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168HP radial w separate fxEurorack
Some planning 168HP radialEurorack
Mixer OptionsEurorack
Some planning 168HPEurorack
Some planningEurorack

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Clock O' Pawn EU €120,00 

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Collection 161 modules

VCF303, Tube VCA / Timbral Gate – Model 2530, Euclidean Circles v2, Plutonium 239 Hyper Fist VCO , Lich , WiiChuck, Lucy Says No, Frolic, 1U-Adapter, FUMANA, Tree (Black Panel) , Dynamics, Antumbra Knit, ALM015 - Akemie's Taiko, SY0.5 Special Edition, SABRINA AMP + bitsniffer, Mini Slew, Horologic Solum, Delta-V, Flint Fader (white), Enhance 2, Lapsus Os (Black), Karp 鲤 (Black), Fractio Solum (Silver), Morgasmatron, Spherical Wavetable Navigator , Monsoon, A-178 V2, Gemini's Path, Melotus Versio, Select 2, A-196, Variable Waveform Generator, Sputnik Radio BLACK, ATN8, BLM Gleba, Stereo Strip, GOMA, Koszalin, Sofia, Random Sequencer, Grit, Contour 1, Rample, Belgrad, Fusion Ring Modulator v2, ORIGAMI, Ts-L, crow, O-410 Sub Osc, Loquelic Iteritas Percido (Black With Hardware), CRATER, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), Mechanical Resonator, Pico RND, Preset, 7J, ochd, DOT (black panel), Ansible, BaxandallEQ, E-110 5-band EQ, MSCL, SWT16+, ENVF, A-134-2, 321, Dual VCA Pot Edition, Ring SM (Black), 4xMUTE - black, Mutes, SPT Filter, Phonogene (black panel), A-133-2, DROID, Dixie II+, Bard Quartet, Pico Quant, μScale [v2], Metamorph / Black panel, ADSRVCA, Javelin, Mutant BD9, Vice Virga, Librae Legio, Spectral Multiband Resonator, Quadrantid Swarm (desktop 40hp), Grone Drone Synth, Chainsaw, Parasite Antifilter, EaganMatrix, Multi Burst Envelopes (silver & black panels), nanoRings, Pons Asinorum (Black), Percall, Dual EnvVCA [DEV], Cinnamon - Black, FH-2 'factotum', Sinc Defero (Black w/ jacks and LEDs), dual xfade_black, BLK BLX, Frigg Eq, Mini Horse, Touch Sensing Note Memory, 0-CTRL, Erbe-Verb (black panel), 2LPG v2, WK2, MULT, StarLab, XPO, D.O.MIXX, TEX MIX - 4 Stereo Channels, Numeric Repetitor, Quad-Atten, Pôles black, VERTY, MiniMod Tap-Tempo VC-LFO (black), Two Bits, Switchblade, Zephyr, 3:1 (Black Panel), SL3KT, Anima, SCLPL, ToyBoy, Thereminator, FONT, Modbox, Krait, Miasma, Crime, Dual Slew, Time Warp, Sinc Bucina, L'ÉCORCHEUR, EuroPi, Popcorn, Ellis, μAtt, Pusherman Levels, FM-L, Plonk, E352 Cloud Terrarium (black panel), µO_C micro Ornament & Crime, A-142-2, Shapeshifter, FEG, Catalyst, VC LFO, Plancks II (Black), QPAS, Grone Drone - Giger Edition, Grone Voice Bytebeat Oscillator, Triptych, Mini Grone Drone Synth, Typhoon (aka Cell), DUCK, Siren, ALM023 - mmMidi and Att&Offset
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