Hi guys,

I'm quite new to modular synthesis and while I am waiting for the delivery of my Make Noise Shared System I already started to think about how to expand it :). I see that there are 22 hp free in the case.
What module would you add to the system?
Thanks for your replies and advices!

Mutable Instruments 'Clouds'. I have the Black and Gold Shared System and use it with a skiff with 'Clouds' and the 4MS SMR in it (amongst others) as these two modules work beautifully in a portable system. The SMR is too big but the the 'Clouds' will fit nicely and open your system up a treat.

Thanks Shakas, I 'll take a look

Once you've had your system for a little while, you might want to explore additional filter types including low pass gates. If that's not your thing, you can try additional modulation sources. The Worng Vector Space looks tasty as well as the Xaoc Zadar quad envelope generator.

Granted, you can't go wrong adding an Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 for a sampler-pack of useful features you might want to add a dedicated module to reproduce.