Xaoc Devices is the premier electronic musical instruments manufacturer in Poland. Started as a logical progression of a genuine passion for modular synthesis, the company has evolved to reach the international boutique gear market, gaining the interest of synth enthusiasts and professionals. Our goal is to keep the Xaoc product line equally innovative and uncompromised, but still affordable and effective.

Batumi, Moskwa, Poti, Tirana and Sewastopol are among Xaoc Devices most popular products.

News from the Labs

  • Xaoc Devices Sewastopol Xaoc Devices  Feb 12th 2015, 22:55
    Sewastopol has been just shipped to SchneiderLaden and Escape From Noise. 
  • Xaoc Devices Batumi Xaoc Devices  Feb 12th 2015, 22:55
    Batumi has been just shipped to SchneiderLaden and Escape From Noise. 
  • Xaoc Devices Moskwa Xaoc Devices  Jun 5th 2014, 22:32
    Moskwa is back in stock at Escape From Noise (escapefromnoise.com). And any day now, it will be also available from Funky Junk (funkyjunk.it) and Analogue Zone (analoguezone.com). 
  • Xaoc Devices Karl Marx Stadt Xaoc Devices  Jun 3rd 2014, 17:22
    KMS units are being assembled and shipped now. Frequently asked question is if does require any soldering? NOPE. All you need is a Doepfer DIY Synth Board (although we work on shipping them bundled too), and to push it on respective headers on the back of KMS. That simple. 
  • Xaoc Devices Moskwa Xaoc Devices  Mar 1st 2014, 17:08
    A new batch Moskwas is being assmebled and tested now. Shipping in 2 weeks. 


Xaoc Devices


$340 MSRP


Xaoc Devices

1983 Voltage Distributor

$101 MSRP


Xaoc Devices

Impulse Integrator

$90 MSRP


Xaoc Devices

1967 Voltage Controlled Mixing Surface


Xaoc Devices

Micro Sequencer

$202 MSRP


Xaoc Devices

1974 Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator

$335 MSRP


Xaoc Devices

1948 Audio Port & Voltage Extractor

$201 MSRP


Xaoc Devices

Breakout Module for Batumi

$50 MSRP

Kamieniec (Messe 2015 prototype)

Xaoc Devices

1951 Chainable Analog Phase Shifter

Hrad (Messe 2015 prototype)

Xaoc Devices

1968 Mixing Console Expansion


Xaoc Devices

1976 Dual Peak Multimode State Variable Filter

$358 MSRP


Xaoc Devices

1962 Utility Waveform Processor

$202 MSRP


Xaoc Devices

1977 Analog Resonant Phase Rotator

$269 MSRP