Looks great! Will these ever be available in Europe?

any idea on price ?

@Solitud: I do ship DIY products direct to Europe from my webshop, yes :) I won't be distributing my DIY products from anywhere else though, as I would have to raise the prices substantially in order to wholesale stuff to retailers.@FSK1138: <$280 for a full 42HP eurorack kit (including panel). Not sure on PCB/panel prices yet; still waiting on some numbers before anything is official! :)

Want now- soon?

Kits are finally available! :)


In the meantime my kit arrived and I had a blast building this!

Everything is very well layouted and I was able to get it working on first try!

I forgot to post .. built mine bout a month ago - cool sequencer
- nice layout and display - i 1st had probs as i put in the analog switch chip in backwards but we
hen i discovered it and switched it the right way all wired great - amazed i didn't fry that chip!

So hows the build quality? Any serious knob wobble? Plastic or metal face plate? I want to grab one of these but am curious about this stuff first.

Well, you have to put this thing together by yourself, so build quality depends :)
No knob wobble, face plate is metalic, overal good parts, superb PCB.
Minor things to improve (for me):

  • No highlight of set sequencer steps
  • Knobs for mode should be stepped
  • When sequencer lines are slaved CLK OUT 2 should output the same clock as CLK OUT 1. But it still outputs the individual tempo which is set on line 2. No biggie.

Definitely a cool Euro sequencer.

Great! Thanks for the quick reply. Been using my CSQ-600 for a long time but probably going to grab one of these very soon then.

I agree with that comment "Knobs for mode should be stepped"
But its most excellent and a very easy build that I would recommend to a detail oriented nube