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Double 42hp Superbooth 2022EurorackPrivate
Intellijel 62hp 4U Superbooth 2022EurorackPrivate
Intellijel 104hp Superbooth 2022Eurorack
My straining EurorackEurorackPrivate
Total RecallEurorackPrivate
4U IntellijelEurorack

My Offers on the Marketplace

Endorphines currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace

Submitted Modules

Ghost (silver)Eurorack
Ghost (black)Eurorack
Running Order 1U (silver)Eurorack
Running Order 1U (black)Eurorack
Airstreamer 4 (silver)Eurorack
Airstreamer 4 (black)Eurorack
Squawk Dirty To Me (black)Eurorack
Milky Way (black)Eurorack
Milky Way (silver)Eurorack
Furthrrrr Generator (black)Eurorack
Furthrrrr Generator (golden)Eurorack
Furthrrrr Generator (silver)Eurorack
Queen of Pentacles (black)Eurorack
Queen of Pentacles (silver)Eurorack
Blck_Noir (silver)Eurorack
Godspeed (silver)Eurorack
Grand Terminal (silver)Eurorack
Total Recall (silver)Eurorack
Shuttle Control (silver)Eurorack
Autopilot (silver)Eurorack
Squawk Dirty To Me (silver)Eurorack
Cockpit 2 (silver)Eurorack
Two Of Cups (silver)Eurorack
Running Order (silver)Eurorack
2HP Power (silver)Eurorack
Golden Master (silver)Eurorack
Ground Control (silver)Eurorack
42 - blind panel / cable holderEurorack
Cockpit 1U (silver)Eurorack
Cockpit 1U (black)Eurorack
Golden Master (black)Eurorack
Milky Way 1U (silver)Eurorack
Milky Way 1U (black)Eurorack
Golden Master 1U (black)Eurorack
Golden Master 1U (silver)Eurorack
2HP Power (black)Eurorack
Running Order (black)Eurorack
Two Of Cups (black)Eurorack
Cockpit 2 (golden)Eurorack
Cockpit 2 (black)Eurorack
Autopilot (golden)Eurorack
Autopilot (black)Eurorack
Ground Control (black)Eurorack
Total Recall (black)Eurorack
Grand Terminal (golden)Eurorack
Grand Terminal (black)Eurorack
Shuttle Control (golden)Eurorack
Shuttle Control (black)Eurorack
Godspeed (black)Eurorack
Blck_Noir (black)Eurorack
Cockpit (black)Eurorack
Cockpit (golden)Eurorack
Shuttle Mate (black)Eurorack
Shuttle Mate (golden)Eurorack
Gateway Terminal Expansion (golden)Eurorack
Gateway Terminal Expansion (black)Eurorack
Shuttle System (black)Eurorack
Shuttle System (golden)Eurorack
3hp blank / notebook panelEurorack
2hp blank / notebook panelEurorack
6hp blank 1U / notebook panelEurorack
4hp blank 1U / notebook panelEurorack

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Rated Modules

This User rated 2 modules.

Furthrrrr Generator (golden) (5) and Autopilot (golden) (5)
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