misclicked at some point.


Bought from these members, and everything was perfect:

Where can we find more info?

If you got any particular musical situations in mind, please inquire from me within the feedback and I can come up with my correct estimate of how well it'd run on my system, whether or not you'll need to freeze tracks one by one, and many others. Visit Here: https://www.domyessays.co.uk/

it says on my user page i have one module in my collection.

i dont even own this module though and am unaware of how it got there or how to edit my modules in my "collection"

anyone know what's up with this??


x 1212

Thread: Thanks

Am I supposed to post here about ours ? Or in the good/bad traders thread ? Need update man ...


Well if you think you need more modulation then sure go ahead. That's partly what's so great about the Batumi.
I wouldn't really compare the Batumi with Peaks. Heh one might really get the idea that you don't exatly know what you're looking for but hey you nonetheless got my full support there haha~~