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Mantis CaseEurorack
Nclsrd - Modular techno #19 - 1h30 of live improvisation (copied from ruaudn)EurorackPrivate
Technobrute Rack 416 (copy)Eurorack
Mantis and 1 Live (copied from Tunegirl)EurorackPrivate
Technobrute Rack 416Eurorack
Blawan @ Keys and Frequencies 2021 (copied from Monarch_CK) (copied from lucasfarr)EurorackPrivate
Jambox (copy) (copied from Unit_E)EurorackPrivate

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CRATER EU €250,00 
Fold 6 EU €130,00 
Polaris EU €170,00 

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Zederwald was rated positive by mattijs, ccgg, kitsu-3, ghunax, Diogene, maratc, oleszkiewicz, shx4, pattex, coffee, acollet and Waldemar

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SY0.5 Special Edition (5), CRATER (5) and Mimetic Digitalis (Black) (5)
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